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 how do you prevent STDS and why?
how do you prevent STDS and what is the best method or treatment etc....

 im 18 can i go take a std hiv test and herpes test for free i dont have any syptoms after 2 years?
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 HIV AIDS question! Please answer! Im cryin over here?
HIV AIDS question! Please answer! Im cryin over here?
About 2 years ago, some kids were messing around outside (sophomore year)
You know the plastic thing that stays on the gatorade bottle ...

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 So what STD do you have?

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 would you sleep with a person who has herpes?

 Do I have HIV/AIDS? Im 13..Please help!?
Ok, well hi, I'm 13 almost 14 and a girl, I am wondering whether i have contracted HIV/AIDS today.

Before you make perverted assumptions, well don't listen please.

Ok, ...

 can i still have a good family?
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ok, well, to make a long story short, me and this kid got in a fight, and i got some of his blood in my mouth and swallowed. it was only a drop or two, but this kid has a shady character. do i need ...

 To those who say 'Don't sleep around because of STD's'....?
...If STD's never existed would you then be telling everyone to go ahead and sleep with whoever they chose, or would you find another reason for people not to sleep around?...

 Do you think drug companies are not trying to cure HIV because they make too much money off of it?
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Why would drug companies come up with a cure for HIV or AIDS when they make A TON of money off of their drugs.

That would cut into ...

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She mite be pregnant. The condom Broke. What should i do. Quickly! Im 15. Help me. I know it was a mistake
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 Why are the rates of STD's increasing?
The rates of STD's were declining in the 90's, and are now on the rise again. What do you think are some reasons for this, especially considering that people now how more access to ...

 Can you receive herpes?
Can you get herpies from drinking off of someones cup who is experiensing a break out on their lips?...

 could bleeding be a sign of an STD?

how would you react if someone you really like told you they had herpes cold sores?
would you leave them or stay lol be honest 10 points for honesty.

Athena and Isis
Oh man! I would slowly leave them. So I wouldnt hurt their feelings. :)

It depends on how serious the relationship was. I would probably leave them if it was just a casual acquaintance. Love is fleeting but herpes last forever.


Well if he gave it to me already I would slap him and say "why didnt you tell me??" and I would only stay with him if I knew our relationship would last forever.

Aldo L
That is a very tough choice. I would have to say i would leave them. Not worth having herpes when you can find someone else....

Diante V
um mm.... i would asked them how did they get this disease and just walk away

Im_a_ gummie_Bear

I would be gone so fast, you don't even know.
You think I want that? NO.
We can't even be friends either, sorry, you and your herpes have to go elsewhere

Curious in Missouri
More people than you realize get these cold sores. It wouldn't bother me, because they aren't contagious if you don't have an outbreak. You will just have to be careful when they do have an outbreak.

It all really depends.
If you truly love the person and believe that you will spend the rest of your life with them then go ahead. If he just has cold sores than there are ways that you can go about avoiding the virus. Just whenever he gets one I would not kiss him or drink from the same straw etc...
I know that my mom gets cold sores and my dad has never gotten them from her. It is just a matter of being careful...
In the end the decision is up to you. If you do not want to take the risk than you should tell him exactly how and what your feelings are.
But do not make any rash decisions, think upon it first.
Good luck. Just remember to make the decision that will be best for you.

I'd laugh

ill be " HOLY ****!!!!!!!"

honestly i would leave them (N)

i dont know to be honest. i guess it depends on how much i wanted to be with them. even with supression, you might as well look at it as if you are willing to get herpes to be with them, because at some point you are likely to. i couldnt answer that until i looked that issue in the face.

Christopher Robin
If i really liked that person i would stay.

Elisa K
This is weird, I was having this conversation with a guy the other night!
He just dropped into the conversation (we were talking about contagious things, started from swine flu I think) that he occasionally get's cold sores herpes like.
He mentioned that everyone get's them with out noticing.
I didn't really think anything of it at the time, but now it's getting to me a bit... didn't stop me kissing him though ahhaha.
I don't think some cold sore is really going to stand in between 'love' if you really like this guy. :)

50-80 percent of the world has cold sores on their mouth, some people have them and don't know it and some people don't know that cold sores are contagious. If it's below the waist then for many people it's a different story.
If I knew that they were a good person and had it under control, then I would be ok with it. They should also be responsible enough to inform you. If you really love some one then some people accept the risks in order to be with them. Nothing should stand in the way of being happy with some one you love.

If I had feelings for him / her I would stay and keep myself as safe as I can.

I'd say 'So what.. its a silly, tiny infection that won't do anything'

Be thankful you haven't ****** someone who just told you they have aids.

Thank god you don't have 'real' issues haha.

My first boyfriend got cold sores from time to time (it was pretty gross when it broke out). But he always took medication and we were careful not to kiss until the breakout healed. I never got contracted it from him, so it's possible to work around it.

I would tell her "pretent my member is abreva and apply it"

Moon P
I'd just be friends with them because i have hiv and they would likely catch it from me. having herpes makes catching hiv easier. how's that for honesty

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