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klvn c
Red Spots and herpes?
Me and my friend are bodybuilders. He has a model like body.
He frequently gets waxed in his privates and his abdomen. One day he showed his abs, and I saw red patches of skin on his abdomen, they are not raised, they are flat. Each patch is individual. Is it normal after getting waxed a few days?

I'm a hypochondriac and has great anxiety and paranoia and phobia about herpes. First thing that came in mind when i saw that was herpes.

Me and my friend almost see each other every other day in the gym, i'm asking this because i am unsure if that was herpes.

I always see him almost every other day, today when we were at the gym.. I was sitting down, and he was in front of me talking to me. Then, when he was talking, I felt something hit my lower lip. I'm not sure if it was his saliva but that was the first thing that came in my mind. I'm not really sure if it was saliva, or do you think that it was my paranoia or my mind playing tricks on me?

I'm very doubtful about those red spots on his abdomen, and i'm very phobic about herpes. Do you think it's herpes? do you think i may have been at risk or none at all?

By the way, His lips were perfectly fine, no pimples, no blisters, no opes sores, no cuts or anything. And it looks the same everytime we see each other.

I'm just scared, do you think it was herpes? and do you think that i may have been at risk?

Serious answers only, this happened to me today and i can't get myself to rest. Please help. Thank you

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