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you people ...

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How can I get over being embarassed to go and get std test?
I dont have insurance so that means I will have to go to the health dept or to an STD clinic and I am mortified. Has anyone been through this?

Well, if it's for a test your not even sure if you have it.

Swallow your pride or you die if you have something.

You don't say WHy you need to be tested so I will assume that you are concerned that you may have contracted an STD. Embarrassment is far less serious than going untreated for a serious illness.

doesn't knowing that you're in danger, help you overcome your fear? i mean come on- just go and get it over with

Just go to Planned Parenthood. The test costs like 20-40$.. These people are used to dealing with these kinds of things.. The biggest thing is to act like it doest bother you and if you can make yourself believe that, then you'll be fine. You just have to look at it from their point of view. They see tons of people all the time checking to see if they have an STD, they're not going to go home and tell all of their friends about it. Also, they couldn't, even if they wanted to, it's illegal! Just go and deal with it and do it. Furthermore, they feel like they're doing good by helping people deal with those kinds of problems.

I haven't but I know that they have seen and know all and no reason to be embarrassed. It is much more important to find out if you are safe. You really, really don't have a reason to be embarrassed. This is what they do all day everyday and you are just another patient. And of course your diagnosis is private and confidential.

i havent been threw this but everyone will go threw this so dont be emmbarrassed everyone will go threw it

I have never been through it myself but you have to consider going along with a potentially harmful thing in your body and not treating it.Your health is more important than a little embaressment isn't it? I feel for ya tho. Good luck

Chris G
Why do you feel embarassed about that? You shouldn't care what other people think. It is very important that you do this.

Andrea R
Ok, I understand you are embarrassed. But just remember, if you go to an STD clinic, everyone else in there is there for the same reason as you. Or, do like I did for my best friend. Ask your best friend to go with you, and talk as if she is the one getting tested...when you are called, you both get up and go back. No one really has to know which one is getting tested. :-) Also, remember that this is important, no matter how embarrassing...good luck.

I have never been through it before, but I guess you must focus on how important it is for you too find out the results of the STD test! You have to look out for your health. So maybe if you focus on that it won't seem so embarrassing! Good Luck!

i havent but conviced my friend to. i was going with her but when we got there she started to get cold feet. so ill tell you what i told her.

many of these doctors see so many patients about the same exact thing. its not like they are going to treat you like crap and even if they do which would only be because they are having a bad day then you are only going to be in there for a little bit.

finding out now is way better than not getting the test and stressing yourself out making you sick or even not knowing the std which can possibly be treated gets worse and can make you sick, infertal, or even terminally ill. so what is better, a few minutes to a few hours of being embarrassed to find out it wasn't so bad afterward or the next couple of years stressing and not knowing whats happening?

Just Wondering
The risk of inaction is too great. It is inevitable that you must go, so the sooner you get it over, the sooner you can quit worrying about it. When I was in college I had to tell my dad who was a doctor that I had gonorrhea - that was embarrassing, but I got over it with the help of needed antibiotics. Just do it!

me myself all ME
if u can go 2 a free clinic i think ur beond shame anyways

Ask Alice
Absolutely, you're going to walk in there with the rest of the world that is JUST LIKE YOU. Don't worry, you're doing the right thing which is making sure that you stay healthy and don't give anything to anyone else by making sure you're clean. That's commendable! Screw what other people say! All the people who have something nasty to say to you are probably dealing with their own itchy, burning problems... If you know what I mean.
Don't be scared. They just found a cure for AIDS anyway, it's a bone marrow transplant. Who knew.

I never had STD but I have been to a clinic before. Everyone that works there make you feel comfortable, they are understanding. It not something they haven't seen before.

most health clinics see patients for all sorts of reasons, and still fall under privacy acts, don't be embarassed, you'll feel better once you get it done

There's nothing embarassing about doing the mature, responsible thing, even if it's on the heels of having done something that may not have been your brightest moment.

You're not just looking after your own health, but that of anyone you get intimate with going forward.

Cowboy up, do the right thing and move on.

Go to Planned Parenthood. They deal with disadvantaged troubled women every day. They will treat you nicely and won't remember you when the day is over.

Getting tested is nothing to be ashamed about. It just goes to show that you're intelligent enough to get tested.

Eric C
In knowing that MANY people go to get it. It;s not uncommon.

Well if you do go to an STD clinic, only other people with the same issue will be there - so there's no reason to be nervous! Good luck!

Your being responsible thats NOTHING to be embarasses about!

I've been through it. No it is not fun, but who cares...just get it done!

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