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 heeeelp? do i have aids?!?!?
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i think i have aids???
ok so i have a bf he is 15 and im 14 my bf had a broose inside his lip and it might have been bleeding. i kissed him not tounge kiss though. If i got the tiniest bit of blood in my mouth that was his and he had aids does that mean i would get aids too..??

please help me im stressing out..

uhh he has aids? he's 15? are you sure he has aids and not the flu?
guess you have aids.

you could go to the doctor

NO! it does not u have to have an open cut in your mouth for you to get aids. or if you have an open sore on your arm leg etc. and the blood got on there then yes u have aids. and unless he has aids you wouldnt get them. it was just a bruse

Don't stress! Normally you can't contract aids unless you have an open wound as well. Blood to blood contact sort of thing.

I would highly suggest to have a blood test done though. It's better to be safe then sorry.

Farhan H
Don't worry and enjoy life. But please don't make relation before getting marriage.

emilio j
you can't get aids from kissing!!!

well best thing to do go to the doctor and talk to your doctor about it cause well HIV take3-6 months to get in your blood stream so after that time get a blood test but the best thing to do get an appt. with your doctor a.s.a.p and discuss this with them. If you don't want your parents to know about it go to the health clinic and they'll let you be anomymous (so they won't contact you on the phone so no one knows about anything) discuss this with a nurse and get a blood test very important HIV/ AIDS is nothing to joke about get tested immedietaley not trying to scare you or stress you out just being realistic good luck and I hope everything goes well

what made you do that?

itsjustme (formerly kycatfan)
You can definitely get AIDS through the blood. You need to go to a doctor or health department and be checked out ASAP!

vitamin c

It isn't likely that you will get it by ingesting his blood. However, you might have had some cut in your mouth that you didn't know about, in which case you might have contracted HIV.

Are you sure he has an HIV infection? Fifteen year olds usually don't get HIV unless it was from a tainted blood transfusion.

working mom
i think but i'm not 100% postive that you would of had to have an open sore in your mouth also. But to be on the safe side i would get tested if i were you.

Tegan D
It's not likely, but possible. Just go get checked in a couple of weeks.

Hopefully it'll be okay.

Babygirl....go get a test ASAP as in TODAY!!!! may be possible to get aids (hope you dont) with that but since Im not sure go to a dr. That aint nutting to mess around with and wait to see if something happens....

dude take some time to think and get your checked

You do not even know if he has AIDS. You are stressing way too much over something that is very unlikely. Chances are very slim. No need to worry, just get yourself checked regularly.


Yeah well you see, when you do these kinds of things you're getting into an area where you have to be responsible and think right with it. Because bad things can come from it (like AIDS). And teens your age are notoriously irresponsible and terribly bad at decision making. So maybe this should be a wakeup call for you to stop messing around with stuff you're not ready to think right around and handle properly.

not trying to scare you, but it is possible. if you're really worried, get a test. all facilities are confidential, and some are even free. take a friend or relative with you for support and comfort. don't assume the worst, but i cannot stress the importance of having yourself tested. either way, it beats the stress of not knowing, BELIEVE ME!!

You could get it since it is transmitted throuh blood, but you don't know for sure if your boyfriend is infected with the H.I.V. virus, I would suggest waiting a month or so and getting tested at your local clinic.

Don't be scared to get tested, and don't care what others think of you getting tested, only think about your health, and get tested. I did!!!

Melissa G
Yes, that is what it means.

Please don't mess around with this. It is serious life and death issues.

destiny chef
lol aid dont be silly

My Baby, My lifeâ„¢
Don't worry to much about it.

You have an amune system and it can fight AIDS a little.

Don't be stressen you're fine I doupt it was bleeding.

If it was I still think you are fine.

Go to a doc in about 2 weeks and get checked.

Ask him if he has it as well.

no unless your mouth was bleeding too your safe.

Good Luck!

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