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HarleyDevil - GOOD for you! Good luck....

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jennifer w
Why do they test for HIV orally now?
If they say you cannot get HIV through saliva, then why did they come up with the orall test, its a little thing that looks like a toothbrush and you rub it between your cheeks and gums, and thats it.They can detect the results that simple and easy.

S i r i
because you CAN get aids from saliva

HIV CAN, indeed, be spread through saliva, if the uninfected party has any sort of cut/abrasion/opening to the blood stream within his or her mouth. Saliva does carry the HIV virus. THis is why an oral test can be conducted. But, if a recipient does not have a cut or abrasion in their mouth, they cannot contract the virus. However, I would highly recommend consulting a physician before you engage in open-mouthed kissing with an HIV positive person.

Because its faster and some people dont like needles.
And its painless and more people mighht ended up taking it

faster and cheaper

Because they can test it in in your DNA... your saliva contains no blood there for you can not get it orally.

Lilac is Back (5 weeks to go)
It is painless and more people will do it.

Homer Being
Because they are giving you AIDS when they stick that thing in your mouth. Great way to "test" for it, isnt it.

James S55$$ where I give you ME.
Its the best way for a person to have it check into your gum.


Why does it matter HOW they're testing for it?

All that should matter is that they're testing for it at all.

Good question.

The reason we can test for HIV this way, even though HIV can not be transmitted by saliva, is that the test is actually looking for antibodies to HIV in your saliva and cheek cells. The test does not detect the virus itself.

When you have any infection, your body makes antibodies to try to fight the infection. Even though HIV damages the immune system, the body still produces antibodies to try to fight the infection.

There are 2 oral tests for HIV. One gives results in less than 30 minutes.

Any positive result on an oral HIV antibody test is followed by blood testing to confirm the diagnosis.

I have found in my job that the fact that there is a reliable alternative to blood testing for HIV helps more people decide to get tested. (I have serious problems with blood testing myself, and avoid blood testing like the plague.)

because there are HIV cells in saliva, but not in strong enough concentrations to infect you, unless one of you has a sore or a cut in their mouth

Because it's faster

They put it in your mouth

Your cheeks is actual tissue and if you rub it, cells will stick to that thing, and i assume those cells might contain the virus. Not the saliva.

Tests can use blood, saliva or urine. In tests they look not for the virus itself but the antibodies that your body creates to defend itself against the virus.

in the mouth there are fast growing cells. its where they pull alot of things from dna / hiv tests being only a few of a long list you can do with the mouth.

Adam Smasher
Because its effective, it's faster, cheaper and easier. And the test doesn't look for HIV in saliva, but rather HIV antibodies, which aren't produced unless there is HIV somewhere in the system. You cannot get HIV from saliva. The enzymes in saliva kill the virus too quickly to allow it to infect.

a girl
they are looking for antibodies or the cells the fight off infections (that is not thesame as the virus) it only test one type of it check the site out it explains it great

The samples test HIV antibodies and do not test the saliva but the oral mucosal transudate which lives in the cheek and gums. If you have a disease, your body creates antibodies. This is mixed with an enzyme (protein) when you're tested. It'will show whether a person has the virus or not.

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