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 Is it selfish to want to end a relationship because i found out i have herpes and dont want her to get it?
She says she is willing to stand by my side. but i personally want to end it because it is only a matter of time before we slip up and she catches it too.
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Well I am ...

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 I guy I was seeing at the beginning of last year called me yesterday to tell me he has chlamydia.?
. I’ve never had an STI before so not sure where to go - can I go to my normal GP to get this sorted out or do I have to go to a GUM clinic?

And also I have a new partner now we use ...

 STD's-Chlamydia - cheating boyfirend?
my damn boyfriend told me he went to the doctor and the doctor said he has it (Chlamydia) so calls me calmly saying he must of had it for years and didn't know it. he siad that it "comes ...

 do i have aids? plzzzzzzzz read!!!!?
hi well i was sitting on the bus this morning when this black guy came and sat next to me and his chain on his jeans rubbed against me and i think i have aids now! i feel dizzy, i vomited and i feel ...

 my bf gave me an injection when i told him i didn't want it. why did he do this?
i hav diabetes so my bf always injects me. but yesterday, i was asleep wearing my pajamas and he pulled them down and gave me an injection. i woke up just to see him push the needle in. it hurt a lot ...

 How do you notice if you have herpes when you have no signs?
i dated a guy about 8 months ago we broke up we had been together for like 9 months and i just got word that he has herpes... and i don'tt know all the ways to know if i may have it im scared ...

 I have Herpes and i think i gave it to four other people, how do i tell them?
its all in the title, but i am kind of screwed and these are four girls, one gave it to me and im pretty sure i gave it to atleast two of them. i really need help in how i will tell them....

 What STD's can you catch from a toilet seat?
When a diseased man sits on the throne, his tackle must touch the basin. Surely that can transfer diseases, germs ...

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 Can i catch STD from eating from food the person had too?
I know a person who has STD and she made food, i dint realize i grabbed the same spoon she used to lick the sauce off, and then i took a piece of meat from the sauce bowl and chewed it then quickly ...

 Can a person get HIV through sharing lipgloss?
My friend asked to see my lip gloss and I let her see it. She opened it and put some on. I told her "Hey hey we shouldn't be sharing stuff like that!" and she replied simply "I...

 I Want To Be Castrated! How Can I Get It Done??
I Want To Be Castrated! How Can I Get It Done??

Plz, Im not looking for moral advice. I just want to know if I can get it done anywhere.


 Rough patch on roof of mouth. Also white stuff on tongue?? HIV???????
Ok...here goes. I am 19 years old. I am a virgin waiting for marriage. I DO NOT use IV drugs. My parents are completely healthy. However, I kissed this guy. (I DO NOT know if he has HIV or not)....

 Is it true that most people have herpes?
because chicken pox is herpes and most people have chicken pox. some people don't have outbreaks and can pass it on....

 What do I do if I can't afford herpes medication?
My doctor just prescribed valtrex for 6 months. When I went to the pharmacy they said it was going to be $600 month for the rx. That is not acceptable. Any ideas?
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I ...

 for how many days can a pair of jeans be reused without washing.?

 Can you get aids or hiv from someone eating you out and fingering you ?
please help !!!!...

I'm 16 and have AIDS.?
I found out I have HIV about a month ago from shooting heroine. I am 16. I don't know how to tell my parents. I am afraid they will go after my boyfriend Corey who taught me how to shoot heroine. I used his needles too. He also has HIV. I ruined my life so early just because heroine was what all my friends were doing. Corey knows we are both going to die. Should we even tell our parents?
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I found out I have HIV about a month ago from shooting heroine. I am 16. I don't know how to tell my parents. I am afraid they will go after my boyfriend Corey who taught me how to shoot heroine. I used his needles too. He also has HIV. I ruined my life so early just because heroine was what all my friends were doing. Corey knows we are both going to die. Should we even tell our parents? And yes Billy S. I add an "e" to most things because that is how I spell and why would I lie? I have been shooting since I was 14. The reason I have never gone to the doctor before is because I have always had a weak immune system and am always sick. I'm not willing to hurt Corey because I was stupid. He wants me to tell my parents but not his. If he isn't going to why should I? I'm not going to get help and let him die. He is my life... my everything.

boy, did you fall for the wrong guy. of course you have to tell your parents, they are going to have to start practising Universal Precautions now that you are sick. and you are going to need lots of medications, they will have to pay for that. you have to tell them. i find it so amazing that kids still make these stupid choices. it almost sounds as if you have romanticized this whole thing. you guys are not Romeo and Juliet dying for love- it isn't that wonderful or that easy. grow up a bit- so the right thing for a change,, and tell your parents what you have done. good luck with that.

