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 Is Herpes same as AIDS?
If I have herpes, does it mean that I have got AIDS?
Additional Details
SO how did I get Herpes when I am still a virgin? Can i get it thru kissing?
I am a guy, i think my foreskin ...

 does kissing give you std's?

 if its old pee and you freeze it will it pass the test even though its old pee????

Additional Details
my parents are using a home drug test i believe its called First Check...i jus need to know if it will pass with old pee if i freeze the pee....what would i need to ...

 Will I get HIV infected by drinking other guy's beer?
I was in Vancouver and drinking. There was this big guy with his big group of friends. He drank a few sips and handed me this beer and asked me to drink few times. I did drink after refused few ...

 how do you prevent STDS and why?
how do you prevent STDS and what is the best method or treatment etc....

 im 18 can i go take a std hiv test and herpes test for free i dont have any syptoms after 2 years?
but i still wanna take it my mom dont wanna take me dont no why i tell her im really worried so can i go alone and in how long will my results come ...

 Would you date someone with herpes? (I'm a nurse and ran into this situation between two H.S. students).?

 What is the STD known as "Crabs"?
Is it something only women get?...

 Is it possible for two people who are both 'untouched' to pass STD's to each other?

 The dangers of fingering?
one of my friends got fingered by her boyfriend and afterwards had pain to pee i.e the pe burnt :S , i think she may have an infection but what else could it be?...

 HIV AIDS question! Please answer! Im cryin over here?
HIV AIDS question! Please answer! Im cryin over here?
About 2 years ago, some kids were messing around outside (sophomore year)
You know the plastic thing that stays on the gatorade bottle ...

 Where Did AIDS Start?????????
i dont have AIDS but the alway tie it hand and hand with gay people. why is that an who and when did it ...

 So what STD do you have?

 How to hide needle marks from illegal drug use?
Desparate. Have found needles hidden. Have felt something wasn't right with husband. Have not seen any marks unlike the last time he had problem 10yrs ago. How can he be hiding the needle ...

 would you sleep with a person who has herpes?

 Do I have HIV/AIDS? Im 13..Please help!?
Ok, well hi, I'm 13 almost 14 and a girl, I am wondering whether i have contracted HIV/AIDS today.

Before you make perverted assumptions, well don't listen please.

Ok, ...

 can i still have a good family?
uhmm.. its like this.. im male.. getting married soon..i want to have a happy family... but my prob is that... i have STD... and my questions are as follows, can i still have a child?... will he/she ...

 medical question, kinda dumb sorry?
ok, well, to make a long story short, me and this kid got in a fight, and i got some of his blood in my mouth and swallowed. it was only a drop or two, but this kid has a shady character. do i need ...

 To those who say 'Don't sleep around because of STD's'....?
...If STD's never existed would you then be telling everyone to go ahead and sleep with whoever they chose, or would you find another reason for people not to sleep around?...

 Do you think drug companies are not trying to cure HIV because they make too much money off of it?
I have been doing a lot of thinking on this.

Why would drug companies come up with a cure for HIV or AIDS when they make A TON of money off of their drugs.

That would cut into ...

Why do you think a cure hasn't been found for AIDS?
"How many more lives will be lost before a cure is found?"

Beacause it is a man made virus, made by the christians

Bamma an expert in his field. Bamma say man hasn't cured any virus yet. Bamma say look at the common cold. Bamma say there your answer. Bamma otta know.

We have never cured a virus. It mutates easily so a vaccination is tough. We still have problems with the flu and colds.

You Lames!
They should find a cure for Cancer, Aids can be prevented.

becuase AIDS is a virus, in the history of science and medicine no viral borne pathagen has been cured.

ok your all gonna hate me for this one......

i was always brought up to believe that aids was gods punishment for black people and gays.

hey I can't help what i was told to believe...
my views are changed a lot now though.

ღ♥ St. Patricks Day Birthday♥ღ
thats a good question

'Cos no one has really tried. There is not enough money
to be made and they concentrate on an easy option

i think aids is man made too , i think they spread it in 3rd world countries for population control , i also think the cure is right under our feet , the govt has it , but its waiting for it to get SO BAD that people will pay thousands of dollars for the cure, how else would you explain never seeing a govt official with AIDS , as many "buisness meetings" they have, you would think that one of them would have caught it by now......

