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 How do I get my parents to stop smoking?
My parents have been smoking for years. I have asthma and I have a 3 year old little brother. My parents try not to smoke around us and used to smoke out of our chimney in the winter. But now we just ...

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 So I smoked weed for the first time 2 days ago?
So I smoked weed for the first time 2 days ago?
Since then I've had very bad axiety/panic attacks + I can't go to sleep at night feels like my head is racing... and I feel out of it ...

 I'm coughing up blood in the morning does this mean I'm going to die? ?
I'm 21 I smoke alot, mainly joints and bongs, I have recently started coughing up blood in the morning does this mean I have throat cancer or going to die? I'm very worried but don't ...

 How do you prevent getting colds and coughs?

 him........or smoking???????
well my sister is going out with this guy and they have been together for 3 months. she loves him soooooo much and he loves her like crazyyyy they are perfect for each other. they are both 15 and ...

 what is the pleasure in smoking cigarette's?

 How much smoking will get you addicted?
How much can you smoke without getting addicted?...

 Help! My famiy has a cold or flu (IDK), and I can't catch it or else I'll have to go to the hospital. How do
you keep from catching someone elses cold?

I have asthma and everytime i catch a cold/flu, i end up staying in the hospital for 3-4 days.......

 people smoke next door and it's affecting my breathing?
i live in an apartment complex that isn't non-smoking, but the person next door, i can smell the smoke in my kitchen, and this crap is bothering my breathing to the point where its affecting my ...

 Asthma Attack easy 10 points!!?
My friend has just had an asthma attack. She hasn't had one in three years and we dont know how long asthma atacks should last and what szhould I do to help the breathing?...

 All you smokers out there? Why smoke?
I mean it stinks, how the heck do you get addicted to it? It also can kill you, but you already know that right? Why take somethin that will kill oyu?
Additional Details
Yes its ...

 Im 20 yrs old and i started smoking cigarettes ...?
because i felt stress out from life ..... is this a good reason to start ...

 Smoker or non smoker?

 what will happen if i smoke weed everyday?
i smoke weed.......alot.
im actually high right now and curious.

will anything bad ever happen to me?
im not worried about getting fat but im scared ill get a tumor!! ...

 Smoking.... paper...?
me and my friends wanted to smoke, but don't want to smoke cigarettes.
so, we came up with smoking paper and grass, etc. we were just experimenting. Is smoking papers worse that smoking a ...

 how to get rid of a cough fast!?
okay so today is tuesday and i am going to Idaho on Saturday morning. my problem is that i am starting to get a cough! i can barely talk and i cough ever 5-10 minutes! so i need ANY POSSIBLE WAY to ...

 negative effects on smoking weed?

 i can't stop smoking why @?

 Can Marijuana get in your system from just being around other people smoking it?
the only reason i ask is because sunday i went to a late christmas party and later on in the night some people started smoking pot.i normally wouldnt care,but the next day i had to take a physical ...

Morris London
why i like smoking weed so much?
makes me feel good, everything seems 100% way better

you have an addiction. get some help asap

You have nothing better in your life. You are going no where, just sitting around smoking weed all day.

Yeah man

i know how to stop smoking do not smoke in 4 days then do never buy cigarettes and if you buy some then you wont stop smoking.

Samantha E
Hopefully you don't dabble into any other drugs - you may feel great now. But in 5 years of going strong, you will start to get fat (munchies), you will forget things as you are talking about them, you will waste countless dollars because you just can't find anything to do but smoke. quit while your ahead

are the police seriously coming?i sure do hope they help you!!!!!

u r addicted to smoking weed

answer mine please( click on my advertar and go to my profile, then stole down and click on my questions tab, then answer my question )

Yeah, it seems that way, but trust me dear, it's not. Stop slowly destroying your innards and get some help.

I'm a banana.
Ok, that's the normal story from people who smoke weed.
Everything seems 100% better right now; but in years down the line,
your mental health will fail.

I smoke some weed when I was younger, and now I the paranoia I have to deal with now is unbelievable. I will be like this for the rest of my life. Weed wasn't worth it.

