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 My little sister asked me what fingering is!?
okay im 16 my little sister is 10 and she asked me what it means and i just ignore her. but should i tell her? don't say why is she asking this she told me that an 8th grader asked her if shes ...

 Would there be an HPV vaccination uproar if it were for boys and men instead of girls?
Just curious.
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I love the answers so far (even the hostile ones), but some clarification:

1) In the spirit of the question, IMAGINE that all of your concerns,...

 Can anyone think of an STD game?
i need a game about STDs for sociology. It needs to involve my classmates and it CANNOT be health related. Any ideas?...

 Just got diagnosed with HPV?
My gyno called me with results from my Pap Smear...I have HPV. She said I had some abnormal cells and suggested a colposcapy (sp). I'm a little freaked out. I've been bad with my Gyno ...

 Can someone who has aids give birth to a child that doesn't have aids?
Someone with aids giving birth.....................

 IF You Catched AIDS, How would u feel?
How do u feel if u catched AIDS? or if u know someone who has, how is their life like...
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*Caught* Aids.....

 Besides Chlamydia what else is the gift that keeps on giving?
I have never had it, and you can tell by looking at me, I'm way to sweet and innocent looking.
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Luey-not rude at all you are absolutely right........

 Should I be worried about having HIV?
I thought i had been exposed to hiv 4 months ago and i recently got tested last week and it says im negative. Should i still be worried about having hiv?...

 Can someone please help me I'm so worried??
I had a pelvic exam and pap smear last tuesday night and am a little worried about my results. This has been my first pap test so that is really the only reason I'm worried. For those who'...

 I might have "crabs" will the Doctor care if I show him my pubes?

 Any truth to this message? Or is this scaremongering? (see details)?
I got this forwarded to me in an email. I am VERY sceptical. What do you think of this?

FROM Arvind Khamitkar , I.A.S, Director of Medical & Research Div, Chennai

Dear F...

 is this crazy girl lying about having herpes?
My boyfriend found out (on Easter Sunday) that this girl he slept with a couple times several months ago has herpes (supposedly). Neither of us has had an outbreak and we're both going to the ...

 i have Herpes please help?
Please no mean answers. I found out I have herpes type one. Should I break up with my boyfriend if I want to protect him?? I have only been with one guy before this. I don't know how I made this ...

 Can you get HIV/AIDS through the mouth if you DO NOT have a cut in your mouth?

 I don't think that a person infected with HIV even slightly can ever get cured?

 transmission of STI's?
can someone plz confirm that you CAN'T catch an STI by sharing drinks, eg bottled coke.

i know it's a silly question but i need to double check.
thanks guys!...

 would you ever DATE someone with a incurable STD?

 Can you get a disease like an std or something by getting fingered?

 when u have hpv .................?
i have the type tht gives u warts i think. do i need to see a doctor or am i ...

 can HIV AIDS spread through french kissing?
can HIV AIDS spread through french kissing???...

Raine D
What's the best way to tell someone you have HPV?
I have a hard time trying to figure out when is the best time to tell someone you have HPV. When begining a new relationship if I tell them right away I risk scaring them off, but if I wait and get to know them and get close to them there is the risk of making them mad for wasting their time and mine. Sometimes they are okay with it but I want to be honest and I am just not sure the best way to do this. Any advice would be helpful.
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I am getting such great feedback. I appreciate everyone being so positive. This is not an easy topic for me. But everyone has been very supportive. Thank you!

"i have HPV"

it's best to tell them right away..i understand it might scare them off but then that means they are not strong enough to be in a relationship with you..it's a waist of your and their time...inform them exactly what HPV is and be honest..believe me you will find someone who won't run away and will look past that and want to be with you!!!!

I have it and I wish I would have known I had it before I transfered it. Tell one date before you plan to become intimate.

explain that upwards of 80% of woman 16-30 are carriers. (i think the ages are right) and that they too may even be a carrier. it is increasingly common and in many cases goes into remission.

use protection to help prevent further spreading or reinfecting.

thye have a right to know right away, it is your responsibility to let them know and in all fairness asap.

Adrienne A
I have HPV and I let it be known as soon as possible! That way I dont run the risk of him finding out from someone else or wasting his or my time. That way if he doesnt like it then he can go on and move on before either of us gets attached or too deep into feelings. It just makes it easier. And 90% of the time it is not a big deal at all! You would be suprised... Plus using a condom isnt a bad idea either!

Vivian S
Just tell him. If you are embarrassed, you can ask the people on stdfishes.com, it's useful. the site is for people with STDs find support, friendship, info and even love.

Don't come off clean, that won't help anyone. Maybe use some sort of technique to make your partner ask you instead of you telling him. Make him ask you, it will make things easier. It's kind of an embarrassing situation isn't it?

Expecting a Winter Baby :]
I had the same problem as you. I met my current boyfriend and I thought that if I told him he wouldn't want to be with me anymore. So on our second date I told him that I needed to tell him something important. I just came straight out with it. He asked a couple questions but he told me that it didn't matter that he liked me for me. So thats just what you have to do..if the guy is automatically going to dump you over it then he isn't worth it to begin with.

Good luck with everything! Hope it all works out for you.

..: smile if you mean it :..
Wait until the 3rd or 4th date when you see the relationship might actually be going somewhere. That way, you know you like him and that he likes you and you haven't wasted a couple months of his life before telling him and making him angry that you withheld information.

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