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when is a good age to start smoking?
i might smoke soon because of my stress.

Cal C
14 or 15

I started when I was 14 and am 16 now so any age. I don't think its good to encourage but if you do Lucky strike reds or menthol cigarettes are the nicest things ever.

There is no good age. Smoking will only add stress in the long run.

Seriously, do not smoke cigarettes.

It's better if you take up jogging or something, obviously, but if you have to smoke something, smoke pot. No ciggs. Just be responsible. Medical marijuana can be used for anxiety, but don't become a pothead.

Joshua H
I don't think any age is, really, but the later you start the less harmful it will be. Unfortunately, people enjoy it at any age. The average age of someone's first cigarette is 13 and you usually start seeing a few kids smoking regularly at 12 or 13, in junior high school, with a lot of kids starting to smoke regularly in high school, at 14 and 15. By 15 or 16 most kids who smoke have told their parents.

Speaking as someone who used to smoke, yeah, it will reduce stress, and I'll understand if you start and I'm not going to knock you for doing the same thing I did, but don't forget that it can damage your health and that it can be incredibly hard to stop.

shelly lamb rubbish speller
when i started at 15, cigs were about £1.50/£2.00 per 20. now at 39 years old they are about £6.00. for a money point of view never. health wise well im a cinic, you can get run over by a bus tomorow. live for the moment.

wait till you out of high school, but depend how young you are, i dont think you should start younger then 16, but be warned you dont notice the toll you take on your body till a few years of smoking, then you get out of breath doing the stupidest of things like walking up stairs, but to be honest smokeing is awesome and all my friend think so too. if you get some where early and have to kill 10 min...smoke a cig, if you are home alone with nothing to do ... smoke a cig. Sitting in traffic...yeah smoke a cig. and if your drunk forget about, cigs are a must.

LOL! Smoking does not help with stress! Smoking adds to stress. If you want to relieve stress go for a run.

Ms. Thickness
none because its bad for you in for your body go to the doctor an ask them to help you about your stress

no age is a good age to start smoking.

Never. Don't start. Once you do it is very difficult to quit. I've tried several times over the past ten years and still go back to it. Just don't start.

Bobby B

Never...Unfortunately I started smoking four years ago thinking I had to much stress and smoking might help. I can't tell you how much more stress you are put through to try to STOP smoking! May I suggest other ways to relax such as mediation or watching a good movie. I recently quit cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant and it was far more difficult than the dealing with the stress I thought I had before I started smoking.

dude it doesn't help with stress to start. it only seems like it helps people who already do it because they're hooked and it's stressful NOT to smoke. It's totally the stupidest thin you could possibly do.

Candy A
stress does not provoke smoking. If you are having stress than find other ways to deal with it. Do a work out, doing something physical, talk to a doctor about your stress............but smoking, the leading cause of deaths and that's the path you want to choose ?

I am a nurse, should this be your ultimate decision, before you start please go the hospital and ask them to visit a patient who is dying of lung cancer and just think.....that could be you in 60 years.

You must be joking, Never!
Do something else that doesn't damage your insides like eating loads of chocolate.
The country is trying to STOP people smoking not start.

Please don't start smoking. I started smoking when I was 16 years old. I'm 22 years old now and fortunately, I have just quit. It was not easy, but I feel so much better. I bet if you ask everyone who smokes if they were happy that they started smoking, about 95% of people would say they aren't happy. I replaced cigarettes with running and I feel so much better.

Hey Mo...
About ninety ,then you have nothing to lose.

There is no such good time at all to start smoking. If stress is the cause why not try to under go some counselling. The stress might be relieved soon but its hard to quit smoking once addicted.

Blue Jean
There is no good age to start smoking. Nicotine, one of the main ingredients in cigarettes, is just as addictive as cocaine. Once you start it's very hard to quit. Find another way to beat your stress, like taking up jogging or biking.

do not start smoking hard to STOP

dont start if your stressed go to sleep it always helps me

never your you be the next cancer patient

Little Chip
Personally 100 years old might be OK, otherwise don't start! It's not cool, it won't get rid of your stress and it can lead to a life time of regret!
I began smoking due to stress, it didn't help and now I'm more stressed because I can't stop smoking.

coming from a smoker it seems to help stress at first but in the long run it adds a lot more stress and physically it causes your body to mimic stress signs when smoking, so I would have to say 99 yrs old would be a good age

Please refrain from smoking. Find out other ways of relieving stress.

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