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HIV AIDS question! Please answer! Im cryin over here?
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Before you make perverted assumptions, well don't listen please.

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Jim Tracy
Kind of a dumb, but personal question...?
So this is probably a dumb question...but it is kind of freaking me out...I have a question about HIV/AIDS...can you get it from say...a blow up doll or something of the sort?...I was once 13...I had a body pillow...I would get lonely at night, and well...you know what happens from there...Can you get HIV/AIDS from doing that? I am kind of freaking out right now, mind you...any help would be great!

Paed O'Bear
you're correct.
you are stupid and no you cant shouldnt a kid ur age already know how aids is transferred?
pls get an education.

nope an std can only be transmitted thru live things

unless someone else used it no. To get it you need to get someone elses body fluids

no you cant.. it is transmitted from blood to blood transfer...

what the hell?? you one crazy *** jimmy...

in answer, no you cant.....but dayyyymnnn

no hun.

nope, it can't happen, stop freakin out! lol.

I don't know if you are actually serious or not, but I will assume you are.

Even if an AIDS/HIV infested money used that pillow before you, you more than likely wouldn't get it. AIDS only lives in blood, and other bodily fluids, not spit though. It can only survive for a short time on inanimate objects...i.e. your pillow.

dancing panda fury
you can get AIDS if...the pillow was infected but I don't see how that would be possible.maybe you're a hypochondriac

If someone w/ HIV/AIDS bleed or drooled on the doll and that somehow got into your bloodstream....

did someone else use it???
if yes, hopefully they didnt have it
and i think u cant

if bodily fluid from someone with HIV/AIDS were there when you had, um, relations, then you possibly could. but just being an average teenager trying to get off on random object, no your fine.

yes... very dumb question.

how the hell would HIV come from a plastic blow up doll?

There are no dumb questions just dumb people that don't ask questions. No you can't unless you've been sharing it with someone with the disease.

Did anyone with HIV/AIDS do anything like that on your pillow? If not,no.

Lacey J

only if your "body pillow" had been accompanying lonely people with HIV/AIDS

Hammer Smashed Face
yes. you can get aids from touching yourself in fact.

uh wow not unless someone who had HIV/AIDS used it too

[email protected]
Obviously a joke, you just created your account for that question. If you intend it to be humorous, no sorry.

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