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Beauty Queen 11220
how would you feel if your boyfriend or girl friend asked you to get tested for aid or std's?

La Princesa
offended, i'm a virgin lol. If he's asking me that something is seriously wrong with his trust in me

I'd probably be offended, but then again I don't go around sleeping with thousands of different people..

I truly wouldn't mind. It shows that they're being responsible and taking care of themselves. I do the same thing.

Linda K
.sweetheart now in the days we are living in i would not sleep with male or female unless i knew for sure they were clear of everything and only if this person fits the bill of a everlasting relationship life is to short period

Nagesh G
I will with her b'coz she is taking so much care of mine

The Central Scruitinizer
It depends. How long have you been together? If it is a new relationship then maybe not. If you have been together for a long time and your being faithfull, I would want to know why your partner is suddenly asking for the test. If you or your partner have been out playing around now or before this relationship unprotected, it may not be a bad idea for the both of you to get checked. It will take away a lot of unnecessary worry for the both of you.
At any rate I wouldn't be too upset.

Good luck

we did...and i think everyone should....i think it's best when you both go together....i think whoever asks is also very smart

live and let live
well my friend that is a tough one... if you are at the beginning of a relationship then i think its very appopriate to ask . when its during a relationship then its a little complex how you ask but i dont think that it should be taken negatively if both of you are being honest about the intention of the test......my GF and i went for physical at the begining of the year and we were given an option to take the HIV test. i asked her if we could and she said ok....we just wanted to make sure we were both healthy..... choose an approach that will not be interperated in a negative way

i will appreciate this person verymuch because not only they're asking but they are encouraging me to do it!

I met a wonderful girl after being with a hood rat I boned without condoms for a month. I didn't sleep with my new girlfriend until after I got tested, and I had chlamydia. If I didn't get tested, she would have gotten it too. If you think a relationship will get serious, you should always test

I would be fine with it. It is a smart thing to do I have never asked anyone to do it but if they ask you they want to be safe and know what they are getting into, and that is a good time to have them do it so you know what you are getting into

ki toy
I would say "Thank THE LORD" and that someone actually cares about their health. Finding people that care this much is hard to find. Any joe smoe will hand me HPV, HERPES, CHLAMYDIA, SYPH, GHON, TRICH, and a bunch of others just because they THINK they dont have it.

You should consider yourself lucky to be with someone who cares about you and THEMSELVES..

I'd tell them to schedule an appointment with me and we could both be reinsured we were safe. If one of us was positive, I'd make sure we were very careful.

no problem at all. i would rather want to know if my partner/boyfriend have std or hiv rather than not knowing it at all.

Pedro S
fine...After 10 yrs of marriage i got liver cancer from hep c that i got 20 yrs ago..No reasion to think i had anything....get tested no problem

it depends on how it was approached. if they were at all ignorant about it [as in think you have something] then i would be really offended. But if maybe they wanted for the both of you to go, then that is just ebing safe and making sure.

but i would definately go.

i would not be offended because he is just looking out for his safety and yours

Kit Kat
I'd feel like they were smart and interested in their health and well being..............

I have all my partners do it...if they are serious enought to hit the sack with me...then they are serious enough to get tested...if not then bye bye...move on....

Especially because I have HPV...so I tell them and most of them just understand, get tested and we have relations.
I care about my health as I do my partners.

I think I would feel great that they are responsible enough to want to get tested, but as long as you both go. I would go for it and best of luck

Available F
no problem we both will.

I'd feel like he was responsible and cared about our health. It's nothing personal, you just never know who's got what out there.

No problem so long as we both got tested together.

I would respect them for being so concerned with our relationship. Nothing wrong with it, especially today!

like i lived in the 21st century. just a fact of life now.

Sharisse F
I would feel that they are responsible people that care about their bodies and themselves. After all, if they they don't care about themselves, how would they ever care about me?

Well, depends. If we'd been together for a while and had already slept together, I'd be peeved. Asking for me to get tested after we've slept together means a) he thinks i'm cheating, or b) he's cheating and he thinks he has something. If it was at the beginning of a new relationship, thats the smart thing to do anyway. Its sad, but most people who do have them don't even know, and in today day and age, you just have to be careful. It dosen't mean that they think you're dirty or anything, its just a fact of life.

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