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 i have a pressure on my left side of my chest and im only 14 years old and i have chest pains?

 how come I can't quit smoking? any suggestions? I'm at wits end?

 should i tell my dad i smoke cigarettes(occasionally)?
i already got caught smoking weed and suprisignly he didnt relle care.. now should i tell him about the cigarettes, or should i keep that 1 in? im not addicted!...

 Should I go to see my dad in Chapel of Rest?
My dad died on tuesday. He had dementia and had been a recluse for 18 months just staying in his room. I only went to see him last week and I feel ded guilty about that...
He was rushed to ...

 How can I live without smoking?
Now that Im days into quitting Im starting to think "how can I live without smoking". Help.

If you have never been a smoker, dont answer my question with a dumb remark about ...

 What causes noise bleeds.?
What would be the main cause of a noise bleed in a 67 year old man. Is this something of concern....

 how easy is it to stop smoking?

 How can I stop smoking cigarettes?
Any suggections will be appreciated. T...

 what are some good smoking songs ?
i want some good songs to smoke to.
kinda like the shins, kmk, radiohead, im from barcelona,
i want some thing really chill, or rap (:
thank you if you respond to this! :D

 im 13 and i smoke do any 13 year olds smoke too ?
im 13 and i smoke i am just wondering if anyone else smokes at 13 too plz write ...

 It's snot!!!!!!! What exactly is the purpose of snot?
I'ts annoying and makes you cranky when you have a cold but never seems to have a purpose.What exactly is the purpose?...

 If my daughter has an ear infection, is it absolutely necessary for her to be on antibiotics?
I am not sure if she has one or not. She was really ill and cranky yesterday, and pulling on her ear, but no fever. Today she is all smiles and not pulling on her ear, but she still has a runny ...

 How to get rid of a cough ?
Ive had a bad cough for about a month and it was going away.Today after I came from school I took a nap and Ive been having a bad cough.I had some mucus in my throat and Im still coughing up some ...

 If someone's been smoking for 25 years, can their smokers cough disappear if they stop smoking?

 i have asthma, most of the time after i eat i wheeze. does this happen to anyone else? what can i do 2 stop it

 Why do i keep feeling short of breath?
i dont smoke & exercise ok
Additional Details
also i have had a chest x-ray & all is ...

 I've never liked myself and always mess things up. Should I start smoking to help my attitude?
It just seems like if cigarettes make people feel better, it might work for me too! Your thoughts, and also, what brands should I experient with......

 is it true that the hospitals let patients smoke on their wards years ago in the uk?
My friend told me in the 1960s and 70s patients were allowed to smoke cigarettes in their hospital beds.
Is this true?
Additional Details
Wow rianna that is scary....

 How do you stop someone from snoring?
I live with my mom and grandmother and they both snore, it frustrates me....

 I've quite smoking for a week now...?
I've quite many time's before... but this time I intend to...
Majority of people I know smoke... & I have stoped for health reasons'

Have you seen the new images ...

why do you smoke.......?

Additional Details
why is it when we stop we wish we hadnt, but when we start again we wish we hadnt ...huh

I did smoke for over 32 years, smoking (nicotine, that is) gave people pleasure and enjoyment. But the bad trade-off is the health problem, smoking hurts us sooner or later. I am quitting since 4-15-08.

in the words of Chandler Bing, "smoking is cool and you know it!"
no seriously it is just an addiction, i have tried giving up but i end up eating like 18 horses, i have given up giving up

gave it up a long time ago but i enjoy it when i did

I enjoy it?

Because of the baked beans

Out of habbit and I enjoy it.

hey she's a riot!
its addicting! its outta habbit nd idk bout the other thing lol


Because I am addicted - I gave up at Christmas and started again in May - so angry with myself cos I can't afford to smoke! I always seem to find the money for cigs though! Just going to have a smoke now!

Sunshine Hell
i smoke b/c i crave it sometimes. out of boredum...also a social thing

Mary W
I've smoked since I was 14. Of course, back then I was only smoking like a pack a month. I soon got addicted to it. I've smoked for 40 years now. Recently asked the doctor to write me a script for Chantix. It didn't work at ALL for me, and made me sick to my stomach.

I guess I'm still smoking out of habit.... 1st cig before I get out of bed, 1 while dressing, and 2 on the way to work. It's harder than I thought it would be. Now I've got either bronchitis or pneumonia, and I'm kicking myself in the *** for ever getting hooked to these things.

¸.•*´`*♥Kates ♥ Game11 ¸.•*´`*♥
I'm addicted to it. I enjoy it and giving up just didn't work for me.

chemical addiction

Sophie H
Because it is an evil evil drug. Read Alan Carrs Easy way to Stop Smoking. It will answer all those questions for you and make you realise things you never did before. I have started reading it and think it is bloody wonderful. My brother ( who smokes around 40 a day) has just started reading it (he has stole my copy :S lol) and he also swears by it and to be quite honest he will not shut up about how much it made him realise this and that. Anyway it's a really good book and you should read even if your not looking to quit its still really interesting.

Wayne S
Replace the word "addiction" with "substitution" that is why I smoked. I started on the road to quitting when I first met my wife.
She coughed when I started smoking a cigarette on our first date, and I was so embarrassed I tossed out my cigarettes with the intention of never smoking again.
I have picked up a cigarette a few times during our marriage when going through stressful times, but, I came to realize that I was just using cigarettes as an output for my anxiety, so I replaced them with something productive. In my case it was writing. I would pick up a pen an paper and start writing everytime I felt stressed and felt the urge for a cigarette and it has been over a year now since I smoked one.

I wish I didn't but I do.

susie x ♥♥♥
I stopped in January, I am glad I did...I am not anti smoking for other people but I feel so much better.

Cough, splutter ... because we like it ... wheezeeeeeeeeeeee.

Get some will power dolly.. Set a day, make it so you cigs run out the night before then go to bed with 1 thought when i get up in the morning i am stopping, so get prepared and mentally ready. I did and it lasted about a year started about 3 months ago and stopping again very soon.

and yes i enjoy a smoke

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