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 White cells in my urine and stings when i wee?
Hi im 15 going on 16. I am rather worried about my urine sample come back. i have just been to the gp and they have gave me antibiotics and they said they will send of my urine when the docture ...

 does herpes, warts and other such things mean HIV infection?
wat if a person have warts, herpes.. does it have anything to do with hiv or aids?...

 Red Spots and herpes?
Me and my friend are bodybuilders. He has a model like body.
He frequently gets waxed in his privates and his abdomen. One day he showed his abs, and I saw red patches of skin on his abdomen, ...

 My girlfriend is bleeding from her mouth what should i do?
ok my girlfriend just had her appendix removed, and its been two weeks and she said shes bleeding from her mouth.. what could this mean?...

 Are HPV vaccines any more painful than regular shots?
I am 13 years old and the doctor recommends to get shots like Gardasil soon. I heard that it is very painful though....

 I need help with a problem my girlfriend and i are having. It is about kissing?
My girlfriend and i have been seeing each other for about 8 months now and recently in the past 2, she gets these things she calls cold sores after we kiss for a long period of time. I don't ...

 Question about herpes?
I just found out that my brother has herpes, he did not tell me, i saw it on the counter in his house. My questions are, is there any way that my son can get it from him, if so, how can i prevent it? ...

 What are the chances of me having an STD?
I've been with 9 guys and used a condom with only 1, should I get checked?...

 Help Please. When do I know its okay to kiss my girlfriend again after shes had a coldsore?
shes had it for a week now. tommorrows her bday and I wanna give her a kiss and all that but shes had a coldsore. Her mom has thrown away her toothebrush and started letting her drink out of the ...

 i took hiv test and they put my blood on the test tube without closing it will the virus die?
med techs told me it will not die in the blood cause it has nutrients but they say it will die if exposed to air. i dont understand....

 Can you get herpes on your face by someone that has it kissing your face?

 Is gram positive cocci an STD?
Is gram positive diplococci or cocci an STD? Tested by utheral ...

 Should I be very worried that I have HIV?
My last partner was early august according to her but we used a condom. I remember I had said that it had been 3 months since I had been laid and the last time before that was mid april, so I think ...

 can you get herpes from kissing somebody?
my friend thinks you can...idk does anyone know?...

 Is Syphilis CURABLE? Or just treatable?
I thoughtb it was curable with antibiotics since its just an infection, but my friend argues that it is only treatable and you'll have it forever, like Herpes. Who is right?...

 what's one country in africa that is having the most problems with aids/hiv?
can you provide aid statistics and information on that country?...

 Did the government create AIDS?
The development of AIDS was funded in 1969 for the G-7 (international relations)

or no?...

lee lee
Does anyone know anything about cervical bleeding ?
yes.... I started bleeding bad one day and i thought I was going to have a miscarriage... when I saw the doctor she told me that me cervix is closed and the baby looked fine. She told me it looks like cervical bleeding... What causes cervical bleeding ??

Another thing is that I suppose to these shots to keep me from going into labor early. My old doctor gave them to me when I was 18 wks pregnant with my last baby, but my new doctor is giving them to me when Im only like 14 to 15wks. should I be worried??

And can too many ultrasounds in a row hurt a baby??

Could be burst blood vessels. I recently had a 2nd trimester emergency scan and was told i was bleeding from the cervix which was caused my burst blood vessels.

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