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will i die if i cant breathe and keep coughing?
for a few years now, i have been having this problem, since i was 5 im 13 now, and well im not sure waht to do, my friends tell me im probably going to die, but my parents wont listen to me about it, can anyone tell me anything to go to them with? or anyhting it could be so that they cant ignore it? thanx

No, that is perfectly normal.

dont listen 2 friends,
listen to parents,
beleive me:)

yes -but we all die sometime. have your parents take you to a pulmonologist.

Commander Cody
see a doctor. you might have some really bad disease. If you don't see a doctor, you might die, but only a very long time from now.

Laura C
beckie listen to MOST of these people most of them have good ideas like hmm idk GOING TO THE THE DOCTOR!!! gesh your so stuborn.

One other (very likely) possibility is that you 'just' suffer from hyperventilation. Even though the word 'hyperventilation' sounds harmless, it can feel like you're going to die. The worst thing however that can happen is that you faint, after which your breathing normalizes. You won't die from it (unless of course you had something in your mouth like candy; you can choke on that).

Like the answers above: go to your doctor.

if your coughing your breathing and you wont die but do ask your doc the next time you see him/her let them tell you whats wrong not your friends do your parents smoke?

Go to the doctor! And obviously if you can't breathe for a long enough time, you'll die. People need oxygen.

I'm pretty sure you can't be coughing and not breathing at the same time. If you can cough, that means something is restricting your airway but not completely blocking it. I'd say to get it check out by your family doctor. Hope you feel better!

Adam S
if u caant breath u will die....ur parents should listen to u....u need to make them understand this situation .....to me it sounds very serious....book a docters appointment asap....u need to get to the bottem of this problem and treat it before its to late

consult a doctor if your that concerned
also tell your friend to shut up when i was your age whenever anything hurt my friend told me it was cancer and i was going to die...it wasn't cancer it was pain(obviously)... friends say stupid things.

maybe its asthma

go to an asthma and allergy specialist. tell ur parents u dont wanna die for god sakes!!!! its most likely asthma or some respiratory disease. get help fast. u may need an inhaler or some other medication.

Liza W~:P
duh u will die if u can't breathe!!! GO TO THE DOCTOR!

Jack H
go see a doctor

shannon o
you need to go see a doctor that happened to me and it turned out to be athsma

if you're coughing, you're breathing. but you still have an issue that needs to be addressed.

Don't you ever go to the doctor? Next time you are there, describe the problem to him. It could be asthma, maybe?

You've had this problem for 7 years, and you haven't died yet, so try not to worry so much.

No sir... your good :)

When you cough you are still taking in air and you would pass out if you were not taking in enough. When you pass out your breathing pattern will even out again. Tell your parents to take you to the dr if it is that big of a concern.

Hi Beckie,

Geez, seems like people should be more careful how they say things, the answers here are kind of scary huh. Since it has been going on for so long yes you should see a doctor right away. Probably before now.

I have Asthma, allergies and asthma can both give about the same kind of problems you mentioned. People live with allergies all of the time but your would feel more comfortable if you took something for it. The asthma can be more serious.

If your parents aren't listening to you and since your a minor, there are 2 things you can do. I am not sure if you can get into a doctor without their permission and they should be aware of what you do anyway. But go to the school nurse, tell them what is going on and ask what she or he recommend. See if there is anyone you can get into to see. Tell her everything it is their job to make sure you kids are safe.
The other thing is to go to your local pharmacist, drug store. Tell him what is going on and how long etc. Ask what he recommends. And ask him if he could explain about asthma to your parents for you.

There are times that I get really choked up and say " I can't breathe, the doctor tells me if I can cough and talk I am getting air, even though it is restricted and hard to get a full breathe, but it can be serious so please do some checking.

If I knew who you were and could talk with your parents I would tell them what I know about asthma and let them know that you should be seen. They might listen to someone older. They might listen to the school nurse or Pharmacists too.

If you have a computer at home look up webmd and look up Asthma and show your parents what it says. That could help too. I am sure they have probably heard you coughing. Do you cough anything up when you cough or is it just a dry cough?
You can contact me at [email protected]

its probably asthma, u should get that treated

Canadian Diva
You are 13 years old. You have the right and ability to go to a Doctor's Office or Walk-In Clinic. You need to be checked out by a doctor. I am sorry that is seems your parents do not see fit to do this with you. There are several reasons that you have been feeling this way. Many of them are manageable and nothing to worry about AFTER you get them checked out.
You can also go and speak with your high school counselor or nurse and they may assist you in finding a doctor or clinic.
Good Luck. Peace:)

I think asthma too, tell your parents that you need to see a Doc.

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