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 My gf has aids !! should i get checked !???!?!??!!?

 i'm 22 and still a virgin - can anyone sympathise!?

 how would you feel if your boyfriend or girl friend asked you to get tested for aid or std's?

 new girlfriend has herpes, says I probably won't get it...true?
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 STD helppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
okay so my friend and i were wondering if there is any possible way you could get an std (besides herpes) by giving a ******** if the guy does NOT ejaculate in your mouth?...

 other names for vaginia?

 Is it suppose to hurt?
...when someone on Yahoo tells you that you need to get a life?

Duh...I have an infant and a full time job...I know I don't have a life. Please come up with a decent insult for once!<...

 How are guys tested for STD's?
I've heard horror stories about having swabs jabbed 'down there' is this true? I'm scared :S...

 Do you think that the government has a cure for AIDS ?
Think about it all of the things that Gov hides from the public ? I think that they r hiding a cure for AIDS i kno it sounds stupid but 4 real think about it ?...

 HIV can be transmitted by saliva?
i had a fresh/open wound and my friend somehow spit his saliva on my wound ,he has HIV .Are there any chances of me getting HIV ? and I confirmed he had no mouth injury/ulcers/bleeding gums etc. and ...

 How long can an AIDS (HIV +ve) person can survive?
if he/ she maintains correct diet and exercises....

 How old were you when you found out that cold sores are from herpes?
I just found out less than 30 minutes ago, and I am 18 years old. I'm kind of shocked at how common it is, and how almost everyone in their lifetime will get it (type 1)....

This may sound crazy... But yesterday i went out to dinner. and of course the hoodie i was wearing touched the table top. Then i got into the car and my hoodie slevees touched the side of the door. T...

 heeeelp? do i have aids?!?!?
just kidding =]
so question. is it true that in order to "properly" scream/do vocals for a metal band does your throat really have to bleed?
Additional Details
you people ...

 Why do you think a cure hasn't been found for AIDS?
"How many more lives will be lost before a cure is found?"...

 im getting drug tested, what will my school do if it comes out positive?
i got drug tested today at school for pot and it is going to ocme out positive, i know that. i am not only scared bout my dad finding out but i am scared about what the school will do...does anyone ...

 How do I go about seeing a gynecologist ASAP i think i have an STD?
I need to get checked asap, I think I have an STD but I have never been to a gynocologist. What does this cost, and how do i go about finding a place & making an appointment ASAP

 what's an std and what does it do to your body?

 how would you react if someone you really like told you they had herpes cold sores?
would you leave them or stay lol be honest 10 points for honesty....

 Am I Pregnant?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Well, a couple of months back a woman that had been diagnosed with fraternal twins had sneezed right in my face yeah I know its terrible and then I went home I felt great I had no signs of any st'...

i didnt tell her i have a std....am i a bad person?
i hooked up wit dis girl last night dat i knew for like a week and i didnt tell her i hav an std.....i was drunk tho but am i a bad person....... it was in da bak of my mind during f***ing

*ChAnElLe* 18wEeKs PrEgNaNt #1 *
ur a harsh p***k!!!

Crazy Christian
I hope you at least used a condom. If you have an STD like HIV then you need to go hang yourself in the middle of the street with a big sign on your chest.

Herpe Support
Tell her now. If you are afraid to break the news face to face, send a Ecard at http://www.stdcupid.net for free. Try to mention some std sites to her.

$30 tickets to another world
i dont think ur a 'bad person' because i understand we dont think responsibly when were drunk. (or horny). but you know it was the wrong thing to do because you wouldnt of asked the question. tell her ASAP so that she can get treatment before things turn seriouse.

chris nelson
wear a condom

Yes...you could be pregnant!
ure probably going to jail unless u tell her and own up

Dang, that's just wrong dude... So wrong... You've gotta call her and tell her asap!

Jason G
uhh yea, ruining a humans life because you got horny is no exception.

yes, how would you like to have not been told by a girl that they had an STD?
now her whole life is ruined.
way to be an a$$.
don't worry though, karmas a bithc.
a$$ fukcer.

1st off learn to spell. And YES!! bad!!! you need to tell that is so cruel of you not to tell. and being drunk is no excuse

Yes, but it's not too late to call her and fix the situation.


I think worse than bad would only come close to describing your actions

your not a bad person however your actions were irresponsible. You are human and like all humans your bound to mess up occasionally. Now that you are sober the responsible thing would be to contact this girl and let her know what you have and offer to pay to get her tested and or treated so she does not get sick. Also you need to make sure you are getting yourself treated and if it is not on of the curable types of STDs then make sure that you always use a condom. I hope the guilt you are feeling serves a good lesson in paying attention to how much you drink so that you never find yourself in this situation again.

Christina H
make it better and call her. clear your conscience and give her a chance

Yup. And it's even worse if you don't tell her because she could unknowingly infect other people.

Having to much to drink allows people to make bad decisions. You need to tell her you had a STD and ask her to get tested, and if you have not gone to a clinic you need to as well.

That is a horrible thing to do to someone. Basically you knowingly gave her an STD!


Yes you're a bad person! You need to tell her now. Although I'm thinking you just posted something disgusting to get a big response from your answerers. I think you're lying!

Jessica M
You are an idiot, not a bad person though. You need to 1) Not get so drunk that you can't control yourself and 2) You need to tell this girl that you have an STD now so she can get checked and hopefully not catch what you have and die from not getting treatment.

Epic FAIL dear sir.

Yes, you are absolutely disgusting. Tell her immediately.

It's people like you who continue spreading diseases.

Yes. Very much bad person.

stephen k
Words cannot describe how much of a failure of a person you are

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