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LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!...

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 heeeelp? do i have aids?!?!?
just kidding =]
so question. is it true that in order to "properly" scream/do vocals for a metal band does your throat really have to bleed?
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you people ...

 Why do you think a cure hasn't been found for AIDS?
"How many more lives will be lost before a cure is found?"...

 im getting drug tested, what will my school do if it comes out positive?
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i think i found a cure for AIDS but see if this is possible?
i was sitting in class and i was watching a video on aids and i saww that the AIDS cell duplicates the DNA inside the cell. i was wondering if you can get DNA from ur spinal cord or were ever you can get fresh DNA and turn the persons DNA into a pill. since all medication gose into ur cells and replaces it with a another DNA to cure you. i was wondering if you can use ur own clean DNA and since it dose go iinto ur cell if it can replace it just like the virus did. i dont if this is a educational question but im only 13 and was wondering. sounded like a better good explaination and so i wanted to see =)

possible but it would but it will triple the DNA so mostlikely no

George H
I dont think so and im pretty sure theyve tried that already

Try it out...seriously if it works..u cud b a millionaire lol

People spend MILLIONS of dollars on AIDS research, don't you think that if it was that easy someone would have already discovered it? It was a good try though.

Michelle Peter
it doesn't work like that. sorry. leave it to the scientists. your only 13 enjoy being a kid, but you could keep reading up and study on your own if it really interests you.

10" PP
Nope. DNA is written in buddy. To just try to put someone on a dialysis machine will not clean them out. We've tried.

remember the virus is attacking your immune system

but is really kool that you take an interest study it and figure things out and probably in a near future you will come up with the cure :)

Mr. Peter
This is why they need to be doing more stem cell research. Your idea doesn't sound half bad, there might be a cure like that. But you can't make DNA into a pill, I know that much. are you sure you didn't hear this from somewhere else?

Dee R
Yeah nice try,, itd be kinda impossible to inject all your cells with this fresh dna youre on about

Sorry man... google "T Cell"

That is actually how you make zombies. A guy named John tried that....and then john was a zombie

nice try dude


It's Pat
That's not the way it works really. But it's really cool that you're interested in stuff like this.

Stem Cell research beat you to it, Too bad its controversial in many countries and so expensive that no real tests have been done for AIDS.

dead in the river of regrets !!!
well try i like this idea lol

Yes, actually it can and has worked. It's just a lot more dangerous and complicated than it sounds. A man in germany who had AIDS also had a kind of cancer called Leukemia. AIDS is an interesting type of disease because it reproduces by attacking your body's own defenses. The rest of your body's DNA is intact, only your body's white blood cells are infected. White blood cells are created inside your bones in a goopy matrix of tissue called marrow. When your treat somebody for Leukemia, a cancer of the leukocytes (a kind of white blood cell) the treatment is to destroy the marrow that creates them with radiation. What the doctors in Germany did was destroy the infectable cancerous marrow with radiation and then give him a bone marrow transplant. Unlike usual bone marrow transplants, they gave him a marrow donation from a person who is naturally resistant to the HIV virus. Since the cancerous, infectable marrow was destroyed the viruses had no white blood cells to infect. When they administered the marrow transplant the new resistant cells couldn't be infected by the viruses because they could not bind to the cells. the immune system destroyed the leftover viruses, and the man no longer has cancer, or AIDS. Unfortunately this is not a great treatment because it is EXTREMELY risky. Once you kill a person's marrow they are completely vulnerable to anything infectious, even a cold or normally ignorable bacterium. Once the new marrow takes, he'll be fine but in that short period nothing can protect him. The chances of death are very high for a disease that many people can live with for a long time. It does give some insight into future possibilities though.

um no
You are on a great track for being 13. They actually have come up with a treatment similar to that for many diseases. My cousin has a terminal disease called cistic fibrosis. It is a similar idea in that the DNA is bad. What they do is take the protein shell of a virus and insert the healthy DNA. The patient then inhales on a tube that practically releases a cloud of the new healthy DNA viruses into the lung. The lung then spreads the healthy virus. Although it ia an amazing and usefull treatement it does not cure the patient.

