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 Is this normal...?
Is it normal for herpes sores to bust? And if it is what do I do?
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I have gone to the doctor and I have Valtrex...I was just wondering if it is normal......

 Hiv from kiss????????
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 What do I do with all my infected yeast?
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 scared of std need some opinions?
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 What could happen if you get fingered or ate out?
can anything serious happen
like stds..or anything
and if so what should i look out for
like for fingering what will happen if his hands are dirty..or for getting ate out its ...

 Can you sue a laboratory for a wrong result?
If you went to a laboratory and got tested for HIV 3 times. And the result came back negative 3 times too. And then you went to a different laboratory to test for HIV and the result came back ...

 Should I get an HIV test?
I lost 50 lbs and have developed brown spots on my face and have night sweats, I am really scared. Should I??...

 Got Tested for HIV, But Now I'm afraid That The Medical Assistant Used The Needle On Someone Else TOO!!?
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 Can herpes be contracted even if there is no visible out break?
I don't have herpes, by the way. It's juat that I could never really get a straight answer to this question....

 Why dont my girlfriend like anal?
Ill righty looky here fella me and my girl Aka big mama dont like in in the brown door she says when she was 18 women in jail took turns in her chocolate factory looking for dat der golding ticket if ...

 Is it possible to get an STD from someone you know doesn't have an STD?
And please don't say like "You don't know that person doesn't have it."
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By the way, I don't have an STD. I'm honestly just wondering....

 is herpes treatable plz help?
is herpes treatable plz tell me.......

 How can I know that I am affected by AIDS?
How can I know that I am affected by AIDS???
Please tell some ideas.
I am a 18 year old.
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Please tell in detail and simple ...

 if blood comes out of the anus area, what does that mean?

 Found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me - how long until I can get an AIDS test?
and how long until I can be tested for STDs? Thanks
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HarleyDevil - GOOD for you! Good luck....

 How can I tell my bf to get an std/herpes test?
I just want to be safe how do I tell him?...

 how do i know if i have a yeast infection?

 How to catch Voldemort?
I have to find all his horcruxes, any idea where they will be?

Please help! I have to save the world because I'm The Toy Who Lived.
I am the Chosen Fun!


 hey random question about aids?
at my work at the end of the day i clean the bathrooms and i clean the tampac thing and empty them out i used gloves i had a small scrape on my arm one of the tissues touched me what are the chances ...

 i'm scared! what are my chances of having HIV/AIDS?
I ask because I recently went out with a guy who was rather sickly looking (gray-white complexion, extremely thin, dark circles under his eyes), and I wonder if he might have had AIDS. I have no ...

Do you think drug companies are not trying to cure HIV because they make too much money off of it?
I have been doing a lot of thinking on this.

Why would drug companies come up with a cure for HIV or AIDS when they make A TON of money off of their drugs.

That would cut into their profits.

Thats why I believe that it wont be America that comes up with a cure for it. It will be someone in Europe.

What do you think?

Mr D
The problem is that HIV is a virus and viruses are un cureable.

(identity withheld)
uh oh....youre on to them.....

yes i do

Never Been Kissed
I think that that could be possible but i refuse to believe that their are that many people who are power hungry and have that much greed for money.

I wouldn't put it past them.
We'll probably find out in about 20-30 years from now.

I've never thought about it that way, but yeah i think you're right. I always thought it was because then the would have to help the infected poor of the world instead of just people who can afford "treatment drugs". I think Europe will develop a cure first.

ya i agree, and i think the same thing with types of cancer.

yu-jin T
in my own thinking...Cure is already there before the HIV explode.

Steve T
The market wouldn't allow them to do that. If a company developed an HIV cure today, all other HIV drugs would stop selling. Therefore, as a drug company your only option is to try to be the first, even if it meant killing your other products.

You are probably right that they won't come from the US. Many other countries have surpassed us in medical ingenuity.

At first it sounds like a terrible plan, the kind that results in zombies ruling the Earth. Imagine a killer virus, a bug that mutates so often that it inevitably finds a way to resist every drug. Now, rather than fight its ability to evolve, you enhance it. You speed up the mutation rate, forcing such dramatic genetic change that the virus crashes completely. In the movies, this technique, known as lethal mutagenesis, would create a supergerm, but in real life it’s spawning a powerful new class of antiviral drugs. “It’s a fundamentally different strategy,” says University of Washington biologist Robert Smith. “Death by mutation.”
Several university labs are investigating this tactic for combating viruses such as hepatitis C and West Nile. But the research that’s furthest along, and that a few pharmaceutical companies are backing, targets HIV, a virus that is rapidly out-evolving the medications on which 33 million infected people depend. Seattle-based Koronis Pharmaceuticals is leading the way with the first HIV mutation booster to advance to human trials.
Known as KP-1461, the drug employs a counterintuitive attack. When an HIV particle invades a cell, it transforms its genetic information into double-stranded DNA. The cell, mistaking the infected DNA for its own, replicates it and churns out more HIV particles. Most drugs disrupt this process, but HIV evolves around them. KP-1461 lets the replication run so wild that the virus self-destructs.
The trick is disguising the drug’s molecules as the building blocks of HIV. When the virus replicates, it inserts t

Why would they cure anything then...They could make more money off of many diseases by treating them...Besides who ever finds a cure will make a fortune.

Jose Bosingwa
I bet you think the moon landing was faked.

If drug companies had their druthers, they'd come up with a preventive medicine for AIDS. Wouldn't you take that?

And if they had AIDS solved, they'd likely have the other STDs solved as well - they don't.

