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 Light headedness from smoking?
Im not a big smoker at all, ill have about one or two a week and can go months or so without one. Recently ive found that smoking makes me really light headed almost to the extent of being high. i ...

 should i try smoking weed again?
I smoked lots of weed everyday for about 4 years then i started to get heart palpitations and weird dizzy spells, my doctor said it was because of smoking weed. its been a bit more then a year and i ...

 help with asthma!!!help?
i am scared cuz my doctor is saying that probably i have asthma and some allergy becase some times i really cant breath and i am scared what should i do?
i am only 13...

 how to quit smoking cold turkey?
iv been having chest pains and they are in the middle of my chest and have shortness of breath when they come about, someone told me to quit smoking immediatly whats the best way?
Additional D...

 Is it bad for your lungs if you don't inhale while smoking a cigarette?
I don't smoke, but I want to know for future ...

 why dont i get high i hold it in for a while and i try to put it in my lungs ?

 What can a daughter do for his dad? S.O.S?
My dad has been coughing very much lately. I can hear him coughing now. He has asthma and smokes. He has given up and smoked again and given up for a few years now. He has quit smoking for a month ...

 second hand smoke problem , any method to "fix" my body?
My friends smoke all the time and I try very hard to aviod them , almost all the time I'd walk away from sometimes it's very hard.

Last week I was with a few of my friends and ...

 What's the point of smoking?
Other than you claim to be "addicted", even though its simply mind over matter, and you could easily convince yourself otherwise, but choose not to, why do you do it?...

 is it bad to smoke weed or cigarette's when you have pneumonia?
yesterday i woke up with 102 fever and today i woke up with 104 fever so my mom took me to the hospital and they said i had pneumonia
Additional Details
or atleast ...

 what does it mean when a doctor's notes describe something as being "remarkable" or "unremarkable"?
for example comments on results from tests performed and/or physical ...

 I can't breathe when I try to go to sleep?
I stay up a lot and don't get much sleep but when I do try to go to sleep or try to dose off it's hard to breathe..
I don't think it's sleep apnea because I don't sleep ...

 I have asthma & bought an air purifier that produces ozone at 7-10 mg per hour. Is this harmful?

 how would you come at a 9 year old boy about smoking weed?
theres this kid who i used to hang out with n we would go fishing n hunting n camping n i was a real good role model for him but im 16 now n i just stopped hanging out with him cause of my ...

 What to do if there is blood in my sputum?
I choked on a vitamin yesterday morning and last night I got a sore throat. My throat is still sore today and it has been producing sputum. First it came out pinkish and now there is clearly blood in ...

 When I run I can't breathe... Asthma or something else?
This may seem like an odd question to post on Yahoo! Q+A but I figured I'd wing it out there before eventually making a Dr. appointment somewhere. Ever since high school I've had a hard ...

 are roll ups worse for you than ciggerettes?
i recently switched to them because they are cheaper than ciggerettes and i use filters....

 Sore Throat Problem ... Need answers now?
ok so i have a show next week and im getting a sore throat and cold....!!!!!!!! worst luck ever... what do i do to get rid of it

i need help now... answers ... please im in desperate ...

 Do people with emphysema have difficulty inhaling or exhaling?

 The right side of my chest has been hurting since yesterday..?
It's on the right side, below my collarbone and above my breast. It's kind of on the side..if that makes sense?

It hurts when I breathe, mostly. To take a deep breath, I push ...

why do teenagers smoke cigarettes..?
does cigarettes change your mood or somthing. i smoke pot but not cigarette

* * * * * MAXIMUM MULLET *******
They want to feel cool and adult.

I guess that could be a reason. Or they are trying to be cool. which it doesnt make u cool at all. Pot is bad:p Quit now or elseee

because they want to look older, cooler, more mature, basically anything along those lines, and i know its the truth because thats exactly why i started and everyone else i know who smokes and its the same for all other people who do too.

nobody would want to start smoking because they like the way it tastes or it feels because it tastes god awful and it hurts so bad the first time you inhale you can't breath and your coughing harder than you've ever coughed before, your eyes tear up, and you look like an idiot

Nicotine causes a physical addiction, and its found in cigarettes. It does change mood, since it is a stimulant. For regular smokers, the effect is probably like that of consuming caffeine; it can cause increased alertness, appetite suppression, and other effects associated with mild stimulants.

The reason why I did, I thought I was cool.

'$1 [Duffy]..xO
Oh yeahh, so pot isn't bad? I can't see your logic!

Higher Brain Pattern

When I was a teen I never smoked anything, because smoking is dumb and not cool.

it's smooth.
when you first try a cig and you smoke your first hit, you feel high and get light headed, it's crazy.

releases stress, gets rid of headaches after awhile.

but don't do it.

i am starting to get temptations to smoke cigs...NOT good.

Teenagers usually smoke cigarettes because they are seeking the answer to try to be "cool" or try to be "adult". Sometimes, teens see their parents smoking and want to do it because teens see their parents do it. This is a major problem because they want to be like their parents and sense they are adults, teens also want to feel like adults. Another answer to teen smoking is trying to change their mood if life is becoming difficult. A lot of adults and teens have depression and when they feel sad, they find cigarettes to "help" them go through their sadness. Not all people with depression smoke though. Take homeless people as an example, They want to forget about their troubles and smoke weed or get drunk because homeless people think that getting high or drunk will make them happier. Sometimes, teens see their friends do it. Their friends are cool to them. Then teens will attempt to "fit in" with their friends. Most of the time, the most common cause is pier-pressure with others. Pier-pressure is when someone pressures someone to do something when the person says no. When the person says no to a cigarettes, the person with the cigarettes will say, "But it's cool, if you refuse a cigarette, you are not cool like us. Everyone smokes and that makes them cool." That is an example of pier-pressure people say to pressure you for a cigarette. Teens will give in to pier-pressure because they do not like to be called names, and the person wants to get the cigarette dealer of their backs and to shut them up, so the person will take one. But cigarettes are horrible for you, they don't make you happier, they make you feel sad because the nicotine will keep you addicted to the cigarette because it effects your hormones. It can cause cancer anywhere in your body. Do you want that to happen? It can kill you. I hope this solves your answer. Sorry if I typed to much.

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