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bill b
Been with my wife for 12 years, she tells me she now has herpes,never before had an outbreak, has she cheated?
I was a virgin when we met. She had several partners. But now after 12 years she finds out that she has herpes. Honestly what are the chances that she goes 12 years without a symptom? I've read a lot about herpes and hear that most people have outbreaks at least once a year. What is the probability of that?


Winter Thea Bear
Either that or she is trying to dump ya. However if she KNOWINGLY gave you a VD. She could go to jail. Go get checked ASAP . . .

that cant be anymore obvious..i dont even know why you asked this...probably to get simpathy from other people....i do feel for you man...that is really sad and extremly gross of your wife...shes going to be hard to leave but u have too...

Apple Boy
Yes, she is cheating, but you should try to talk to her about it too. Maybe you weren't performing as well as you could have and she felt she had to go to someone else.

Silent Cal
she has been cheating. it doesn't go into remission for 12 years. especially because the drugs for herpes weren't as good then as they are now.

to get back on her tell you you have AIDS, but tell her you have always had it and see how she responds. she'll understand how you feel.


David B
She been cheating on you man.

Emma B
Well, if she didn't tell you from the beginning, and wasn't honest with you, what makes you think she is being honest with you now? I am not saying she cheated but, don't you think its a little weird that your marriage started off as a lie?

i guess she tried a pickle from another jar..if u know what i mean

Does she ever go out with the girls. Frequent any bars? Sounds like she got drunk and got the herpes to me. I would quit it.

Chons :)
she may have just got it. i don't know, maybe she did cheat.

most women cheat because of emotional issues they have from some relationship issue. she probably cheated on u. its really unlikely for no outbreak to occur after 12 years unless u both have had a really really fantastic marriage with almost no stress on her end...also there are different types of herpes. oral herpes= cold sores, herpes of the skin=shingles, and so on...ask ur wife what type of herpes and how long has she been having outbreaks for...there is a chance that u just never noticed the outbreaks, that is unless u take a look down there every night. u can repair ur marriage if u truly both want to though it will take a lot of work to build up the trust again if she did end up cheating...just to tell u a lot of outbreaks are so mild that it isnt even noticable...so that is why im saying it could have hactually gone by with out u noticing...u should test urself as well...just straight up, if she seems to be telling the truth, it might be that she really is.

there's a good chance, if she didnt have the symptoms. you would most likely know by 12 years.

pəɹ noʎ uɐɥʇ ɹəʇɹɐɯs
you can't be sure. I would ask her for an honest answer. If you believe that she has been cheating, then you should leave before you get nuts about it and start acting crazy.

good luck.

it could go undetected for a long period of time. what do you think?

Nikki Jo M
Well if i were you I'd go get tested. Blood test. they'll be able to tell you when or if you contacted it within like the last six weeks...and if so you know shes cheated on you...she could have had it and never known it.

could have come from a cold sore you had.she could have had an outbreak and not known what it was.give her the benefit of doubt.marraiges are built on trust.

It's very likely your wife had it for years. Herpes can lay dormant for years or a lifetime. Just because one partner has it doesn't mean the other will get it.

Your wife told you...that means something...

The chances are actually good that she went 12 years or even more without an outbreak. People can be asymptomatic for years. Just because she never had an outbreak before now does not mean she was cheating. If she has been under a high level of stress lately, this could have brought on th outbreak. Do not assume as many on here have that she had to be cheating just because she now has an outbreak. I have known people who were positive for well over a decade without an outbreak.

The probability is good. Herpetic infections are often brought on by stress. If you have a happy marriage and there hasn't been any severe, significant stress, it could remain in remission for a LONG period of time. Some people have herpetic infections that they were infected with as children that don't show significant symptoms until much later. If you married her knowing that she had had prior partners, it is possible she was infected long before you were married. Give her the benefit of the doubt!

I think you should read a little more because it is very possible not to have a break out for yearS. Don't be mad at her just do a little more research you will see it happens a lot.

The chances are quite good, actually. The symptoms can at times be so mild that they aren't even noticed. Plus, some people only have outbreaks every few decades.

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