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Luey-not rude at all you are absolutely right........

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Dear F...

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 Can you get HIV/AIDS through the mouth if you DO NOT have a cut in your mouth?

 I don't think that a person infected with HIV even slightly can ever get cured?

can yu catch an std?
Omigod im freaking out i kissed a friend of mine and i am so worried that i may have an std.they have been around the block a few times witha alot of ppl. i didnt have any sores in my mouth or anything im jsut so afraid i may have an std. he blew me but i never touched this person or anything. i never had any sores in my mouth and i didnt do more than kiss this person. im so worried!
Additional Details

I'm confused, you said you kissed him then said he blew you? Huh? Did he blow you a kiss? Is that what u meant? You need to stop kissing boys anyway, if you don't know how std's are contracted, you aren't ready for kissing or anything else.But, anyway. If he has something, and yuo have an open sore anywhere in or around your mouth, it's possible to get something, but if he just blew you a kiss, you are pretty safe. Why would you wanna kiss him knowing he's been around the block. And he could only blow you if you are gay, so if you're a girl, you need to also educate yourself on your terminology. If he gave you oral, u could definitely get herpes if he has it, even if he isn't having a break out. Get tested and you'll know for sure. Tell your doctor exactly what happened and they will be able to tell you if you are at risk. And tell them to give you some literature on stds and use a condom everytime, it only takes 1 time to get an std or get pregnant. Both can stay with you for life. And use your brain when you decide to kiss someone, just coz you don't know a person, doesn't mean u r safe either. They may have been with one person or 50 people. And any one person could have given them an std that they don't even know about yet. Trust no one, just coz they say they're clean, or seem clean, doesn't mean they are. Most stds never give you symptoms until it's too late.

not unless there were mouth sores, some stds could be transmitted through those

David J
NO!! But if you are that worried just get checked out!!!!

hville 15
it would be very rare to have an std from that..but u should be more careful in who u touch in the future

He "blew" you wtf?

Moo Moo
Well, you can't be completely sure unless you are checked out by your doctor, but that's very unlikely unless he had specific kinds of stds located in the mouth. I highly doubt it but I would not rule it out, to be absolutely sure you need to be checked out by a doctor.

:] Good luck!


Uhm, did the person you kiss have any cold sores on his/her lips or in the mouth?

If not, there's no need for you to worry.

Army Wife
if all you did was kiss him then you are fine. just remember when you do anything more then kiss (anything below the belt) you must use protection so that you do not catch anything. but you dont have to worry about kissing..you are just fine!

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