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 Why are the rates of STD's increasing?
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Is it normal for herpes sores to bust? And if it is what do I do?
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 Can you sue a laboratory for a wrong result?
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 Is it possible to get an STD from someone you know doesn't have an STD?
And please don't say like "You don't know that person doesn't have it."
Additional Details
By the way, I don't have an STD. I'm honestly just wondering....

hey dude
HIV AIDS question! Please answer! Im cryin over here?
HIV AIDS question! Please answer! Im cryin over here?
About 2 years ago, some kids were messing around outside (sophomore year)
You know the plastic thing that stays on the gatorade bottle after opened? These kids were flipping them inside out so the spiky things were showing. They swung it at 2 people, making them bleed. They turned around and got me and started bleeding a minute later. is there a chance i might have caught something? Like Aids or HIV? I am asking this now because i am getting a little concerned

Also please answer this question. Would students be notified at a high school if someone at the school had HIV?

I wouldn't be killing ymself yet, you probably only have a 50 at most 60% chance of having aids. Most likely syphilis.

Don't worry, the likelihood of you getting AIDS OR HIV from that is next to none. No you will not be notified if someone at your school has aids it's against the law.

Oh you poor thing. I would doubt it, since it was just high school kids. But if it would make you feel better you could go to a teen clinc (they have free anonymous teen clinics) and get tested. Also, you might want to talk to a counselor, you seem really worried about your health, almost obsessive, which could mean you have obsessive compulsiv edisorder or OCD. I only mention that because I had it and it's hard to deal with and if you can get some relief and some help you should. Good luck.

Latoya J
I think we answered you already.

Um it's highly unlikely that you have HIV... I don't think that people can notify others about HIV because of privacy practices... if you're really concerned, go get tested.

i answered the other q but I dont think the school notifys the whole school if someone has aids

kristin c
Another thought: I know someone who was an RN who got stuck with a needle of an HIV patient. This happened to her while they were trying to sedate the person (who was mentally ill). She was tested right away, and followed up in 6 months and was negative. The event happened over 15 years ago, and the person still does not have HIV.
(and this was an absolute certainty that the person who stuck the dirty needle in her arm was HIV positive)

This is one example, but it seems that it isn't too likely to get HIV from a casual contact with blood. Of course, it is always wise to avoid blood contact. But for you to be infected, the chances are pretty slim. You would have had to have had the plastic spikes stuck into you, broken skin and all that.

don't worry.

no way do you get aids from being hit by anything its a transmitted disease not gotten by Gatorade plastic tops

You are an idiot.

by law no. the school dont tell this is law . if you think you have been infected . to put your mind at ease. go to your health department and get checked out by law anything they tell you is private and cant be relased to no one with out your cosent. this is law as well better safe than sorry. [as well this will ease your mind on it]. my opion?

Guess the only way you can know for sure is to have an aids test, thats the only thing thats really going to e able to put your mind at rest, whether you're concerned becos you think you;re showing signs such as getting sick alot or just becos you cant stop thinking about it. Even if you were getting sick alot tht cud just be cos ure stressed with worry. I could imagine being really concerned if something like tht happened as well, there really are mindless idiots in the world. Probs all they wanted to try and hurt sumone by cutting them and nothing more sinister or some kinda weird thing like that gone wrong. Alsoif it just grazed you and caused you to bleed without a point sticking right into you, it would be unlikely anyting could have gotten into your bloodstream, and even if there was anythin on the bottle and it stuck into you briefly the chances of you being infected with anything are still remote.
But if your really worried best to just put you mind at rest and take a test. Hope it all works out for you! take care

Oh and no students wouldnt be notified, it would breach your human rights for starters! theres no need for nayone to know! It would def be illegal for any organisation such as a school or employer to tell everyone!

um. so lemme get this straight. you got hit with a plastic interior of a gatorade bottle and are now concerned about AIDS?

although possibly its highly unlikely you caught AIDS or any other STD. unless someone else's blood was on the spiky parts that tore into your body and that blood then entered your blood stream.

we did that at my school last year too, but just with me and 2 friends. no real harm was done. you should be alright.

first- just relax a minute. okay. To answer your second question. Students will not be notified if a person has AIDS/HIV. When someone finds out that they have it, the doc tells them to call everyone they ever slept with. it is up to the person that has it to disclose that information. besides, there are people walking around with the infection that don't even know that it happened.

secondly. the chaces of you getting this immune disease from that occurence is very very small. But, if you can't stop worrying about it, and you don't have a doctor or insurance, you can go to a planned parenthood and get a test for it for very little or no money. results will take about 2 weeks. don't fret hun.

If you have had direct exposure to someone else's blood, then it is possible that you have been exposed to HIV. If you are concerned, go to your doctor or local free clinic and get tested.

Schools are legally obligated to keep all medical information private, as are hospitals. Because of this, it is standard policy to treat ALL blood and bodily fluids as potentially contaminated and to practice sterile procedure when dealing with tissues and fluids.

You will never be notified if a student at your school has HIV, because it would be a violation of their privacy.

joleen MAHAN
No one has to tell you they have hiv so to be on the safe side I would get tested .........You can go to your health department and get tested free...

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