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 Is it possible to get an STD from someone you know doesn't have an STD?
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 if blood comes out of the anus area, what does that mean?

 Found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me - how long until I can get an AIDS test?
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HarleyDevil - GOOD for you! Good luck....

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Alex B
Do I have HIV/AIDS? Im 13..Please help!?
Ok, well hi, I'm 13 almost 14 and a girl, I am wondering whether i have contracted HIV/AIDS today.

Before you make perverted assumptions, well don't listen please.

Ok, so today at school my friend and i were working on our science project, and this guy in out class accidentally cut himself on something, he wiped the blood from his finger on MY sweater hood, and my friend's sweater. He laughed but i was so scared, my teacher found out and said it was a bio-hazard, that someone could contract HIV of Hepatitis (not in that actual scenario) anyways. The blood drop was so small and on my back, although in my friend's sweater there was a lot, and i touched it ..A Lot today, all by accident, nudging her, hitting her to get attention(not hard :P) and i had an open cut/wound on my finger but it was covered by a band-aid but as i washed my hands it got wet and droopy, allowing the blood on her sweater in my cut, i washed my hands and replaced the band-aid 2 hours later in class, but i ate lunch with dirty hands, washing them very quickly.
So I am scared i might have gotten HIV, this guy is a "ladies man"(yes i know grade 8 but hey, im not him) and hes dated a lot of girls, kissed them, i dunno about uh..deeper stuff however. So i touched his pen, his stuff as we borrowed, blood, from him open wounds in mny hdns and on my tounge from biting them(spit from him got in thee by coughing of something?)

HE WAS with a lot of girls, and still goes around, he hugs so many girls and shares food with a lot. My friends all say he OBVIOUSLY doesnt have AIDS, and its is unlikly hes in grade 8, how can that happen.

he eats junk food, and rarely gets sick so.. i am not sire

help please?
Additional Details
ths guys locker is right next to mine, and he is in my class, hes always at school, no on seems concerend, its not like i can say, mom I think i have HIV i need to be tested.. :(

The only way you could have gotten hiv is if the other kid had hiv and got his blood inside your open cut. you are kinda weird and I think this is fake so I'm leaving now but, no lil dude you don't have hiv or aids is you call it which is what hiv turns into. What the hell do they teach you kids at school these days?

NO. Near impossible to get aids like that. He is kinda young to have aids. Dont worry!!!

Mena Samwel,MD
i will Give u the answer..
now u know whats the chance on getting any virus transmitted in that way??:)
its one in millions...thats if he is acually positive for HIV or hepatitis
i was cut during an operation to a hepatitis C positive patient and our blood mixed and i was freaked out..then my tests came -ve...he had the virus and our blood mixed..not a drop of blood that bla bla bla
as a rule: viruses are so weak outseide the body fluids..HIV virus die in few minutes outside the body
anyway..if u got anymore panic attacks or freakd out feel free to contact me..i think i understand u cuz i'm all freaked out about blood viruses too
God bless man

Kelley M
omg. im ashamed to be an 8th grader. you make me ashamed.

Huh I forgot what you were talking about..........

What am I responding to again?

I Can Has Answer?
i think you are over-reacting. Grow up already!

Stressing life...
You need to relax... Go read up on STDs and know what your talking about before you go into crazy scenarios. You'll be fine.

prince neo hippie
i doubt it, but why are you asking us?

we're just a bunch of opinionated nobodies in computer land...we don't know.

even if someone here claims to have a masters in medicine...there is no way to really prove it.

got get tested.

i doubt it. people with hiv and aids are always sick. i suppose you could get tested to be on the safe side, but i highly doubt you caught anything

heather p
you can never tell who has aids just by looking at them. I had a really close friend who cut her foot and got blood ALL over my carpet, I cleaned it up. a week later she called and told me she has hiv/aids. i didn't wear gloves or anything so i called my dr and they did blood tests for 6 months, that was almost 2 years ago, no aids for me. if you are really worried have your mom take you to the dr and he can tell you if you need to worry and do blood tests. also to keep this guy away go talk to your school counsel about his harassment and destruction of personal property, they may not do much but you never know you may need the record later on!!

if hes not showin any signs of it yet then i would say that he dont have it. you are probably just over reacting about it all but if your really worried about it go to your doc and have a blood test.


Darien ♥11-06-2009♥
Go get checked and tell your parents about what happened

Christopher S
ur over reactiing calm down you definatley dont have it but if your really scared go get tested

The only way to know is to get tested. There are plenty of free HIV organizations to get tested at. In Wisconsin we have AIDS Network. Get out your local phonebook and look it up,or look online.

ℓuvαт1sтbıтэ ♥
Well, you can't really find a definite answer over here. Best way is to get a blood test.

Al LeGator
First the bad news... your friends don't know what they are talking about as far as being able to tell is someone has AIDS ..at least until they they've been infected for about 10 years (except in VERY rare cases.)

Now the good news- the way you describe it means there is virtually no chance of you getting HIV or hepatitis even if he were infected. Your teacher was responding with a bit of an over-the-top reaction, probably to emphasise the point that you shouldn't be spreading blood around.

If you still want to be 100% certain you could have a test done in 3 months to be about 90% sure you are fine and/or at 6 months to be 100% sure.

BTW, I think the boy should be disciplined by the school, also to make a point.

I hope you'll take some time to read through the page below. There's a lot ther but I think it'll put your mind at rest and you'll be a lot smarter about HIV than your friends are.

You don't have aids.. just a healthy sense of paranoia.

It's unlikely it would transfer from being in sweater material to a small cut. It is also unlikely that he would actually have it, it's way overblown...the number of people who have it are actually a lot less than we are made to believe. However, for peace of mind just get a simple test done and then have no worries.

Duffy T
omg chill out you are paranoid no way do you have aids

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