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 im 18 can i go take a std hiv test and herpes test for free i dont have any syptoms after 2 years?
but i still wanna take it my mom dont wanna take me dont no why i tell her im really worried so can i go alone and in how long will my results come ...

 Would you date someone with herpes? (I'm a nurse and ran into this situation between two H.S. students).?

 What is the STD known as "Crabs"?
Is it something only women get?...

 Is it possible for two people who are both 'untouched' to pass STD's to each other?

 The dangers of fingering?
one of my friends got fingered by her boyfriend and afterwards had pain to pee i.e the pe burnt :S , i think she may have an infection but what else could it be?...

 HIV AIDS question! Please answer! Im cryin over here?
HIV AIDS question! Please answer! Im cryin over here?
About 2 years ago, some kids were messing around outside (sophomore year)
You know the plastic thing that stays on the gatorade bottle ...

 Where Did AIDS Start?????????
i dont have AIDS but the alway tie it hand and hand with gay people. why is that an who and when did it ...

 So what STD do you have?

 How to hide needle marks from illegal drug use?
Desparate. Have found needles hidden. Have felt something wasn't right with husband. Have not seen any marks unlike the last time he had problem 10yrs ago. How can he be hiding the needle ...

 would you sleep with a person who has herpes?

 Do I have HIV/AIDS? Im 13..Please help!?
Ok, well hi, I'm 13 almost 14 and a girl, I am wondering whether i have contracted HIV/AIDS today.

Before you make perverted assumptions, well don't listen please.

Ok, ...

 can i still have a good family?
uhmm.. its like this.. im male.. getting married soon..i want to have a happy family... but my prob is that... i have STD... and my questions are as follows, can i still have a child?... will he/she ...

 medical question, kinda dumb sorry?
ok, well, to make a long story short, me and this kid got in a fight, and i got some of his blood in my mouth and swallowed. it was only a drop or two, but this kid has a shady character. do i need ...

 To those who say 'Don't sleep around because of STD's'....?
...If STD's never existed would you then be telling everyone to go ahead and sleep with whoever they chose, or would you find another reason for people not to sleep around?...

 Do you think drug companies are not trying to cure HIV because they make too much money off of it?
I have been doing a lot of thinking on this.

Why would drug companies come up with a cure for HIV or AIDS when they make A TON of money off of their drugs.

That would cut into ...

 I just came inside my girlfriend.?
She mite be pregnant. The condom Broke. What should i do. Quickly! Im 15. Help me. I know it was a mistake
Additional Details
She mite be pregnant. The condom Broke. What should i do. Q...

 Why are the rates of STD's increasing?
The rates of STD's were declining in the 90's, and are now on the rise again. What do you think are some reasons for this, especially considering that people now how more access to ...

 Can you receive herpes?
Can you get herpies from drinking off of someones cup who is experiensing a break out on their lips?...

 could bleeding be a sign of an STD?

 burning sensation when peeing!!??
what could that possibly be?? i have no discharge ...

Amauri R
Am I Pregnant?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Well, a couple of months back a woman that had been diagnosed with fraternal twins had sneezed right in my face yeah I know its terrible and then I went home I felt great I had no signs of any st'ds so far. Years later I felt really sick all the time in the morning it was terrible I felt like a train had hit me. Then my belly started to grow . Now it got bigger. I dont want to have pregnancy it's he 2nd worse std next to Marriage please help. Is an abortion an option?

You should try going to your doctor and make an appointment. Ask him, he wouldn't laugh at you. Remember the man that was pregnant? There is only a super rare chance of getting it. Also, you may want to experiment. It could be weight in your body. Just work out a little and check your weight every now and then. Check your tummy size after excersizing after a while.

^ And your avatar is a woman. So what?

lmao. maybe a disease but your not prego

Pysch help is what you need sir. A mental institution is what you need sir. Lots and lots of meds is what you need sir.

answerer 101
your a guy.... right?

Shoaline Grace
how do you get diagnosed with twins? don't you just like have to get pregnant to have a baby...abortion could be an option i guess.. not that i am a baby expert.. why not ask your doctor?

What kind of explanation was that

How can u get pregnant when you're a guy? If she sneezed in ur face you cant get pregnant. Wow. Maybe there is just something wrong with your body. Go to the doctor and check it out.


you are not pregnant your man is a dude

the first thing to do is consult a doctor then use a "pregnancy tester"(don't know the spelling and pronunciation) just do that and you'll know if your pregnant or not


I'm confused!


Unless you've gotten surgery to change yourself from a woman to a man.

Wow you are really sick and need some serious help.

1.) ur a guy
2.) its probably called "fat" and not a baby

Yeah your real knocked up

Your avatar...is a guy.

Ohh noooo you are now possesed! This STD can run rampant!

We are going to have to hunt you down and shoot you out back...

i bet it's an alien and the only way to kill it is by killing yourself!

You are fat and stupid, not pregnant.
Tammi x

You're not pregnant.

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