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Tasia is kool K
why do i always feel like i cant Breath correctly?
i am 13 years old and i always feel like i have to yawn to catch my breath but sometimes when i yawn i cant catch it it happens every seond when i try to open my mouth and inhale i sometimes cant unhale all the way can anybody tell me what this is? my mom has astma so can that be it? ps. please dont tell me i need to see a doctor i already know i just want to know what this is! thank you :) =p

You have AIDS.

yes its AIDS.

you're a hypochondriac. get over it. get one of those tapes and play it over and over "breathe in......................................… out"

i think it might be ashma.

Isabella S
maybe it's not the asthma but just that you eat too much?

I'm guessing cuz when I eat a lot, I have trouble breathing too--everyone does.

It's not AIDS. It could be from second-hand smoke.


It could be asthma...with asthma you can get the breath in but it's sometimes hard to get it back out, but it could be anything. Be sure to let your mom and doc know because it could be serious ...especially if you have this problem often. You can't really accuratly diagnose a breathing problem without a professional (doc) looking over your symptoms, listening to your lungs, possibly an x-ray, possibly a pulmonary function test, or possibly blood work. Hope this was some info you were looking for.

you might have limited lung capacity. are you severely overweight? I'm no doctor, btw.

Try this; preferably sitting & relaxed...inhale, through your nose to a slow count of 4...then exhale through your mouth to another slow count of 4 with your lips pursed (like you're going to whistle). This is called 'Pursed Lip Breathing' & can help expel carbon or other bad things in your lungs. Do this a few times every day (as much as you can). It will strengthen your lungs a bit. And doing it often gets you familiar with it so when you really need to catch your breath you'll be able to jump right into this exercise.
It would be good for you to stay away from toxic smells, of course smokers, & cleaning products, burning fireplaces, heavy perfume, etc.
I wish you well. Take care.

Dear girl this could be very,very serious. I went up to see my 35 year ikd sib abd gus wufe abd Chidlren for Thanksgiving. While I was there he went into compleat RESPATORY ARREST. After so many test by the VA and years of waiting to get answere they finley told him he has COPD. He can take in air,but it fills up the sacks at the ends of the broncal tubes,and does not go into the blood,and the co2 ( bad gases) from the blood do not go into the lungs and he CAN NOT breath this harmful gas out. Needless to say he is very distraught,and upset. Especally with a dependant wife and 3 children who need him. Go to your DR ASAP get chest X rays ultrasound and if nessicary cat scan. Aslo go see an Ear Throut and Nose Dr.to rule out any obstruction in your uper respatory tract. I will be praying you have a much better diaganosis than my son did.

It's probably one of two things. You're either REALLY tired, and always feel the need to yawn. Or, you could have asma. I had it when i was younger.
you should go get checked by a doctor.
Hope i helped :)

ok i'm sorry but u need to go see a doctor because as u mentioned ur mom has ashtma , then there are chances of you getting it too, and on top of that u have 2 u yawn to catch a breath thats kind of scary ,or i would suggest talking to ur mom , if u don't wanna go see a Doc.

The Asian Sensation
I HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM. You have to close your eyes, breathe in through your nose, out your mouth, and relax. I found out I had a mild case of tourrettes. You should look up the symptoms. You might.

Well, since you know only a doctor can diagnose what this is, I won`t mention that.Anxiety can cause symptoms like that too.It does not have to be a respiratory problem.I can understand why you feel that way due to your mom`s asthma.Good Luck.

I know what you mean

Baby Love X 2
Do ya mean breathe?

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