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 Can HIV be detected with the naked eye, after the blood has been drawn into little plastic tube things?

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LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!...

 My gf has aids !! should i get checked !???!?!??!!?

 i'm 22 and still a virgin - can anyone sympathise!?

 how would you feel if your boyfriend or girl friend asked you to get tested for aid or std's?

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I'm seeing a girl, and I like her. She has told me she has herpes. She says that if we are safe, I will probably not get it, but there is a chance. I'm wondering if it's worth the risk ...

 STD helppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
okay so my friend and i were wondering if there is any possible way you could get an std (besides herpes) by giving a ******** if the guy does NOT ejaculate in your mouth?...

 other names for vaginia?

 Is it suppose to hurt?
...when someone on Yahoo tells you that you need to get a life?

Duh...I have an infant and a full time job...I know I don't have a life. Please come up with a decent insult for once!<...

 How are guys tested for STD's?
I've heard horror stories about having swabs jabbed 'down there' is this true? I'm scared :S...

 Do you think that the government has a cure for AIDS ?
Think about it all of the things that Gov hides from the public ? I think that they r hiding a cure for AIDS i kno it sounds stupid but 4 real think about it ?...

 HIV can be transmitted by saliva?
i had a fresh/open wound and my friend somehow spit his saliva on my wound ,he has HIV .Are there any chances of me getting HIV ? and I confirmed he had no mouth injury/ulcers/bleeding gums etc. and ...

 How long can an AIDS (HIV +ve) person can survive?
if he/ she maintains correct diet and exercises....

 How old were you when you found out that cold sores are from herpes?
I just found out less than 30 minutes ago, and I am 18 years old. I'm kind of shocked at how common it is, and how almost everyone in their lifetime will get it (type 1)....

This may sound crazy... But yesterday i went out to dinner. and of course the hoodie i was wearing touched the table top. Then i got into the car and my hoodie slevees touched the side of the door. T...

 heeeelp? do i have aids?!?!?
just kidding =]
so question. is it true that in order to "properly" scream/do vocals for a metal band does your throat really have to bleed?
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you people ...

 Why do you think a cure hasn't been found for AIDS?
"How many more lives will be lost before a cure is found?"...

 im getting drug tested, what will my school do if it comes out positive?
i got drug tested today at school for pot and it is going to ocme out positive, i know that. i am not only scared bout my dad finding out but i am scared about what the school will do...does anyone ...

 How do I go about seeing a gynecologist ASAP i think i have an STD?
I need to get checked asap, I think I have an STD but I have never been to a gynocologist. What does this cost, and how do i go about finding a place & making an appointment ASAP

 what's an std and what does it do to your body?

 how would you react if someone you really like told you they had herpes cold sores?
would you leave them or stay lol be honest 10 points for honesty....

Are Vampires at high risk of receiving HIV/AIDS etc.?
Etc. as in those blood to blood transmitted diseases.

im frowning upside down :)
ummmm...vampires don't exist?


Melissa M
haha!!! i have no idea what the answer is but now i really want to know!!!


um... vampires arent real... i dont know what you have been smokin but you should lay off. Switch to weed its less harmless

People who play at being Vampires would be at a higher risk than most people. Vampires are NOT REAL.

Salad Fingers‚ô•rusty spoons
vampires are undead it wont affect them

Sweetie, hate to break it to you but...

Vampires aren't real. They're fake. If they were real it wouldn't matter the diseases because they are vampires and immortals are immortal.

But what profounds me is what Vampire Lore you have been reading? Which books/movies have you read/seen?

you are really silly.. I really doubt vampires exist but if they did they are the living dead so hiv or aids wont bother them because there not technically alive..

vampires are already dead so it wouldnt matter if the blood was tainted by disease... they may be able to transfer it tho. have to use precautions when dealing with vamps....

I think they'd have to be REAL first. But honestly, that would be a pretty good question. Assuming they process blood the same way humans process food, then...well, yeah, they are. They should probably hypnotize their potential victims into getting tested to make sure they stay safe.

Well, as someone else said, since they are the "undead" even if they did contract HIV/AIDS it, uh, probably wouldn't effect them too much. I can't believe I am humoring this question.

Amethyzt Moon
Yeah they have an EXTREMELY high risk of getting AIDs but I guess it wouldn't matter because they're immortal.

no they aren't. their vampire genes kill off all diseases and they're dead anyways so i dont think they could get anything like that.

good question though!! XD

Well if vampires weren't fictional, then I suppose they would be.

Mint Mouse
One would imagine that given their hypothetically strong sense of smell, they could smell the HIV/AIDS on a person? Haha, hypothetically, of course.

Justin S
Of course they could. Being as they are already the living dead it wouldn't have the same effect on them. Maybe that is the real cure for aids, turn all who have it into vampires.

sweety youve been on to much twilight && harry potter
but the answers most likley no. there kinda dead inside
and they have no real protien. hiv can only activate in protien
if the hiv cant promote, it cant turn into aids :D
*BITES YOU* haha now you have aids [=

No, because of the nature of the vampyre those things don't matter.

i dont think "vampires" are real but if you mean the weird dudes that dresses up like em and like to drink peoples blood then yea

Since HIV/AIDS has shown the ability to mutate and went from infecting primates to infecting humans, it is not unlikely that it could mutate to infect vampires since they are a small genetic quirk away from humans after their change.

Trisha T
if you are actually serious then the answer is yes but at the same time if vampires were real then they wouldn't be human and its possible that they are not especially where they are portrayed as being immortal!!

Very stupid question, Sorry!

Lil Fuzzy
No they are DEAD.The dead are immune to viruses.

sleeping in the sun
HIV/ AIDS doesn't kill you it weakens your immune system to the point where you could dye from a cold. Since Vamps don't have a beating heart or...anything else (they are dead) then they're immune system is already gone and I don't think vamps get colds
hope that helps

Misconception: Vampires are physically immortal and/or undead
* Reality: Vampires are physically mortal, with immortal souls. Vampires live normal lifespans and normal lives and have never, at any point in their physical life, died and risen from the grave.
Misconception: Vampires drink only blood
* Reality: Vampires come in two types: The blood drinking type (sanguivores) and the energy absorbing type (psy-vamps). They, just like any other human, cannot survive without a regular diet of food and drink as well

vampires are made up?

Leslie W
Most vampires today work in blood clinics in the medical industry, where they have a ready supply of blood from samples drawn for medical tests. There they also have the technology to test for HIV/AIDS in the blood supply and thereby avoid infected samples. That why you don't hear much about vampires with AIDS.

a vampire can only die from sunlight or a wooden stake through the heart. Some authors have added more stuff, fire, decapitation, whatever, but the older versions have only 2 ways to kill one. HIV not being one of them.

BTW: You have heard the HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, well what happens is that your helper T-calls drop, which makes you more susceptible to infections, when your T-cells drop to <200 than you are said to have AIDS, of course you can go into the hospital and get rid of the infection, increase your T-cells, and then not have AIDS anymore, but have HIV still.

THE MORE YOU KNOW!!!! (rainbow with star over my head)

Since they're the living dead no, I don't think they chould get HIV

lmao yes!

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