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Brian C
Discussed HPV with doctor - is it on medical record?
Hello all,

I slept with a woman who thought she had HPV a few years prior.

I was worried and when at general doctor in CA I asked him if I should now consider myself infected and infectious.

I have never had any STD and had no symptoms whatsoever. No tests or anything else was performed.

The Dr told me not to worry.

What worries me now is did the doctor record our conversation in his records and could this affect me in the future in terms of insurance coverage etc?

Advice appreciated.

GirlsTellAll AdviceMan
I would also add that there are a number of viruses that you can get, hepatitis A and B, chickenpox... later shingles...etc... then get suppressed by the immune system and they typically hide and may never cause any harm. With 85% of the US male population actually carrying HPV it's fairly hard to avoid. I would guess that HPV is the root of prostate cancer in men however that has not been confirmed but it's logical sense that causes cervical cancer in women. Also most men have prostate cancer when they die of other causes such as a heart attack or any other cause of death.... as they can treat usually had started but had not gone anywhere.

We have to understand that HPV is not really new it's been out there for a long time and are immune system has been dealing with it. Insurance companies are more likely to look at your genetic makeup and see how you would respond to certain things and then writing clauses that are uniquely aimed at what they believe you might succumb to. That's why insurance companies are profitable

however I wouldn't worry about HPV because I don't think insurance companies would have anyone to ensure if they ruled that out.


Since the Dr. had a "don't worry" attitude and did not run or recommend tests, he did not write it down. If he wrote it down, he would have had to follow through with recommendation for testing. It's how it works. Don't worry about your insurance. You will be okay.

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