So the bottom line is, don't go pickin' up floozies in Lynn bars at midnight every night, playa.

I think that yours is a highly cynical view. Perhaps progress isn't being made quickly enough for your liking, but I think it has been lightening fast compared to other diseases. That we now have a treatment that is turning HIV infection into a chronic problem as opposed to an immediately fatal one is significant.

This is to keep scientist working hard so that aids cure can be found before it wipes out the human race.

First of all, AIDS cannot wipe out the human race. It needs to be addressed, but the *most effective* approach is to educate people how to prevent transmission in the first place. As long ago as 1982 we knew how HIV was spread and nothing learned in the 24 years and billions of dollars in research since then has added to that.

Second, there is no way to know the specific cost of finding a cure or vaccine for any disease. A specific price implies one already knows how to cure it, in which case what are they researching for?

As it is, hundreds of billions in research and hundreds of billions more for treatment have only allowed us to slow the progression of the disease in individuals, but have done virtually nothing to stop its transmission from person to person. The fact remains that AIDS could be stopped completely by people simply altering their behavior, which costs nothing.

only for the drug companies though Im sure whomever finds it get the nobel prize for medicin and that cash

No, because it is more profitable to treat HIV/AIDS than it is to cure it.

Do you mean "prize" money? If someone invented a cure, I'm sure they'd get a Nobel prize, which has a cash award.

If I were to tell you that there is a cure and it has been found and yes MONEY is an Issue would you believe me? Well Look @ Magic Johnson (just one rich/wealthy human example of a cure), I know of an Individual that is not so rich and has Aids at one time the Health Dept. wanted this person to pay $200.00 for the Medication, So yes MONEY is an Issue. But this person could not afford nor had the right Insurance so The Health Dept. told this person to Write a Letter stating why they need this medication and this person wrote a 6-10 page letter explaining and this letter impressed the staff also I must add this individual stated that they were Gay and unknown was with someone who knew they had Aids. Because of this the health dept. decided to give Meds. to this Individual. Take care

Johnn R
HIV ERADICATION .... from the Journal of medical virology january 2009

It seems that a really hiv cure ( or hiv eradication ) has been found..



Immunotherapy of HIV-infected patients with Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor (GcMAF).Yamamoto N, Ushijima N, Koga Y.
Division of Molecular Immunology and Immunotherapy, Socrates Institute for Therapeutic Immunology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19126-3305, USA. [email protected]

Serum Gc protein (known as vitamin D3-binding protein) is the precursor for the principal macrophage activating factor (MAF). The MAF precursor activity of serum Gc protein of HIV-infected patients was lost or reduced because Gc protein is deglycosylated by alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (Nagalase) secreted from HIV-infected cells. Therefore, macrophages of HIV-infected patients having deglycosylated Gc protein cannot be activated, leading to immunosuppression. Since Nagalase is the intrinsic component of the envelope protein gp120, serum Nagalase activity is the sum of enzyme activities carried by both HIV virions and envelope proteins. These Nagalase carriers were already complexed with anti-HIV immunoglobulin G (IgG) but retained Nagalase activity that is required for infectivity. Stepwise treatment of purified Gc protein with immobilized beta-galactosidase and sialidase generated the most potent macrophage activating factor (termed GcMAF), which produces no side effects in humans. Macrophages activated by administration of 100 ng GcMAF develop a large amount of Fc-receptors as well as an enormous variation of receptors that recognize IgG-bound and unbound HIV virions. Since latently HIV-infected cells are unstable and constantly release HIV virions, the activated macrophages rapidly intercept the released HIV virions to prevent reinfection resulting in exhaustion of infected cells. After less than 18 weekly administrations of 100 ng GcMAF for nonanemic patients, they exhibited low serum Nagalase activities equivalent to healthy controls, indicating eradication of HIV-infection, which was also confirmed by no infectious center formation by provirus inducing agent-treated patient PBMCs. No recurrence occurred and their healthy CD + cell counts were maintained for 7 years.

Mortal Light
It takes a lot to develop new drugs. That allergy medication that you may have taken earlier may have taken 20+ years to develop. They have to study what the disease is, how the disease works, then figure out a possible treatment. Then they have to develop the therapy, then test on bacteria then several animals, then humans, then get through the FDA. If the drug doesn't make it through those stages, then they have to start from scratch. Also, viruses mutate quickly and there can be thousands of strains of AIDS, making it much harder to work with.

my edward is better than yours
i don't think it's the drug companies who are researching cures. it's the scientists, who would make very much money off a cure for HIV.

I don't think so. It's not always drug companies that run research, in fact usually it's not. there's plenty of independent research, universities research, government run programs etc... the results of such research is published in medical journals, these are read by scholars and people involved in the specific filed( medical research in this case) the world over. So, were there a cure available, you would know about it.
It being Obscenely expensive to provide to the 3rd world would be a more viable subject for conspiracy theorists.

no they are doing alot to try fix this its like a cold basically its pretty hard to make a drug for this, they make millions but loose millions if u get me

Drug companies come up with very few, if any, cures. If they could find a drug that would cure HIV it would be for sale, and their profits wouldn't suffer at all. There are plenty of new diseases and ailments to cure, and they are already making ridiculously high profits. I think that whoever finds the cure, will be the winner, wherever they are.

They would actually make more money if they found a cure. So, no.

100% yes. also why they havent released the cure to cancer. seriously, they do it for profit. look at how that famous basketball player "magically" lost his AIDS or HIV whatever it was because of all the money he paid. they know.

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