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 I have Herpes and i think i gave it to four other people, how do i tell them?
its all in the title, but i am kind of screwed and these are four girls, one gave it to me and im pretty sure i gave it to atleast two of them. i really need help in how i will tell them....

 What STD's can you catch from a toilet seat?
When a diseased man sits on the throne, his tackle must touch the basin. Surely that can transfer diseases, germs ...

 How come i have herpes and none of the people I sleep with end up getting it?

 what will happen if we scratch on vegina ?

 How can women transmit AIDS to men?

 Can i catch STD from eating from food the person had too?
I know a person who has STD and she made food, i dint realize i grabbed the same spoon she used to lick the sauce off, and then i took a piece of meat from the sauce bowl and chewed it then quickly ...

 Can a person get HIV through sharing lipgloss?
My friend asked to see my lip gloss and I let her see it. She opened it and put some on. I told her "Hey hey we shouldn't be sharing stuff like that!" and she replied simply "I...

 I Want To Be Castrated! How Can I Get It Done??
I Want To Be Castrated! How Can I Get It Done??

Plz, Im not looking for moral advice. I just want to know if I can get it done anywhere.


 Rough patch on roof of mouth. Also white stuff on tongue?? HIV???????
Ok...here goes. I am 19 years old. I am a virgin waiting for marriage. I DO NOT use IV drugs. My parents are completely healthy. However, I kissed this guy. (I DO NOT know if he has HIV or not)....

 Is it true that most people have herpes?
because chicken pox is herpes and most people have chicken pox. some people don't have outbreaks and can pass it on....

 What do I do if I can't afford herpes medication?
My doctor just prescribed valtrex for 6 months. When I went to the pharmacy they said it was going to be $600 month for the rx. That is not acceptable. Any ideas?
Additional Details
I ...

 for how many days can a pair of jeans be reused without washing.?

 Can you get aids or hiv from someone eating you out and fingering you ?
please help !!!!...

 Have i got aids? Help me please?
Okay, i slept with a gay man, i might have aids, what do i do?...

 Is it true that eating a genetically modified orange can give you an STI?

Additional Details
Mr Y Fronts, I dont think you actually said 'buzz off' did you?...

 I am so angry, someone I was seeing gave me an STD.?
I know it is my fault for not using a condom, but this was someone who I thought, I could trust. I have looked up the symptoms for gonnerhea, and I know this is what I had. Don't you think this ...

 I am only 15 years old, and i want to help the cause of poverty and aids in Africa.?
But the thing is.. I don't know how. If I'm not down there, how can i help?...

 Can AID's be spread through kissing?
They say bodily fluids, does that mean saliva?...

 Possibility of STD's?
Me & my partner have both been tested & we both don't have any kind of STD's
is it still dangerous to have unprotected oral?...

 Is it possible to get an STD from borrowing someones' underwear?
My boyfriend claims it is....!...

If AIDS is incurrable how come Magic Johnson hasn't died yet?
Its going on 20 years now sense Magic Johnson got AIDS. Shouldn't he be dead by now? And the HIV virus is extremely intolerant of certain herbs like Extra Strength Green Tea, Oregano Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, and things like that just to give you some hints. This Virus is the weakest of them all! It cannot survive very long outside of the body, unlike certain forms of hepititis which can live as long as weeks outside the body. I have heard that people who have cured themselves of Aids or have been cured are to be HUSH HUSH about it. I just hope the government isn't lying. Just a tool they can use to control the human population or something. I know that sounds far fetched. But, you never know what really goes on. I read an article about a man who was HIV positive. He took Apple Cider Vinegar lik 6 times a day I think it was. After some time had passed and he went back to see his doctor, The doctor was confused! He was confused because the virus could no longer be detected!

No disease is incurrable. Go to herbdoc.com and learn how to cure yourself of any disease there is in the world today.

Juan Carlos
There's no grade of evidence in the medical literature regarding the use of any herbal originated mixture. There's no "cure" or such thing. Indeed there are people who are inmune to the virus, that is related to a mutation, it's found in about 4% of the population, most of the reported cases in Norway.
The lifetime after the initial diagnosis depends in how well the patients are controlled, based on the CD4 cell count and viral charge.

Princess Buttercup
First, he doesn't have AIDS. He is HIV positive.

He has the money to pay for the best drugs possible to fight the disease and stays in good shape. Because of the better care for those infected with the virus, many people are now living with their HIV status for much longer periods of time. There was recently an article in Time magazine about this if you were truly interested in the topic and wanted to be informed.

just me
because he don't have aids he is hiv+ and takes care of him self. if you take care of your self and do that the doc say you will die from old age before you will die from aids.

Suzie Homemaker
He has big money thats why.

Sorry but there is no cure for HIV or AIDS, HIV is a virus ans viruses never leave the body! When the virus is not detected it´s because the viral load is extremely low which is good but it is still there. What happens with Magic Johnson is that he takes the right medication and follows his treatment so that´s why he keeps his viral load low and his CD4 cells high.

if he got aids last year for example he will die 10 to 15 years.. dont you know that???

christopher s
Because he doesn't have AIDs. He has the virus that causes it. He is for all intents and purposes, a ticking timebomb for the disease, which kills all whom it infects. Moral: Keep your clinton in your pants. No slice of the good stuff is worth a long, lonely, painful death.

Because AIDS is manageable with current medicines like AZT, which can keept T-Cell count up.

Those natural medicines couldn't hurt, but don't count on them.

Why would the government lie about something like that? Seriously, why? Why do people think the government is out to hurt them? Why do people think the government is greedy? AIDS can't curb the population growth that much because it doesn't actually prevent people from having babies.

The Lady
He has the money for the meds to keep it under control


good advice
That's really interesting I've never heard of any cases ever that became cured from HIV, perhaps their test results were originally wrong or something. I don't have strong faith at all in the U.S. government, but i don't think they would be able to supress a cure for AIDS from the media Magic Johnson hasn't died yet because he has HIV which is only the virus form and doesn't have nearly as many stresses on the body as AIDS, also he has some of the best care avaliable and was a very healthy person to begin with. It's not that uncommon for people to leave up to twenty years after they contract the virus if they have good meds

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