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 If AIDS is incurrable how come Magic Johnson hasn't died yet?
Its going on 20 years now sense Magic Johnson got AIDS. Shouldn't he be dead by now? And the HIV virus is extremely intolerant of certain herbs like Extra Strength Green Tea, Oregano Oil, Apple C...

 Should my boyfriend take an HIV/AIDS test?
Me and my boyfriend have been in a monogamous relationship about 7 years. I recently took an HIV/AIDs test and it came back negative. Well I was trying to get my BF to take one with me but we never ...

 is this normal??...?
is it strange if i always wanted to get raped and then get HIV and die?? because i'm 14 years old and i always have dreams about getting rape by my guy friend's brother and then getting HIV ...

 Do you think aids was man-made?
do you think aids was man-made. i dont know. part of me says its a way of population control by the government
Additional Details
if you think it wasnt made by the government, do you ...

 Is it selfish to want to end a relationship because i found out i have herpes and dont want her to get it?
She says she is willing to stand by my side. but i personally want to end it because it is only a matter of time before we slip up and she catches it too.
Additional Details
Well I am ...

 Can you have an STD if you're a virgiin?

 I guy I was seeing at the beginning of last year called me yesterday to tell me he has chlamydia.?
. I’ve never had an STI before so not sure where to go - can I go to my normal GP to get this sorted out or do I have to go to a GUM clinic?

And also I have a new partner now we use ...

 STD's-Chlamydia - cheating boyfirend?
my damn boyfriend told me he went to the doctor and the doctor said he has it (Chlamydia) so calls me calmly saying he must of had it for years and didn't know it. he siad that it "comes ...

 do i have aids? plzzzzzzzz read!!!!?
hi well i was sitting on the bus this morning when this black guy came and sat next to me and his chain on his jeans rubbed against me and i think i have aids now! i feel dizzy, i vomited and i feel ...

 my bf gave me an injection when i told him i didn't want it. why did he do this?
i hav diabetes so my bf always injects me. but yesterday, i was asleep wearing my pajamas and he pulled them down and gave me an injection. i woke up just to see him push the needle in. it hurt a lot ...

 How do you notice if you have herpes when you have no signs?
i dated a guy about 8 months ago we broke up we had been together for like 9 months and i just got word that he has herpes... and i don'tt know all the ways to know if i may have it im scared ...

 I have Herpes and i think i gave it to four other people, how do i tell them?
its all in the title, but i am kind of screwed and these are four girls, one gave it to me and im pretty sure i gave it to atleast two of them. i really need help in how i will tell them....

 What STD's can you catch from a toilet seat?
When a diseased man sits on the throne, his tackle must touch the basin. Surely that can transfer diseases, germs ...

 How come i have herpes and none of the people I sleep with end up getting it?

 what will happen if we scratch on vegina ?

 How can women transmit AIDS to men?

 Can i catch STD from eating from food the person had too?
I know a person who has STD and she made food, i dint realize i grabbed the same spoon she used to lick the sauce off, and then i took a piece of meat from the sauce bowl and chewed it then quickly ...

 Can a person get HIV through sharing lipgloss?
My friend asked to see my lip gloss and I let her see it. She opened it and put some on. I told her "Hey hey we shouldn't be sharing stuff like that!" and she replied simply "I...

 I Want To Be Castrated! How Can I Get It Done??
I Want To Be Castrated! How Can I Get It Done??

Plz, Im not looking for moral advice. I just want to know if I can get it done anywhere.


 Rough patch on roof of mouth. Also white stuff on tongue?? HIV???????
Ok...here goes. I am 19 years old. I am a virgin waiting for marriage. I DO NOT use IV drugs. My parents are completely healthy. However, I kissed this guy. (I DO NOT know if he has HIV or not)....

baby g
i just got a HIV test and i'm scared !?
i'm scared that it'll be positive!
what should i do
Additional Details
i really need help i've been crying for days

hmm. if you have a bit of money and some time you can take off of work, i would buy a plane ticket to the one place i most wanted to visit and take a trip for a week or so. treat yourself, bring some friends/family or go by yourself. this could maybe get your mind off the unknown test results (which would be the point of the trip)

or surround yourself with your family and friends. get out and occupy yourself. the main thing i wouldn't suggest doing is being alone just sitting in a dark house. that only gives you time to dwell on the what ifs and freak yourself out even more. and if you did have HIV, i think (as with any illness) having good mental health makes a stronger immune system. hope this helps and good luck!

Please just try to relax and wait for the results to come back.Worrying won't help you or change the outcome of the test.I've been tested 4 times and it's always been negative.Just relax.Worrying isn't healthy anyway

SPanKin FiNe CuTiE
Stay positive Darling. The best thing to do is try and get your mind off of it. Do something fun for a week. You can't change whatever has happened and you and worrying about the test will not change its results. So as hard as it is to not think about it, you gotta get it out of the forefront of your mind..

Listen! Dont worry about it. No need to be scared. I just had a test done about 3 mths ago. Yeah you do wonder about the results. But you need to occupy you time and just think positive dont think negative ideas about it. Its good to get these type of test done bc in this day in time you dont know who has what or been with who. And the majority of them are not going to tell you. So always watch out for yourself okay, and take care.

sylvia s
Know you must be shaking, but the fact is that whatever the result you are better off than if you had not been tested. Sure we all want to hear we are negative, but should the result be positive it will mean that you have a great start at treatment, sooner the bbetter, and getting it in control. So many stories of positive people, positive HIV and positive mindsets, who live great lives by refusing to give in, justabout all say they are healthier and happier, and live much more since knowing their status. HIV is not a death sentence in itself, if you ignore it then it is. It is actually a wake up call to prove to yourself and the world just how tough and resistant you are, and how you can make the best of life, more so than many of us.
Pity the poor people who are too ignorant or scared to be tested, they will not be able to help themselves or be helped much.

when i was pregnant they did a hiv test and i had the creeps even though i knew it had to be negative. but dont worry too much, its not really worth it you cant really change anything by worrying. my suggestion is try to relax and wait (hard to do) but you can do it! and if your Religious pray...i really hope everything goes good for you! .if it makes you feel better i work at a hospital lab dept. for four years and have not seen anyone's hiv results come back positive (even fm ppl that were really scared & thought they had it). much luck to you and lets hope for the best! be careful and take care

Valerie B
Just think positive. Not Hiv positive of course




Well, what was your exposure, that you help you calm down a little bit, i mean if you explain we might be able to help you out.

Take care and God bless

If you want to talk Messenger me ....

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