Its incredible that you thought of that, scientists have been working on it and developing it for some years now.
Good job, and great idea

Good for you for thinking outside of the box! I am a teacher and I would love to see my students get that excited! Though it wouldn't work it was great that you were thinking like that. I am very proud of you for thinking creatively.

U R Sofa King
ask magic johnson how he did it. How about complete blood transfers and injecting cloned healthy stem cells into an infected person.

Ben F
Sorry but this would not work. AIDS is caused by a viral infection called HIV, which infects and slowly destroys parts of your immune system.

Also you eat DNA every single day in any food, it is easily digested along with everything else like protein etc, so eating your own DNA would do nothing at all.

Who is Danger Woman?
Neat Idea. I have never considered it. I do know of a guy who uses hemp oil (not hemp seed oil) to treat his AIDS. I'm not going to promote illegal activity among the youth, but just for reference, look up Rick Simpson on youtube.

im pretty sure its not as simple as that... you should probably ask your science teacher that question because they could give you a better explanation of why that wouldnt really work..

John Holmes
good first shot.

I hope you go into the field of science and medicine as we need people who can and are willing to stretch what is know and what is possible

nice work

Your explanation does seem decent but doctors have tried that before and somehow it didn't work and until now they are comming up with similar ideas like your. I think you should keep trying!!

Kathryn L
the only problem with your theory is that viruses actually become part of your dna. you would have to actually remove ALL of a person's dna and replace it with the so called "fresh" dna.

Michael T.
Hey - it's a good idea but it won't work because that's not how our bodies work. However if you keep learning about science you may be able to find the cure someday! Keep thinking creatively!

The reason that won't work is multiple reasons. DNA in a pill does nothing, and cells wouldn't absorb DNA. Also, each cell has it's own copy of all your DNA, not just the spinal cord FYI! (pretty crazy to think about)

Also, I'll explain how HIV works, the virus that causes AIDS.

HIV places its own DNA into your cell so it can produce new copies of itself and force the cell it infects to produce the proteins and energy needed to make these cells. The cell stops doing what it would normally do and instead focuses on the HIV. Eventually, after 100s of new HIV viruses are produced in the cell, the HIV decides to break free of the cell and just burst out, destroying the cell in the process. These new HIV molecules go and infect new cells in your body, and the virus rapidly spreads.

I hope you continue you think creatively no matter what field you go into though =). It's becoming increasingly rare =(.

Not quite. All cells have DNA. That's how they replicate. Aids is a virus, an "almost organism" that survives souly on protein, not DNA. It has its own DNA that it pumps into our cells in order to have our cells reproduce the virus. The virus then attacks and weakens our immune system. Most medications are a blend of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Not so much DNA. Now, the possibility of using or manipulating the DNA of another virus, one that can be cured by common medications is a possibility, also the use of protein therapies, such as in the treatment of herpes simplex, may work. Keep watching though. You may be on to something. Research always needs a fresh mind.

Riisss ♥
I'm sure scientists have tried that many times before. Who knows; it could lead to the discovery of the cure for aids. Keep researching it, then you'll have more information about it, and you'll be taken more seriously. [:

i think that this is not a cure, they'd of already tried it. great theory of science though, think you should think about focusing on it as you've obviously got an interest and the ability

I know im not answering your question...but to the people who say mean things to you here...they need to stfu. Great minds started when young kids like you thought out of the box and weren't afraid to just say their thoughts. Proud of you for trying dude. Sweet thoughts...keep it up, hit me up for advice if you ever need to.

the hiv virus uses human dna to replicate itself, what's to stop it from replicating itself using the newly introduced dna? nothing. remember you could not alter the dna, or it would not be human any longer and the human body would then reject it.

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