AIDS,stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome which is an infection that causes the body's defences to break down,leaving the body wide open to almost anything.It is caused by a virus which can mutate making it difficult to find a cure.

This may sound terrible but I believe it to be true, There is a possibility for a cure for all illnesses, but if we could cure all than how long would people live? They are not releasing cures so that they have a way to naturally control the population.

i cant remember the whole facts of the story, but i read somewhere that a man had been cured of aids/hiv.

it wasnt with a drug prescribed from a doctor but with some complementary therapy or other!

also there is a sort of vaccine available for nurses and doctors who get a needle stick injury from a needle which has been used on a patient with HIV, but they only use this if it is certain the needle was contaminated with blood from a HIV patient as the medication they give u makes u very ill


I love mode!
The HIV/AIDS cell is a very complex cell. It is able to immune to anything that comes its way. It learns how to destroy and or take over other cells. The only thing to destroy it is Clorox. You can't use Clorox in the blood stream of course, but that is why they say clean up bodily fluids with Clorox, because that is the only found thing that actaully destroys it. My oldest uncle works with finding cures for cancer and he gets wind of new treatments. They say (meaning doctors or perfesionals) say that they can only cure the symptoms not the actual virus.

Tierro del Fuegas Enchiladas
It is NOT a manmade virus. I personally have known Africans who are convinced that a pharmeceutical company from Europe developed this disease. Based on the Anthrax model and they then injected it into people along with a hepatitis vaccine. They think it was a government-supported international conspiracy to kill them off gradually, because they had won their freedom from European colonies. Now I get that the monkey and blood arguments are hard sells, but they're true.

As far as cures go, I think the real issues are more funding and less red tape. We need to get drugs out to the people by making them affordable. We that it is true, as generic drugs work as well as the pharmeceutical patents.

The American-based pharmeceutical companies blocked South African efforts to create cheap generic drugs for their own people. The CEOs based their legal argument on the idea of patent violation. I don't care about patent violation: make the companies that produce those drugs license out the patent and pay a fee on the earnings. The settlement of those demands would have solved the problem. They could have bought out the company, as well. It was about market-share values and profit loss. Human lives don't factor into it.

We need to work on a vaccine and health-related issues as well as preventing opportunistic infections. A 'cure' will come later. Few people realize that if medical personnel are exposed to the virus, during the first six months, AZT may prevent infection. One might be able to avoid it altogether by taking it but you would have to know you were at risk. After infection, three weeks later, there are certain flu-like symptoms. With more information and awareness programs early on, maybe more people would go in for testing. We need better, more accurate and anonymous testing so people don't avoid it.

as far as i know there is a cure found, at a medical university in Scotland but it has to be tested for 5 to 7 yrs before it can be prescibed to the public.

Benjamin W
I could ask the same about cancer. It is even possible that there is no cure out there and even if there was our science still hasn't discovered it. The problem is that it is a virus and viruses mutate so it is impossible to find a constant cure. Look at the flu, you need a different flu shot every year because it is a different strain every year. We still have much to discover and this cure may be one thing. I think you should ask Magic Johnson how he has lived with HIV for like 15 years.

Generally to find a cure you need to fully understand what it does.

Hiv / Aids or Cancer for that matter.
act is different ways.
finding the starting point of any thing like this is so important.

Millions will sadly pass before a cure is discovered.

It also comes down to Money.
Research Cost

Other sheep
Because it's caused by a virus that keeps spontaneously changing.... i think its futile trying to come up with a cure....

Because virus is smarter than us.

Seriously, though: Doctors and Scientists are working on it. I must say that prevention of AIDS is entirely possible and cannot be emphasized enough. This is not the case with many types of cancer - you get it and it is often not your fault.

because the aid virus mutates (changes form) everytime so antibodies can't act agianst them.

I believe that aids can be made in laboratory level by scientist, I think this because we are living in an overpopulated world so the government/scientists made the aid virus to reduce the population in the world. Once the wolrd's population has been reduced, the scientist will give the cure for the people who have it........



Max B
There is more money to be made in treatment than in cure.

oranda lady
because the pharma companies make more money with the treatments for easing the illness than curing it.

cuz now no body is interest in doing dat now ppl wanna be like paris hilton liney lohan.

i think dats very sad

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