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 What's The Best Way To Stop Smoking?

 i'm a 14 year old boy and started smoking cigarettes and worried about my parents finding out that i smoke?

 why am i coughing up blood?
to begin with it was very little then it became significant.
then it stopped for a few days but has started again today this has worried me what shall i do?...

 PLEASE READ THIS........i need help!!!!?
about a week ago, i went to my cabin i inhaled "dust off" and now i think i'm delvoping asthma.
me and my friend shared a whole can, neither of us died or ...

 cigarettes and secondhand smoke are the same exact thing really it is?
cigarettes and secondhand smoke are the same exact same thing even if you don't smoke if you live with someone that smaokes or you are around people that smoke like outside of a store or ...

 Im 13 and i smoke cigs.?
i did not like the taste of it. and did not like doing it tell 2 days later i got this felling that i needed one just to make it through the day.

ever since i did that i would come home ...

 i can't stop smoking weed...?
pot for me is becoming a problem. it's kind of like a way out of my daily life. i don't like my job, don't have too many friends and i'm just not happy. but pot makes me happy for ...

 Is Marijuana smoke as harmful to you lungs as cigarette smoke?
I just quite smoking cigarettes but I still smoke weed occasionally. Will my lungs eventually heal even if I continue to smoke marijuana occasionally? Also, I don't want to hear from marijuana ...

 stopped smoking two weeks ago?
i was smoking for about 20 years sometimes moderatly sometimes heavy. its going quite well but i'm wondering how long if ever it will take for my lungs to recover, also i feel constantly ...

 do i have the swine flu?????????????
i had diahrea 3 days ago, but i feel a bit light headed and weak lately...i usually excercise a lot and i stopped eating a lot of fat foods recently...could i have the swine flu???...

 are cigarrettes more harmful than marjuana?

 I've been having this non-stop bad cough for the past 2 months...what is going on?

Additional Details
spitting up muccus too....green!

I was sick about 3 months ago. i got sick after a camping trip duing the weeked. I began coughing, weezing, sneezing, got ...

 My mom stops breathing in her sleep?
Okay... 3 days ago my family and I were at a hotel with a friend, right? Well, in the middle of the night my mom's friend starts shaking her and she wakes up. They said, "You weren't ...

 AM i sick with the cold, ?! I cant be!!!?
I have one eye that is all watery and a nose that is cloging up and my tounge itches really badly!!! head hurts 2!!!
Additional Details
No joke my frikin toung itchs im gonna get it ...

 My daughter has started smoking! Help!?
Hi, im Gillian, and lately, my daughter of 14 has been acting a little strangely, first she would come home reeking of very strong perfume, then i found a lighter, which she claimed to be one she had ...

 i spit blood up every once in awhile not alot and then it goes away im really scared wat could it be?

 My lungs hurt. What might this mean?
Both my sides hurt on the inside going towards my back, behind my ribs. I Figured its my lungs. I dont smoke. Everytime I breathe I feel the pain on both sides simutaneously. Could this be pnemonia? W...

 three reasons why people smoke, even when they know it's unhealthy?

 Will smoking weed........?
okay so i was wondering if smoking weed will effect my hockey at all. I only do it like 1 time a month or mabey a little more/less. I usually run every morning to get my stanima up if that makes any ...

 My roommates smoke...?
and i don't. i've noticed that whenever they smoke in the house i get headaches, and my ears hurt. is this a sign of being allergic?
Additional Details
cigarettes and ...

what will happen if i smoke weed everyday?
i smoke weed.......alot.
im actually high right now and curious.

will anything bad ever happen to me?
im not worried about getting fat but im scared ill get a tumor!! hahahah

Harper R

most likely you will. Stop now! You will get a tumor

and die

you won't go anywhere in life. and you'll probably end up with a career at mcdonalds.

would you like fries with that weed?

you will get lung cancer and die!

nope, you'll just get stupider evey day. Eventually you'll forget to tie your shoes, know when to go to the bathroom, and not know how to count to 10. Give it up, you deserve to live life better, otherwise, just feel stupider every day.

It raises your chances of lung cancer, and causes short-term memory problems that don't always get better. Stop doing it.

you will get manic depression later in life. Seriously.

