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 if its old pee and you freeze it will it pass the test even though its old pee????

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how do you prevent STDS and what is the best method or treatment etc....

 im 18 can i go take a std hiv test and herpes test for free i dont have any syptoms after 2 years?
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HIV AIDS question! Please answer! Im cryin over here?
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Before you make perverted assumptions, well don't listen please.

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 can i still have a good family?
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 I just came inside my girlfriend.?
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 Why are the rates of STD's increasing?
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How do I go about seeing a gynecologist ASAP i think i have an STD?
I need to get checked asap, I think I have an STD but I have never been to a gynocologist. What does this cost, and how do i go about finding a place & making an appointment ASAP
Additional Details
I say gynocologist because I have visible signs that need to get checked out, not just blood work

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•
Ask a friend who they use... It will be cheapest to go to Planned Parenthood. You canlocated the closest PP here:

Sara H
Planned Parenthood is definitely the best way to go. You can get an appointment more quickly than with a regular doctor, they'll do whatever test they think is necessary based on what they think could be wrong with you, most results come back right away too. Plus if you can't afford an appointment they let you make payments.

Oh and in response to someone who answered, Planned Parenthoods are just as "clean" as any other doctor. So don't think twice about that.

Why see a GYN???? Your regular doc can handle all of your needs including your GYN needs. Just call and get an appointment with your regular doc and ask to be tested for ALL STD's

if you feel too embarrassed they do std testing on-line where they send you swabs etc you do the swabbing and send it back then you get your results on-line simple. Hope it works out and you don't have anything i will keep my fingers crossed good luck.

pat g
call your primary dr. he or she can also give you an exam, or if you prefer, they will refer you to a local ob/gyn. ask to obtain an appt. asap. if you dont have a primary dr go to a planned parenthood. Good Luck

umm make an appointment?

Ellen J
It sounds like you're pretty young. If you don't have a doctor, you can go to a city or county clinic. Just call them first and ask if any paperwork needs to be done before you come. Sometimes the clinics are free, but if you have a good income, there might be a small charge. It is very important to be treated quickly so that the infection doesn't cause complications, so don't delay.

Look in the phone book or ask a friend to suggest a doctor for you. If you don't have insuarnce then you can go to the local health department. You can help for free there or for a really low cost depending on your income. Check your phone book for number and location.

if you are really panicking and cant wait just go to the emergency room panicking and they will definitely check you for some basic stuff and they will also set you up with a free or very affordable clinic for follow up.

first, contact whom ever u believe u got it from (if possible)and im not sayin that to be smart, just real, cause if u plan on sleepin with that person again u both need to be checked out, for more than just what u think u may have (u know what i mean). i know that ur probably scared but the reality of the situation is alot bigger than ur fear right now. get to ur nearest free clinic and get checked out, they should be able to take care of u free of charge. good luck and be more careful next time, learn from ur mistakes or ur bond to repeat them.

call your local health dept.
they will probably see you the same day you call.
make sure you tell whom ever you call that you think you have an STD. if you are a minor( under legal age) you may have a hard time getting a gyno to see you without your parents and they are expensive. but if you want a gyno ....look in the phone book ....in the situation you are in ....one Dr is as good as the next. please don't ignore these symptoms....if you do have a STD you could damage your organs and lose fertility or worse. best of luck to you.

if u have a regular doctor with med. insurance than u good to go just make up an appointment. if u dont have any of that then it might cost between 75$ to 180$

Christina J
the cheapest route would be Planned parenthood. Look online for the location closest to you. Best of luck to yoU!

look in Yellow pages and call one explain situation and they should see you pretty fast.

Do you need to go to a gyno for that or just a regular doctor for a blood test?

Try going to your health department.
I go there to get my birth control....They usually base it on your income

Michael M
Go to Planned Parenthood.

Go to a public Health Facility ASAP,there should be no charge,as STD needs to be documented.I believe you can remain anonymous,but that should be the least of your worries.Your health concerns are imperative to bringing a halt to the spread of this STD in your body & community.Call your local Distrees line to get info on clinics near you.

You can check online or use the yellow pages to find one in your area. Something else you can always ask a friend of yours about her gynecologist. just tell her that you need to go one to get check up. also your personal doctor can recommend you one. GL

First go to your regular doctor and describe the problem. They will be able to determine the severity and will also be able to recommend a gynecologist. Keep in mind that no matter what you tell your doctor, NOBODY can get that information without your direct permission so be open and direct with them. The more they know the better your treatment can be.

Just call one an tell them whats goin on an they'll get you in as soon as possible..

I am a nurse and it is important to be seen by a doctor asap.call a birthright it is only about 10-20 dollars.

ryan c
Look for health clinic that does STD testing, or just pick one out of a phone book. I hope you have insurance...

First thing is if you have insurance of not. If so look in your directory of Doctors, under OB/GYN or just a Family Practice Dr. Pick one & call & make an appt. Let them know why you're coming in so they get you right in. If you don't have insurance, contact your local health dept & let them know what's going on & tell them you don't have insurance. They willl get you set up & usually it's income based so you can sometimes get away with only paying $20-$30.

You can call your local health department and get if for free. There are also STD Clinics in smaller that all they do is free testing. Look in the phone book. If you want to go to a private doctor pick one and call the office to set up an appointment and explain what's going on. They'll set you up a time to come in, it'll cost you somewhere around $100 just let them know that you can't spend a fortune and you don't have insurance so don't run the cheapest test and the bare minimum. They'll tell you on the phone what it should cost, you can ever call around and check out prices before you make an appointment. Godd luck...hope all is well.

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