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 My boyfriend always has bad gas is it bad for the environment, can it make me sick?
What can I do?...

 Why do smokers complain when smoking harms them?
I'm sick of hearing smokers complain when they get sick. For example, when they get strokes, emphesema, lung cance etc... They say things like "it's not fair", or "why did ...

 Am I getting sick from my air conditioner?
I spend Monday morning - Thursday at my boyfriend's & then Thursday night through Sunday at my house. He has central air at his place that's kept at 70 degrees & I have an A/C unit ...

 chest pain, after screaming?
today i literally screamed at the top of my lungs, and afterwards, it hurts. so now, whenever i take a deep breeath or move my body so that my right side lung gets compressed, it hurts.
is it ...

 OTC relief for a sinus infection?
Ok, so i'm pretty positive i have a sinus infection, but cant get into the doctor till monday. I am really miserable. I have taken alkaseltzer but it hasnt worked... anything else i can try to ...

 Is it possible to get a free peak flow meter?
I've been looking at prices of peak flow meters, and in stores I can only find meters that are $35 at the cheapest. I'd rather pay less than $30 for one--I've found them online for $15...

 Has anyone heard of or had a nodule on or in the lung?
The x-ray said I had a 2.1 cm nodule. I went yesterday for a dye CT scan. I guess I'll hear something by Friday (maybe).
If so...How did things go for you?

Thanks for any ...

 Did I have an asthma attack or was it something else?
Last night, after getting into a fight with my mother, I started having a really hard time breathing. I was upset, and suddenly started breathing very heavily and then it seemed that I couldn't ...

 why do people walk in sleep . what is the remedy ?

 If any body know about it ?
I have sinuses problem cause flu and cough continue im very distrube nose is block if u know abt any medicine(tablet, nasal spray etc plz. diagnose me....

 Raw throat from coughing so much?
Ive had a cold for about two weeks now,and mid-cold I got the flu.
I have been coughing so so much that my throat is BURNING and completely raw.
Its like 3:00 am and I cant ...

 how do they test you for asthma?
i seem to think i may heve developed asthsma how can they ...

why cant i stop smoking?
my mom thinks ive been sober now for about a year,but truth be told,i was only sober for about 4 months.i was smoking cigarettes and weed,i do both regularly now,and i feel horrible lying about it when shed gotten me all this treatment,i was doing other things before to like shrooms and ecstasy
but i havent started doing those,but im frightented i might pick up on that again as well.im only 16.if u have been through this before id love to hear our advice or opinions.

Because the NICOTINE in the cigarettes ,cigars ETC is very,highly addictive. Girl friend you had better get off of all of that dope you have been using,or you will die a pre mature death. It is called DOPE for a reason. If you die from using it how will your loved ones feel.

She's addicted to what the pack of smokes did

if you want to change your life, you need to stop hanging out with the people that do that including the other drugs...you also have to WANT to stop -- i used to smoke weed ALL the time for 5 years or so and i also smoked cigarettes (3 packs a day -- for 6 years) and i never thought i was gonna stop, its honestly a mental thing -- i stopped smoking both cold turkey - one day i stopped smoking weed and within a month i smoked one last cigarette and i was done...and i havent done either in about a year and a half. yes cigarettes have a physical addiction but that is only for 3 days and once your past that - it is all mental. but if you do need help you could use a patch, the gum, etc.

my fiance also smokes cigarettes and weed and has tried several other drugs...nothing like crack, heroine, or meth though...but he was court ordered when he was younger to go to rehab and it did nothing for him...he said to tell you - you have to change the friends, the scene, and have to want to stop.

you are also a teenager so yes, you will rebel - its natural but if you want to stop you will =] and the sooner you stop the better off you are.

good luck!

'cus you're addicted?

Oh so loved!
Tell her you need an in patient program and go from there. Admitting to her you have a problem and want and need help, she will be forgiving of you because then she will truly know you are seriously sorry for lying to her.

Are you still hanging out with the same friends you did four months ago?

Smoking is a social activity. Quit the smoker friends and you won't be as tempted. Branch out. Surely you have at least one pal who is sober, and doesn't smoke anything. Call them up, make friends in their circle.

It's the only thing that worked for me.

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