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Fg Dh
can you het herpes from waterfalling a drink!?
i waterfalled(didn't touch my mouth to the bottle but drank some) after a girl with herpes drank off of it so am i gonna get herpes too?

Its extremely unlikely that you would catch herpes this way.

Herpes is almost always spread through skin-to-skin contact. Some studies have shown that oral herpes MAY be spread through saliva - but you probably didn't get much saliva. It would be a real fluke for you to have caught herpes this way.

With that said, you may already have oral herpes. 50% to 80% of adults have it. It's usually caught in childhood from kissing relatives and it is NOT an STD.

Yes there is 88% chance of you getting Herpes

Pete Wilson
maybe there is a chance for a huge chance but a chance


Do you mean oral herpes? The ones around your mouth are cold sores, which are type 1 herpes. Yes they are contagious. Even if you didn't place your mouth on the bottle, you still have a risk of catching them, through salivia. However, some people are more prone than others, so you never know

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