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 How long can you have HIV before you start to show symptoms?

 Aids came from the black race or from the white race ?

 Little Debbie Brownies with the candies on them???
Okay, I have a question.

I am 19 years old. I have been diagnosed with OCD and a phobia of HIV.

I have not eaten one of those brownies in forever up until today.

My ...

 can animals get aids?
Additional Details
my mum is not an animal :(...

 what can i do to go negitivee on a piss test right before?

 Is it safe to drink your boyfriend's pee?
I have a bit of a fetish and I've always fantasized about my bf peeing on me and in my mouth. I haven't tried it and I don't know how it tastes, but I really want to do it in the ...

 is there a chance of me having aids. plz answer and read i am so scared?
so i was playing this stupid game with my friend where he trys to bust open my knuckle with a quarter. He did the, cut was about a 1/4 of a inch. the cut splatted blood and i dont know if he has an ...

 I'm really paranoid!!!!?
How would I feel/look if I have herpes?
Additional Details
I was tested a few years ago for all STD's and never heard back....What could this mean?...

 Do you have herpes I heard a lot of people do?
I heard an amazing statistic that something like 60 or 70% or the population has it.
Additional Details
No, Nameless I do not. I just thought this was a great topic to bring up ...

 STD from Dog is it possible? help...?
my 16 year old son came out positive for it's the Clap (Gonnorhea, for the scientific) and now I just want to know, is it possible he could've caught it from the family dog? it's a M...

 If 2 virgins can't give eachother or get STD from one another, how did anyone get STD?

Additional Details
how did the first person get it?...

 Telling my Girlfriend i got aids?
I've been sleeping with my main girl for at least 7 months. To make my story very short: Just found out i got AIDs and i dont kno wat to tell my girl. Do i even tell her at all cuz by the time ...

 I'm growing a mushroom on my reer end. WHAT DO I DO?

 He Fingered Me and now i need help?
i met with a guy, who ive been seeing for aiges, i am still a virgin so its not an STI or anything.. but we were at the beach and he smokes, so his hands were obviously not clean, so i think i got a ...

 Would someone who has fewer outbreaks of gential herpes have a smaller chance of spreading the virus?
i just found out today that i got hsv-2, im really upset about it at the moment im keeping my distance from everyone and collecting as much info as i can on it so if anyone can help i would be truly ...

 would you tell your partner if you had an STD?
im doinqq this thinq about STDs in school and i was just wondering what the publc thinks=]...

Its true! I got a link ppl.
I'm sorry but no man or women alive is worth a STD. Herpes lasts a lifetime.

 Should I get this checked out?
Recently, I've gone to the bathroom and found my urine smells hoooorrible. I've been told its only supposed to have a faint odor but really, mine smells really acidic and even kinda like ...

 Can AIDS be transmitted like this?
My husband had a tattoo done last night and half way through the tattoo the stencil rubbed off. The guy tattooing him grabbed a marker off the counter and drew in the parts that had rubbed off and ...

 can yu catch an std?
Omigod im freaking out i kissed a friend of mine and i am so worried that i may have an std.they have been around the block a few times witha alot of ppl. i didnt have any sores in my mouth or ...

Found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me - how long until I can get an AIDS test?
and how long until I can be tested for STDs? Thanks
Additional Details
HarleyDevil - GOOD for you! Good luck.

How's it feel to know you weren't good enough for someone.Moan a lil more next time and atleast act like you enjoyed it

Seek your local health department and get tested immediately.

Bert & Ernie
ASAP. This is why you should be using protection.

I suggest you get one now just incase if you got other types of STD and then get a blood test. Wait for 4 - 6 months then get another one just to be on the safe side.

Most people would test positive for HIV within 3 months of infection, but in rare cases, it could take up to 6 months for someone to test positive. Other STDs would show up on tests sooner than that.

Please get tested immediately - also for STDs etc. You need followup tests.

Good luck

Don't just wait for an aids test. Go immediately and get EVERYTHING tested. My boyfriend cheated on me ONCE two years ago and I just had my first herpes outbreak

Tomorrow....and dump his a$$.

Some STD's will show up the day after, some may take longer. As far as HIV get tested now, and then after a discussion with the agency you test with I would sugget again in 3 months.

HIV will usually show up 90% of the time with in the first month of infection, 94-96% after 2 months, 99.6 after 3 months, a few people take longer, but not many.

it can take up to 4-6 months to show the HIV virus

You can get tested immediately.

You should take a baseline test now, and another at 3 and then at 6 months, and a final at about 9 months, if all three come back negative you should be fine. But you will not convert until at least a month after infection. Most any other type of infection often takes at least a week to show up on testing.

I just got out of drug and alcohol treatment over the summer (been clean and sober for 60 days) I was told while I was there to get tested 90 days after exposer, then get tested 90 days after that. Keep getting tested until a year has past. It does no good what so ever to go get tested right away. The test will show nothing, because there is a window period. During which the HIV virus is incubating. Good luck.

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