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Eddy Joe
why does my head shake after a week of continuous drinking?
Okay, so i have been binge drinking for the past week. I guess i was partying too much with my buddies, and i had a little too much. After i put the bottle away, i had a really bad head ache and my head started to shake. It is kind of like twitching constantly (and i know it's from the booze), but why does this happen? is this one of the signs of alcohol poisoning, or could it be from my high blood pressure? pls post back asap. thanks

Clem Olson
you should probably go to the doctors...

Because you touch yourself at night

Doctor Acupressure
stop drinking at once, which has poisoned ur system including ur liver,head/brain. May God bless u to develop aversion to alcohol in the name of finding a cure for ur alcohol-induced headache.

Your probaly Having a Little seizure you might wanna go to the doctor and get that checked out. Alcohol withdrawl puts you at a risk for seizures bro its nothing to play with

meeta bhar
Your body is telling you STOP DRINKING!

You have done damage to your liver. The circulating enzymes that it hasn't been able to process are at a dangerous level and are effecting you nervous system. Not only from the alcohol but from the relative starvation diet you been on. This is what happens if you use excesive alcohol. You may never get rid of the "twitch". Nice going.

Its not from alcohol poisoning or blood pressure. Its cause you DRANK to much for to long. Your body is ****** up. It has to heal now!

S.Mir RIP King of Pop-1958-2009
You have been continuously drinking despite having blood pressure problems. First of all, you shouldn't be drinking constantly for an entire week!

I suggest you get checked up; your matter isn't so serious that you are "dying". It's from too much alcohol--you're simply unwell. I think you should put those drinks aside for a few months. One or two drinks are fine in a week, but exceeding that limit (all the time) can harm your body to a ridiculous extent.

Your doctor may prescribe you some pills if he or she considers your case to be as significant. Take my advice: put the drinks aside, and you should be okay. If you cannot learn to control yourself, I am afraid your brain would come to a point where it cannot 'function properly without alcohol', as they state it as.

Take care of yourself. Get yourself checked up and you should be fine.


- drink cold water with lemon/lime juice once in a while; it should deprive you of dizziness.
- try drinking black coffee in the mornings.

you need help buddy ! stop drinking seek help you will/could die soon

Sudeep King of Scorn
It's saying, 'no more, no more'. Heed it.

It could be either, but alcohol causes brain swelling and that explains the headache. Altered brain activity would suggest the shaking. This is dangerous, so dangerous that it can cause brain damage.

I am telling you that as much fun as it may have been, you are now risking your life by binge drinking. That headache and shaking is a warning. If you cannot stop drinking, I suggest you get help. You are at risk for stroke and death.

The link below is a medical piece written that you likely won't understand but the heading should get your attention.

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