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Should I be very worried that I have HIV?
My last partner was early august according to her but we used a condom. I remember I had said that it had been 3 months since I had been laid and the last time before that was mid april, so I think it was mid july. What are the chances of getting HIV w/ a condom? Can a screening detect it this early? The reason I'm worried is because 2 nights ago or so I woke up in the middle of the night very sweaty and i felt like my blankets were sweaty too. Also, a friend of mine gave me a sore throat just by being in a few classes with her and sitting next to her in one. I'm getting tested tomorrow. Should I be worried?

EDIT: The partner before that was in mid april, and before that probably a week or two before. I used a condom with both of these girls, but one time I did not.

Beetle in a Box
I doubt you need to worry because HIV-1 is still rare and is more easily transmitted from male to female. However, with multiple partners it is good to get tested regularly (at least once a year), and always use condoms!

The test is generally done 3 months after exposure and 6 months after exposure. It's too early to be certain regarding this last exposure, but if it will make you feel better go ahead and get tested. It is possible for antibodies to HIV-1 to show up about 19 days after exposure, although it can take longer.

Early HIV-1 infection can give flu-like symptoms but doesn't result in a weakened immune system until years after infection. One instance of night sweats is more likely related to some other infection besides HIV-1.

The symptom that you stated "sweating" is not evidently suggest that you are suffering from HIV.
Below i mention a link that contain enough information regarding the symptoms, occurrence of HIV. But as you know that HIV is a too harmful disease, So you should get tested yourself as soon as possible.

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