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Help Please. When do I know its okay to kiss my girlfriend again after shes had a coldsore?
shes had it for a week now. tommorrows her bday and I wanna give her a kiss and all that but shes had a coldsore. Her mom has thrown away her toothebrush and started letting her drink out of the mouth wash cup thingy again that everyone else uses. theyve been doing theis for five years now, Theirs still kind of a sore there but hardly the scab kinda fell off and its real tiny. is it safe or not? Her moms a nurse or something whos kinda a germaphobe. she wipes down her entire house and excessively cleans after someones been sick cause shes worried bout h1m1 or something. Im not sure exactly lol. Please help me out though.
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Well she has little siblings who might accidently use the toothebrush or something. she actually got the virus from blowing up a blow up doll life sized super man that her mom bought for her lil brother. She blew it back up for him. now you would have thought the dude selling them would have used like an air pump or something but I guess he used his mouth or something cause she blew it back up for him and she got a cold sore after that bit. its really not fair to her but so help me god if anyone makes fun of her for it...

You can ONLY get herpes from skin to skin contact

NOT from toothbrushes, razors, towels, blow-up dolls or anything else.

If the cold sore is healed then you are as safe as you can ever be

Jillian S
If it looks like it is healed you are safe to kiss her. if there is an active cold sore probably not a good idea. My husband usually waits 3-4 days to kiss me when i get them and he has never had one.

Its probably fine a couple days after the symptoms subside. Of course I've had series of cold sores that lasted several weeks solid too, so. Its usually pretty obvious to the person with the cold sore when it's gone, so ask her, wait 3-4 days and you'll be fine.

The actual broken part isn't the cold sore. The skin just breaks because its like an overfilled balloon. Filled with fluid.

Also throwing away the toothbrush is ridiculous. She already has the disease for life, what's making sure she isn't exposed to herself going to do?

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