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Angry Hyeman
Why is it that when I pee, it burns and blood comes out?
I just don't understand . . . And I'm a little scared! :O

urinary tract infection!!! i expierienced the same thing. you can go to your nearest drug store and get over the counter "azo" or go to the doctor to confirm it and take some anti biotics.

Your ok, i have had this happen before. I don't have any stds!! like gonnorea or nothing.. it is a urinary track infection. WHen i got it i was scared to death. One thing i have noticed if you use tampons a lot and leave them in too long, this seems to cause them in me. trying alternating between pads and tampons if you think this may be the problem. You can either call your doctor to see if you can get in, or go to your local CVS/Walgreens and get that AZO treatment for Urinary track infection. WHen i got mine i drank a ton of water to help clean my system out. It worked for me.

You may have a urinary tract infection or STD. I suggest seeing a doctor.

It sounds like you might have a urinary tract infection, which can easily be treated with antibiotics. See a doctor to find out for sure. The only way to cure the infection is to take a full course of antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.

blood in urine can be a sign of a kidney infection. Pee burning on its own can be a bladder infection. Either way you need to go to your doctor's to have a urine test. With proper antibiotics it will get better.

Also, you didnt mention how many times blood comes out, was it only a one time occurance or more then once.


It's probably a UTI. I've had one.. it burned when I peed but I didn't have blood, however I'm pretty sure that that's not un-common. Go to your doctor and they'll test you for it and then give you antibiotics. It'll stop in a day or two! :D

You have some kind of infection in your urinary tract. There are lots of things that could have caused it; you need to go see a doctor soon to diagnose the cause and get the right treatment. If you don't see a doctor, it could get worse - the infection could spread to other parts of your body, and/or cause permanent infertility, impotence, etc.

Dat 0n3 dud3
It sounds like you may have egoquoque-ferreusitis. It's a rare infection to the kidneys that can kill the victim in a matter of days. The main symptoms are what you have described. I'm sorry.

It could be an infection or a std. The best thing to do is to go to a doctor and get examined. That is the best because while the internet is amazing at answering questions and helping it isn't 100% reliable.

Sounds like you have an infection or worse. If you have any discharge it could be a STD. Visible blood in your urine is not a good thing; the filtering (glomerulus) portion of the kidney will not allow blood cells to pass (in the formation of urine) through because they are too large. If you have an infection, it damages the glomerulus which allows things to pass through that usually wouldn't.

The biggest exception is if you have internal bleeding due to trauma you may see blood in the urine, but it would not burn as it passes. Your Dr will start with a urine sample to check for an uti and go from there.Good luck!

the eyes have it!
so go to the doctor and see if you ave a UTI, bladder or kidney infection

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