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 do i have aids? plzzzzzzzz read!!!!?
hi well i was sitting on the bus this morning when this black guy came and sat next to me and his chain on his jeans rubbed against me and i think i have aids now! i feel dizzy, i vomited and i feel ...

 my bf gave me an injection when i told him i didn't want it. why did he do this?
i hav diabetes so my bf always injects me. but yesterday, i was asleep wearing my pajamas and he pulled them down and gave me an injection. i woke up just to see him push the needle in. it hurt a lot ...

 How do you notice if you have herpes when you have no signs?
i dated a guy about 8 months ago we broke up we had been together for like 9 months and i just got word that he has herpes... and i don'tt know all the ways to know if i may have it im scared ...

 I have Herpes and i think i gave it to four other people, how do i tell them?
its all in the title, but i am kind of screwed and these are four girls, one gave it to me and im pretty sure i gave it to atleast two of them. i really need help in how i will tell them....

 What STD's can you catch from a toilet seat?
When a diseased man sits on the throne, his tackle must touch the basin. Surely that can transfer diseases, germs ...

 How come i have herpes and none of the people I sleep with end up getting it?

 what will happen if we scratch on vegina ?

 How can women transmit AIDS to men?

 Can i catch STD from eating from food the person had too?
I know a person who has STD and she made food, i dint realize i grabbed the same spoon she used to lick the sauce off, and then i took a piece of meat from the sauce bowl and chewed it then quickly ...

 Can a person get HIV through sharing lipgloss?
My friend asked to see my lip gloss and I let her see it. She opened it and put some on. I told her "Hey hey we shouldn't be sharing stuff like that!" and she replied simply "I...

 I Want To Be Castrated! How Can I Get It Done??
I Want To Be Castrated! How Can I Get It Done??

Plz, Im not looking for moral advice. I just want to know if I can get it done anywhere.


 Rough patch on roof of mouth. Also white stuff on tongue?? HIV???????
Ok...here goes. I am 19 years old. I am a virgin waiting for marriage. I DO NOT use IV drugs. My parents are completely healthy. However, I kissed this guy. (I DO NOT know if he has HIV or not)....

 Is it true that most people have herpes?
because chicken pox is herpes and most people have chicken pox. some people don't have outbreaks and can pass it on....

 What do I do if I can't afford herpes medication?
My doctor just prescribed valtrex for 6 months. When I went to the pharmacy they said it was going to be $600 month for the rx. That is not acceptable. Any ideas?
Additional Details
I ...

 for how many days can a pair of jeans be reused without washing.?

 Can you get aids or hiv from someone eating you out and fingering you ?
please help !!!!...

 Have i got aids? Help me please?
Okay, i slept with a gay man, i might have aids, what do i do?...

 Is it true that eating a genetically modified orange can give you an STI?

Additional Details
Mr Y Fronts, I dont think you actually said 'buzz off' did you?...

 I am so angry, someone I was seeing gave me an STD.?
I know it is my fault for not using a condom, but this was someone who I thought, I could trust. I have looked up the symptoms for gonnerhea, and I know this is what I had. Don't you think this ...

 I am only 15 years old, and i want to help the cause of poverty and aids in Africa.?
But the thing is.. I don't know how. If I'm not down there, how can i help?...

Blood in Pee, burning. Do i have an STD?
Ok so for about two days now it has somewhat burnt when i peed...but only sometimes. and its not like a burning feeling. its more like, when i am almost done peeing i get a sharp pain.
i have the urge to pee, even when i dont really have to.
and last time i peed when i wiped there was spots of blood.

Do i have an STD? UTI? can family planning help me if i have a uti?

Paul Bill
better see the DR

The Truth
It sounds more like an UTI than a STD. I'm not sure if family planning will be a able to assist you. But you definitely want to see a doctor soon. Waiting can worsens things and besides UTIs are so uncomfortable. Also make sure you take all of your medicine so you don't get a more resistant strain of UTI from the same bacteria.

.:[email protected]:
sounds like a bad case of UTI .. no one can be sure what this is on yahoo answers go to the doc's asap!

could be both. go see the doctor they have all types of treatments for all types of infections..

Sounds like a UTI but you have to get it checked out. Planned parenthood does screen and test for it. Try calling them. Good luck

It could be a UTI or a kidney stone. Go see a urologist.

Well it's either an STD or a urinary tract infection. Either way you need to go see a doctor immediately.

Sounds like a UTI or Chlamydia. One sign of Chlamydia is blood in pee. Go get checked ASAP!

Hard to say if you have an STD or a UTI without appropriate testing. Could also be a kidney stone but this typically (although not always) presents with severe flank pain.

A visit with the doctor or nurse practitioner would be helpful. You could call the family planning clinic and see if they have one you could see.

uti sounds like

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