OMG tell your parents!!

omgosh if you are serious then yes tell your parents they can get you the meds for it so you wont die!!!! just tell them and now is the time to worry about yourself not corey you are more important now

Cassie T
By not telling people and getting treated, you will likely just ruin more innocent lives by letting it spread to other people.

Plus, you CAN live for a pretty long time. HIV medications are really good these days, and you can have a normal healthy life for 10, 20, 30+ years. But you need to do something about it NOW before the disease becomes more advanced.

He isn't going to because he's stupid. Do you want to follow in his footsteps? You need to help yourself. You can have your life back. But you need to do something about this now. You haven't been stupid - you're young and maybe a bit naive, and you got into an unfortunate situation. This Corey guy sounds like the worst thing that ever happened to you.

Please, get help.

Legit Goon
You want an honest answer from me?

Go to Church and Pray

im sorry to say this but he dosnt love you that much to give you HIV and encourage doing heroin, hes obviously no good, and why should you tell your parents if hes not???? Because you want to live, if he leaves you wat are you gonna do????? you gotta have your own life

im sorry you have HIV but if you want to live you need to tell your parents, youd be a idiot if you dont, sorry

IF you are both infected, you need to tell your parents. You will need their health care information to cover the medications you will need. If you are newly infected, you chances for a long healthy life is very good, as long as you cut the drugs. get into medical treatment and follow Doctor's orders.

Convince your friend it necessary to let your parent know. If you don't do anything that will be a lot worst, and the process of dying become clouded.

You need to tell your parents, and i am sure they will want to go after Cory, as i would. How could he have put you at risk for HIV if he is your boyfriend? he should be worried about protecting you, not exposing you.

But, you need to tell your parents because they can get you treatment. HIV is not like it was in the past, nowadays people can live for many years with HIV. But you need to get on medication to stop the virus from progressing and you need to stop behaviors that will hurt your health (drug use) and you need to take care of your body (eat well). Your parents and family can help you do all of this and they can provide the social support that you need. Cory may leave, or you may leave him, but your family is always there for you.

Well, i hope you will consider what i have said. there is so much you can do with your life, even if you are HIV positive.

ok, I'm not gonna judge you on the drug thing...!
The HIV...have to address that asap as you said your immune system is weak anyway.. The fact that you are 16 doesn't make it easy...at least where I'm from, the clinics before 18 they always call parents.
You have to tell them if you wanna live girl.
Without treatment you might only have few years to live.

I've had HIV for 10 yrs now and am doing great on treatment. I'm healthy, married and will be having baby next yr. You can have as normal life as you want..it's just your choice.
I am pretty sure the docs would have to get you of heroine though... HIV meds and drugs don't mix well, plus you'd be wasting the meds if you're still willing to kill yourself.

Just get it together, deep breath and tell your parents.. and start to take care of yourself..
Take care :o)

billy s
Yes you must tell your parents.This is very serious.If they love you they will understand.Are you sure your not fibbing though cause for starters you can't even spell heroin.

You have to tell your parents because their insurance will pay for the medications you need to live. Since you have HIV, you have a longer time to live than you think since it's not AIDS and the meds can help it stay that way. They might go after your boyfriend, but eventually they will realize it was your choice and he is not their main concern.

You need to tell your parents and go to a a doctor right away. There are many free clinics that can help. You can live a long, healthy life with HIV; it is not a death sentence. I'm sorry you have HIV.
My friend has lived with HIV for 15 years; he is on medication, works out, eats well and has lived a very healthy and productive life.
Have you stopped using heroine, it's not too late to start taking care of yourself.

Tell your parents so you can go to the Dr and get the meds you need. It will be hard to tell but, I'm sure your parents love you and want the best. Your immune system will be stronger if you are not carrying all this worry. We are all going to go some day, so make the best of your days and love your family and cherish every moment you have. Please stay off the drugs, they will only make things worse. Best wishes.

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