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 Besides Chlamydia what else is the gift that keeps on giving?
I have never had it, and you can tell by looking at me, I'm way to sweet and innocent looking.
Additional Details
Luey-not rude at all you are absolutely right........

 Should I be worried about having HIV?
I thought i had been exposed to hiv 4 months ago and i recently got tested last week and it says im negative. Should i still be worried about having hiv?...

 Can someone please help me I'm so worried??
I had a pelvic exam and pap smear last tuesday night and am a little worried about my results. This has been my first pap test so that is really the only reason I'm worried. For those who'...

 I might have "crabs" will the Doctor care if I show him my pubes?

 Any truth to this message? Or is this scaremongering? (see details)?
I got this forwarded to me in an email. I am VERY sceptical. What do you think of this?

FROM Arvind Khamitkar , I.A.S, Director of Medical & Research Div, Chennai

Dear F...

 is this crazy girl lying about having herpes?
My boyfriend found out (on Easter Sunday) that this girl he slept with a couple times several months ago has herpes (supposedly). Neither of us has had an outbreak and we're both going to the ...

 i have Herpes please help?
Please no mean answers. I found out I have herpes type one. Should I break up with my boyfriend if I want to protect him?? I have only been with one guy before this. I don't know how I made this ...

 Can you get HIV/AIDS through the mouth if you DO NOT have a cut in your mouth?

 I don't think that a person infected with HIV even slightly can ever get cured?

 transmission of STI's?
can someone plz confirm that you CAN'T catch an STI by sharing drinks, eg bottled coke.

i know it's a silly question but i need to double check.
thanks guys!...

 would you ever DATE someone with a incurable STD?

 Can you get a disease like an std or something by getting fingered?

 when u have hpv .................?
i have the type tht gives u warts i think. do i need to see a doctor or am i ...

 can HIV AIDS spread through french kissing?
can HIV AIDS spread through french kissing???...

 Herpes Exposure? (This may sound stupid..but I'd appreciate it)?
I just found out a new guy I'm seeing had a one night stand with a girl a few months ago who has herpes. He found out and got checked out and didn't have herpes.. but is this enough to ...

 How do i ask my parents ?!?
i might have an STD & i want to get checked but Im only 14 and Im not supposed to be doing what I did soo i dont want to face the consequences....

 How do you catch an STD? Be nice please...?
I really would like to catch an STD...all my friends have one...please help...I wanna be like them!...

 can hiv aids hpv kill you?

 Should you go to work when you have? Nice answers please!!?
Should you go to work when you have an outbreak of herpes virus 1. Just the outbreak on your lips?
Additional Details
I wasnt sure if you can give them to someone just by touching your ...

 Is it possible to be HIV pos for 3 years and not no it, would'nt you have some kind of symtom, like, what?

how do you make yourself throw-up? i stick whole toothbrushes down my throat, but it just doesn't come up.
how can some people throw-up with two fingers, and i can't with an entire toothbrush!?

I can't either i had to use syrup of epicip (sp) but i don'y reccomend anyone doing this diet the right way

umm....maybe u should see someone about tht...nd i wasnt tlkin about not being able to throw up with a toothbrush.

Andrea D
well if you can big tonsils then you just think of the grossest things and you'll probably throw up i think

man i can throw up just by thinking about it....i consider it a gift....

Why are you making yourself throw up? Your body will vomit/throw-up on it's on when it needs to. There is no reason to force yourself to throw-up. And, doing so will cause significant damage to your body

Ipecac.Get it at the drugstore.It will make you throw up.

lost in thought
You need professional help now! have you seen what happens to a bulemic out of control??? ppl. kill themselves this way every year. first you force urself to throw up after every meal then ur body gets used to doing this. eventually you won't need to stick your fingers down your throat because you'll automaticly throw up and untreated u can starve to death if other dieseases don't get you first...your immune systems gets shot because of lack of nutrients and all it'll take is common cold...but what do you care at least you'll good in your grave???

Okay, here's what will happen to you if you get the hang of throwing up: I know I did it for 8 years. My back molers rotted in my mouth from the stomach acid that came up and after they cracked and broke in two, they had to be pulled. Now my throat has HOLES in it. I mean real holes that food builds up in every few months and I cough up the compacted food as it comes out of the holes, and it's the most god awful smell you could imagine, and there is nothing that can be done to fix them. Every time I threw up it put a strain on my heart and the muscle around my heart. So you not only face the risk of dying from malnutrition, but it's very common to have a heart attack from the incredible strain you put on your heart. But this is all of course just something to think about before you begin the glamorous lifestyle of a bulimic. By the way I have been in recovery for two years and my body has never been healthier now that I actually EAT food-- and it took a long time for me to mentally heel from the hell I put my body through. And if you throw up long enough, your body can start throwing up everything you eat without you controlling it. So it would look real good as you are eating with family or friends and you just vomit at the table. Just food for thought.

what ever your trying to do, stop it because your only going to hurt the ones that love you... think of your family!

Quit it!!!! I took care of someone just the other day who constantly stuck a toothbrush down their throat, and they perforated their esophagus. They ended up with a trach and a feeding tube. Quit sticking things down ur throat.

Bad gag reflex. or a good one. Please don't do this, do you have any idea what you will be doing to your body long term? Teeth rot, wont that be pretty with your new skinny body? If you feel you must do this you need to seek some type of medical attention be it medical or psychological doctor. This is not the way to go.

Country Hick
Why are you trying to make yourself throw up? It is an unhealthy thing to do for it can cause damage to your esophagus and throat with the acid from your stomach coming back up. People who are afraid of gaining weight use it to try to stop weight gain; it is usually a sign of anorexia and bulimia. If this is the case I think you need to check in with your doctor or depending on your age, with your parents before it causes serious health problems.
The best way to control your weight is to watch what you eat and exercise instead of eating and vomiting.

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