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 Is Syphilis CURABLE? Or just treatable?
I thoughtb it was curable with antibiotics since its just an infection, but my friend argues that it is only treatable and you'll have it forever, like Herpes. Who is right?...

 what's one country in africa that is having the most problems with aids/hiv?
can you provide aid statistics and information on that country?...

 Did the government create AIDS?
The development of AIDS was funded in 1969 for the G-7 (international relations)

or no?...

My girlfriend is bleeding from her mouth what should i do?
ok my girlfriend just had her appendix removed, and its been two weeks and she said shes bleeding from her mouth.. what could this mean?

she's got aids. dump her.

Answer Master
Stop punching her

S. F. Burger
it means she should see a doctor.

Internal bleeding among other things. Take her to the hospital! Seriously I can think of nothing good that could mean.

It means call the doctor..

Mr. Basehead
is she bleeding a lot from the mouth? then Id advise you to take her to the emergency room, immediately

If there is no obvious source of the blood in her mouth (no cuts or such), then I would suggest that she go to the doctor. Especially if she is throwing up blood, which could be from a complication to her surgery. She should also be checking for bloody or unusually dark stool when she goes to the bathroom. If she is bleeding from the surgery into her digestive system, more than likely it would be noticed there too.

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