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Its true! I got a link ppl.
I'm sorry but no man or women alive is worth a STD. Herpes lasts a lifetime.

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if blood comes out of the anus area, what does that mean?

daa da dada daa dada dada da daah!



ice queen
maybe you have irritable bowel syndrome. or an std.

Blood leaving the anus is never a good sign. It could mean many things but the one that stands out in my mind as the most serious is Crohn's disease. The only way to be sure is to go to your doctor.

Atlanta Babez
I can relate to this because my brother had the same problem. He has it because he's lacking fibre and is forcing out his 'number 2's' which causes his anus to spilt and slightly bleed. We consulted our GP about this and he told us to take this specific drink thing called 'fibre gel'. I warn you, the drink may not taste nice but it certainly works as now my brother is good as gold! Hope this helps XD

btw - my brother will not be happy about me posting his anus problem on the internet lol x

Graeme's right. It's probably piles.

See your doctor...................could be piles very itchy as well. see your doctor.

it could be a number of things for instance you could have wiped too hard, forced a poo out and it has split your anus area, you could have infection however it could be something more serious such as bowel cancer if it continues go see your doctor

it could be a number of things such as crohns disease, piles, ulcerative colitis, dont mean do scare you but could be bowel cancer but thats last resort its probely piles or something, check your family history if anyone has had this problem before, ive had blood coming out of my anus for past 10 year ( ulcerative colitis ) which is quite serious but it doesnt stop me from doing what i want to do only thing with that is your on tablets for life because these things cant be cured unless u have ur bowel removed.

i hid it from my parent for 2 year, dont you do the same as me and hide it away go to doctors and get it treated

your dying, trust me i'm a doctor

willy wom bat
it could mean you got piles or something more serious get it checked.

Graeme C
it probably means you have haemmeroids and you popped one.

old know all
If it's bleeding, it's usually piles. If you're passing blood, see a doctor.

It could mean that you have piles or something more serious. It definitely needs investigating by your G.P.

it means next time use lube

Zoe <3 Fairy Dog
Lacking fiber?

Had a bit o' bum fun (joke :)

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