You're much better off coming off the stuff, and making a life without replying on any drugs.

yeah i know . but i've stop . and it makes feel 200% better .

three's nothing wrong with smoking weed but the thing is is that ,

where are you going to go in life. if you get caught why are you willing to **** up your life . everything way seem better but in the end your going to be sitting there being like .. wow im a ******* idiot . and there is the rest of you life down the toilet ,
hey , its your decision kid , if i were you id slowly start off with not as doing it it so much and then eventually stop

dude i know.. it makes everthing so much better: music,food,moives, laughter, kissing, conversations,art of anymatter haha orgasims(love making in that matter or masterbating), etc haha. weed is wonderful it is suppused to enhanch life for you i think, but not be your life.It is very magical when you are in a stoned state.. undescrible almost,you know?..it does make you happy and makes worries melt away in time and space.. Thats why i think you might like it.

you are way too high! high five fingers!

it loosens you and makes you relax. don't smoke too much weed, though, man. we are sure there are a lot of other things to do which will actually make you feel a lot better than what weed does to you. i landed a full-time job 2 weeks after quitting. this job makes me feel great - greater than what weed did to me. ;)


addicted. You. Are. Addicted. Get. Some. Help....now! (they don't bite). Just to let you know - there's no way out of life's tortures... nothing permenant at least

Laurel H
I agree. That is why I believe that God (without being a religious fanatic)
put marijuana here for mankind to use medicinally. I know that people will abuse substances because it is in their nature. Weed is a natural plant that doesn't need processing or refinement. Used as is, it is versatile and every part of the plant can be used. I'm sure that you know this. I will mention just a few ways. Menstrual cramps, glaucoma, anorexia, migraines, asthma, arthritis. It also helps you to swim through the ****, with a smile on your face. If you have pain, it makes you forget about the pain for a little while. The leaves can be used as food, as well as the seeds can be eaten. Did you know that the seeds have no THC? You can eat all the seeds you want with no affect. The stems have fibers that can be woven into rope, made into broom bristles, and woven to make cloth, also the stems can be processed and made into paper. If hemp and marijuana were to be legalized, it could change the world with all of the ways it can be used besides getting high. Getting high is only one aspect among many.

Isnt it almost 4:20 now?

I enjoy it too but always smoke it pure don't mix tobacco with it or u will get addicted to nicotine which has no high.

Also try to smoke in moderation, I only get stoned once a week usually on Saturday nite so it is something to enjoy and look forward to otherwise it becomes mondane and no longer a treat

Lottie x <3 x
i agree with Riley if you don't stop then you will DIE soon ! try getting of ur back side and doing some exercise !

Belle ♥ Michael Jackson
because you are addicted?

Cause your addicted, is that the same reason you cant talk correctly?

Can you say Helllo my name is ....... and im an addict? there are NA meetings every were. go and hear some real life stories.

uhm because that's what drugs do.

they're awesome.

except they wreck your body.

so don't do them!! :D

you might be addicted, but only 14% of people can get addicted to weed, so prolly not.

anywayyyyyz. uhh good luck in whatever you're trying to find. THC is the drug that's in pot btw. google it. :)

uhhh ok bai

Becky J
Your a stoner!

its fun as an occasional thing, but if you do it too often it tends to loose its magic and can start to take its toll

Rachel W
Because your high! lol

People like smoking weed because it does what you just said. This can be dangerous because it is pyscologically addictive (which many people don't know) and can lead to a dependency. The THC is what makes you feel better as I'm pretty sure it leads to the release of Dopamine, the chemical associated with feeling good.

Mark Russo
police will be over shortly

Because it makes you feel good and everything seems 100% way better.

It's because it's shrinking your brain. This makes it harder to get by without it.
You should feel good because you do good deeds, and help people. No reason to feel good because you get high. Where is the goodness in that?


Jasmin Lim RC
I used to smoke cause I find it nothing else
but looking good among my peers.
My peers wasn't pressurising me,
So I don't know why I took it up.

Then I stopped because of my family, love them.

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