You could get arrested and sent to rehab. You could develop many life-threating diseases, and you could die.

In Love
you'll soon be very slow just to let you know

☮Luna Lovegood⚡
You will loose brain cells.... a lot of them! ha ha ha

well you could get lung cancer i suppose and your brain will be completely fried.

so one you're not too intelligent to begin with, i see nothing wrong with smoking weed like a couple times a week, but consetently is just highly retarded

Devyn B
you'll just get dumber....if that is possible...why ask a question like that

You'll probably get really sick.

Dr House farted
Your voice will turn mono-tonal and you'll sound like a moron

your brain wont function well, your memory wont work, your chances to develop schizofrenia are heightened...
those are all the ones i know forsure.

wow. you'll get fried.

Abby L
you can get lung cancer and its actually worse for you then cigarettes if you do them that much. Also you can do stupid things when you are high, my friends mom died when a driver that was high ran a stop sign and ran into them.

lol you junky why do you need to know go try it out ur self i smoked weed for a week straight 3 times a day all i got was straight Fs on my progress report

lol at all these hidden answers

You'll go in debt and become really lazy and boring.

The Yeti
Smoking ANYTHING isn't good for you. You could develop any or all of the health problems associated with smoking cigarettes.

It can also lead to some serious mood and attention disorders.

you will lose brain cells get a burnout, and probably die early. and I'm not joking, so stop smoking weed. oh and you will get wrinkles.

Not much.

the only thing that would happen is that youll probaly have to get a job for having the munchies 24/7

Justin B
If you smoke out of a vaporizer you have no need to worry about getting a tumor. However, smoking blunts, joints, pipes, etc. may cause lung problems later down the road.


youll probably end up having a whole bunch of cool great ideas and NEVER get around to doing anyhting about it and then slowly hate going out into public and get paranoid about stupid things. I smoked a fair bit a long time ago and I see all my friends who still do just talk about doing all this cool **** but dont do anyhting about it when if they werent smoking they probably would get off their **** and make something of themselves and get rich. but mary jane tell em not to. I find smoking turns my head into a dark foorest with a path and everytime a get a good idea coming down that path it gets tied up and robbed my bandits and never sees the light of day again....dtop smoking and keep it a once in a while thing.

you'll end up like snoop dogg

you wont get high as much if you do it so much. spread it out. i used to smoke one in the am, for lunch, dinner, and bedtime. now its just bedtime. unless u get some good chit but then you'll end up broke cuz you'll want nothing but good chit because reg wont do u any good. then you'll be spending lots of money on weed.

Peyote, Psilocibyn, Marijuana, and all the other plant hallucinogens have never caused a single death or chronic health problem, are not related to violent behavior and are generally associated with positive psychological growth but they are very illegal and said by the institutions to be dangerous and even immoral. So lets see who is telling the truth here....our loving and caring government? I think not!

i love volleyball :)

you'll have more fun :D

Nothing will happen to you. There has been no documented study that was done correctly and without previous expectations (Ie: that it is bad for you) that has shown there are ANY long term problems associated with smoking marijuana. I'm sure some 10th grade imbecile will claim that the "smoke of marijuana is 10X worse for you). Yes, you inhale more smoke, and smoke itself isn't very good for you. But, no one has contracted Cancer from only smoking marijuana. And, the content of Marijuana is organic and no where near as bad for you as Cigarettes. The only people that claim it is bad for you are those that are either uninformed or ignorant. I'm sorry, but the facts speak for themselves. No worries buddy, you will not contract any kind of long term problems from your, ahem, activities.
I would also like to add that I know many, many individuals that smoke marijuanna on a regular basis, and have done so for many years and they also happen to be the most interesting, successful, and intelligent people I have ever known

Marijuana doesn't kill brain cells (on the contrary, it spurs new brain cell growth).
The study that suggested marijuana kills brain cells, came to that conclusion by putting gas masks on monkeys. They were literally suffocating the monkeys with smoke. It's an obvious fact that suffocation will lead to brain cell loss and possibly brain damage.

Marijuana doesn't cause cancer.

It is impossible to overdose on marijuana as well.

There have been no recorded deaths due to marijuana use.

Watch the documentary of Rick Simpson who actually used concentrated cannabis oil to cure cancer.

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