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 i didnt tell her i have a std....am i a bad person?
i hooked up wit dis girl last night dat i knew for like a week and i didnt tell her i hav an std.....i was drunk tho but am i a bad person....... it was in da bak of my mind during f***...

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 Can you get aids from someone's saliva?
Every time my boyfriend and I kiss, he uses alot of tongue. And sometimes I end up with alot of his spit in my mouth, and I swallow it. He's not a virgin, but he swears he's been tested and ...

 i think i have aids???
ok so i have a bf he is 15 and im 14 my bf had a broose inside his lip and it might have been bleeding. i kissed him not tounge kiss though. If i got the tiniest bit of blood in my mouth that was ...

 Been with my wife for 12 years, she tells me she now has herpes,never before had an outbreak, has she cheated?
I was a virgin when we met. She had several partners. But now after 12 years she finds out that she has herpes. Honestly what are the chances that she goes 12 years without a symptom? I've ...

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get HYPER!!!!!!!...

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 I got my son a crab. He has 5 medium legs and one big leg in the front. Do crabs carry diseases?
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 If a girl has a nasty looking sore on her lip does that mean she has herpes? I mean she even tried to hide it?
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 Can HIV be detected with the naked eye, after the blood has been drawn into little plastic tube things?

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LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!...

 My gf has aids !! should i get checked !???!?!??!!?

 i'm 22 and still a virgin - can anyone sympathise!?

 how would you feel if your boyfriend or girl friend asked you to get tested for aid or std's?

 new girlfriend has herpes, says I probably won't get it...true?
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okay so my friend and i were wondering if there is any possible way you could get an std (besides herpes) by giving a ******** if the guy does NOT ejaculate in your mouth?...

 other names for vaginia?

 Is it suppose to hurt?
...when someone on Yahoo tells you that you need to get a life?

Duh...I have an infant and a full time job...I know I don't have a life. Please come up with a decent insult for once!<...

 How are guys tested for STD's?
I've heard horror stories about having swabs jabbed 'down there' is this true? I'm scared :S...

 Do you think that the government has a cure for AIDS ?
Think about it all of the things that Gov hides from the public ? I think that they r hiding a cure for AIDS i kno it sounds stupid but 4 real think about it ?...

Ok, so i have herpes and i'm pregnant, is that ok? :(?
I found out i was pregnant like, 3 months ago, and then me and my bf that got me pregnant, brokeup, thennnnn i hooked up with this guy, at a bar, because i was really in need for a good time, so we went to my place, and totally got it on, he didnt know i was pregnant, but,, oh well, i didnt know what the weird marks and stuff on his face was but i looked like REALLY BAD ACNE, and then about a month after i started to get it and i went to the doctors, i was too afraid to tell him i was pregnant soon as we found out i had herpes.

is this bad??????
Additional Details
this is not a joke by the way and if i used a medi or something to get rid of or help the herpes outbreak, would it hurt the baby, or get rid of the babies outbreak too?

the babys room is not a bouncy house!!!

uhh yeahh..

Your doctor has to know so that when the baby is born they can protect the babies eyes.

THE BABY WONT GET HERPES if your doctor knows and is ready

♥Ur Desired♥
....Wow. thats smooth of you...
Yes its really bad. now your kids gonna have herpes

this is a joke right?
i can't tell anymore, people are so stupid these days....

and what doctor doesn't notice you're 3 months pregnant?

Mawe :D et sa bien-aimée Suzume
Wow, your life is ruined :( Herpes stays in the body for the rest of your life,. Yes, there is medications for it.

yes, its bad.

Beetle in a Box
First of all, most of the people answering this question are fricking idiots.

Secondly, it is VERY IMPORTANT that your doctor know that you are pregnant and have recently caught herpes. When you deliver if you're having a herpes outbreak there is a possibility of passing the disease on to the baby, and in an infant herpes can cause systemic infection that can be fatal. But don't panic! These serious infections are very rare, and there are steps that can be taken to protect your baby from infection when you deliver, and if your baby does contract herpes prompt diagnosis will allow early antiviral treatment. But the doctors can't do anything if they don't know you're pregnant and have herpes.

Since you just caught herpes, your unborn baby may also be at risk for an infection in utero, before birth. Call your doctor as soon as possible to let them know you are pregnant in case they think it is necessary to take steps to prevent this from happening.

"he didnt know i was pregnant, but,, oh well"

you are a saddd person

Yes you'll give it to the baby. Go to the doctor and get sorted fast.

Yes it is bad.Your child may suffer and you can miscarry, so go to the doctor asap and get treated.And remember, now you are not alone, you have to chose carefully what you do, because your baby will feel it too.And you want it to be healthy.

You a double naughty girl! Thanks for the warning!

alan l
of course...herpes + pregnancy= bad for baby

**Jack's Baby**
uummm... make sure you know who the daddy is first...

and make sure your obgyn knows you have herps before the baby is delivered. in some cases your child is delivered by someone totally different like... if you have a midwife, and you need a section, your midwife will stay with you the whole time right by ur head w the daddy and a doctor will deliver the baby, midwives are not to do surgeries such as c sections, and if one does, they are out of their scope of practice and should loose their licence.

Your in a mess huh?
You will probably need a c-section.
Hey leave your pants on for awhile

Li Ann
Your baby should be born with a C section...that's the safest thing I think. Make sure you tell your doctor!

Not ideal. Tell whoever you're going to for prenatal care about the herpes diagnosis and take it from there.

Parth S
no its not ok

there are medications that you can use to keep outbreaks down, but as far as affecting the pregnancy your std is only one of the factors there are many other things that can cause a problem, just visit your doctor regular, take vitamins, and keep stress down... good luck

It could very well be bad. Perhaps you should speak with a doctor about this issue. From what I understand, herpes can be a painful condition, but there is treatment. Why not get treatment and avoid more pain than you need...considering you're going to experience enough of that during labor...lol

I would think so you should tell the doctor that your pregnant

you could actually pass the herpes virus to your child,
if it doesnt have herpes it could still carry the virus without outbreak.
but theres also a chance it wont get it.

you'll probobly have to have a c section thats what happened to my friend because her mom had them and both her and her sister dont

Vince P
consult with your Dr but I have heard that if the Herpes is not active when the baby is delivered then there can be a normal delivery. Otherwise a C section delivery is advisable

Shane W
God help us all...Yes that is extremely bad!

Carolyn W
well of course it is bad but it shouldnt hurt the baby you just get a c-section though so his or her face isnt exposed to it


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