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 Are Vampires at high risk of receiving HIV/AIDS etc.?
Etc. as in those blood to blood transmitted diseases....

 i didnt tell her i have a std....am i a bad person?
i hooked up wit dis girl last night dat i knew for like a week and i didnt tell her i hav an std.....i was drunk tho but am i a bad person....... it was in da bak of my mind during f***...

 First time using toilet tissue, how do I use it?
I am from a country that uses water and now I come to USA and USA only uses toilet tissue for toilet. How to use toilet tissue? I am lost with no water in restroom....

 OK DUMBEST question ever but I want to know...?
..whats are STDs?...

 Can you get aids from someone's saliva?
Every time my boyfriend and I kiss, he uses alot of tongue. And sometimes I end up with alot of his spit in my mouth, and I swallow it. He's not a virgin, but he swears he's been tested and ...

 i think i have aids???
ok so i have a bf he is 15 and im 14 my bf had a broose inside his lip and it might have been bleeding. i kissed him not tounge kiss though. If i got the tiniest bit of blood in my mouth that was ...

 Been with my wife for 12 years, she tells me she now has herpes,never before had an outbreak, has she cheated?
I was a virgin when we met. She had several partners. But now after 12 years she finds out that she has herpes. Honestly what are the chances that she goes 12 years without a symptom? I've ...

 how do you.....................................…
get HYPER!!!!!!!...

 What does it mean when someone says they have "Crabs"?

 I got my son a crab. He has 5 medium legs and one big leg in the front. Do crabs carry diseases?
I am afraid to let me son carry him because I heard some reptiles carry diseases? I am also not sure why his front leg looks so different. I am beginning to woner if he has an infection on his leg....

 If a girl has a nasty looking sore on her lip does that mean she has herpes? I mean she even tried to hide it?
I work with this woman and she is like totally in to me but i am scared as hell of getting a std, i don't want one and i don't want her. But, what does the yahoo community think of this? D...

 Can HIV be detected with the naked eye, after the blood has been drawn into little plastic tube things?

Additional Details
LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!...

 My gf has aids !! should i get checked !???!?!??!!?

 i'm 22 and still a virgin - can anyone sympathise!?

 how would you feel if your boyfriend or girl friend asked you to get tested for aid or std's?

 new girlfriend has herpes, says I probably won't get it...true?
I'm seeing a girl, and I like her. She has told me she has herpes. She says that if we are safe, I will probably not get it, but there is a chance. I'm wondering if it's worth the risk ...

 STD helppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
okay so my friend and i were wondering if there is any possible way you could get an std (besides herpes) by giving a ******** if the guy does NOT ejaculate in your mouth?...

 other names for vaginia?

 Is it suppose to hurt?
...when someone on Yahoo tells you that you need to get a life?

Duh...I have an infant and a full time job...I know I don't have a life. Please come up with a decent insult for once!<...

 How are guys tested for STD's?
I've heard horror stories about having swabs jabbed 'down there' is this true? I'm scared :S...

can i get a STD from the public toilet ?
like herpes or whatever or other stds

total myth

Shell H
Nope, and if you're worried use a toilet seat cover! :)

Deepest Fear
the social answer is no but realistically yes. the chances of you getting the STD is very slim but it can still happen, so wash your hands after using the bathroom and cover those seats. the STD could only affect you through entrances in the body which are mouth,nose,butt,privates, and sometimes skin, so as long as you dnt exaggerate any of those areas in a restroom, you dnt have to worry about STD's. Again, the chances are very very slim

i know someone who got ringworm from a public toilet!

No....only crabs

nope but they can be germy, so watch out 4 tht

i am not sure but possibly.
i try to avoid public toilets their pretty nasty.
maybee u should too?

I highly doubt it unless you really like rubbing your stuff against the edge of a toilet and someone with herpes likes doing the same.

Hector M.

No! LOL.But eww y sit on a public bathroom's toilet? Hold yourself up sweetie

Cold Hard BEUFP
Not bloody likely.

Jamie Nicole Cullen
yes crabs and herpes and that kinda thing

andrea s
may b

yes. A friend of mine got it in the same exact spot on the back of both his thighs...I dont care what anyone says you can get it from a toilet seat..

yadah yadah yadah
technically you could but its very unlikely

i wouldnt worry about it too much and like freak out and stop using public restrooms

I believe it depends in several factors, as for example, if the toilett is not flushed and full of someone else's body fluids, or if you notice urine or other spills around where you seat, then you may have a possibility, however, the biggest risk is hepatitis, which survives a long time and in very extreme enviroments. In conclusion, the chances are as low as getting struck by lighthing, if you use commun sense you should be safe for the most part.

You can if there's blood or like fluids on the toilet that have an STD in them

♥VAL $$.
I stil don't sit on it

no but you can get rashes. You wont get herpes/aids, stuff like that. But i think you can get less-severe things like crabs?

It is possible but highly unlikely answere mine http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AmqQud4Rn4VYmzmIm3d0ukHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081107181834AAoYjBZ

daniiela (:
although they are very dirty so using a seat cover or coating the toilet with toilet paper is a good idea (:

no. toilets are extremely inhospitable to bacteria. Bacteria needs warmth and moisture to grow...toilet seats are cold and dry. (typically)...besides, your legs (and MAYBE a bit of your ***-cheeks) are all that should be touching the seat anyway.

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