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How would I feel/look if I have herpes?
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 STD from Dog is it possible? help...?
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What could happen if you get fingered or ate out?
can anything serious happen
like stds..or anything
and if so what should i look out for
like for fingering what will happen if his hands are dirty..or for getting ate out its something about cuts in his mouth..rite??
im not really sure,,so help me plz!

and dont tell me not to do this
its my decision
and at least im trying to be careful about it.

Danny Savage
WOW! nothing will happen to you you cant get a STD either so dont even trip about it.

Cat Litter Man
You get a phone call saying you'll die in 7 days

Chief Wahoo!
a little alien can come out

Salt and Peppy
Ask your parents to tell you about the birds and bees.

Dr. Thaddeus Venture
Like OMG. If his spit gets in your vag you could wind up with a babby!


just feels good

You generally can't get an STD from this unless he touched himself before touching you, or he has cuts in his mouth and has HIV...
But, really, don't let him near you with filthy hands. There is a possibility of getting an infection.

Just be sure that hands are sanitized!! As far as oral there are always possibilities of std. Its always a roll of the dice!! Good Luck!!

smileyrawrツ <3
You can run the risk of getting an infection.

If he has something serious like aids or something, than your in big trouble.

If your trying to be careful than I suggest you get a condom and do it the old fashion way. Matter of fact make it two.

all common sense.....

before fingering.... wash hand with soap thoroughly and use some pureall gel. make sure no open wounds

For ate out..... you are transferring liquid... only protection you can get is to make sure there are no wounds for both of you.

Be safe and have fun

some std's are spread by body fluids(silava,blood,etc.). and you can also get infections from unclean hands. its better not to take that chance

if your partner has an outbreak of some sort it can lead to STDs but the thing is the skin in different areas of your body act differently so there is nothing sure about it, to be on the safe side know where your partner has been

if there is dirt under his nails then there is a posibility of infection.
and if he has cold sores in his mouth then you could get herpes.
but if you're going to worry that much then its not worth doing.

can you help me?

You could get an infection.. Maybe herpes, but you'd probably notice if he had it around his mouth. Other than that I think you're pretty safe. Make him wash his hands first.

I'm pretty sure you can't get an STD from getting fingered. Ha. But if he has like herpes in his mouth then you could get it.

You could (heaven forbid) have an orgasm.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist
I never even knew eating out at restaurant could be so dangerous. Thank you for alerting me.

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