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what to do if you have pain in your chest when you breath?
what to do if you have pain in your chest when you breath i dont want to go to the hoppital so what should i do at home without telling my mom
Additional Details
i dont smoke or drink

Dr. Man!!
eat healthier food and quit playing video games so much and get out and exercise. If it is real bad try cughing vigorously. but you should tell mommy

You may have asthma, although it is unlikely.

It may be indegestion.

If you are overweight and you don't want doctors to see you shirtless or you feel insecure about the way you look, don't worry. Remember, they are professionals there to help you, not to judge you.

Jennifer S
lol michael. i dont know but that happens to me but i dont smoke. i just keep breathing and it goes away...

maybe youre a dog and you have heart worms

it could happen if you've been over exercising but if i were you, id go to the doctor if i were you and tell my mom since it can only help. better safe than sorry.

Get in shape?
If your family has insurance call your health care providors office and they can give you some info over the phone. You should probably tell your mom and go in to the hospital. Could be asthma or worse.

golden girl
thtz really ignorant of you not telling ur mom or any1 n not going to the medicals. mayb now its juz sum minor pain but l8r on it can b serious. take my advise- take medical help asap

Ali Patrik
The best way & to be more sure about your self, just go to a doctor or a hospital, they will help you & tell you exactly whats wrong with you.

Good luck.

Semper Fidel
Go see a doctor INMEDIATELY, don't wait fall asleep...

If you want to try natural remedies:

A cup of eucalyptus leaf tea might help out, or a vapor bath of the same. It will clear out your lungs and synuses, but i cant gurantee it will stop the pain.

Stop breathing.

Go the the walk-in clinic, otherwise prepare to spread to disease to your nearest and dearest, the whole family can be sick, they are really gonna love you for THAT.

it depends on the type of pain

it could be heart burn and you could just take some tums
or if its after athletic activity and your throat and chest feel a cold pain it could be athletic asthma
and that goes to say that if its not after athletic activity and its a cold pain it could be regular asthma

is there anything you have done recently to injure your chest???

depending on the severity of the pain or type of pain it could bve very serious, even if you don't want to i would contact a local health line or talk to your parents, maybe go to a clinic

Faffy! xD
Go to a doctor!
You have to because whatever it is that you have,it may be really serious!
By the way,do you smoke?
Is this why you don't want to tell your mom?
Please bring up the matter with some grown-up such as your teachers or your parents!

that happened to me last year...my mom took me to the doctor and he said it was caused by anxiety

Aly S
You have to go to the doctor! This could be the sign of a very serious lung disease or maybe not but you just never know. I had terrible pains in my chest and went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bad asthma. But if you still don't want to go to the doctor, try taking a bath with real hot water (not hot enough to hurt you but enough to make steam), dip in a washcloth, and set it across your chest. That helped me, but its only temporary.

Hope this helps!

no way around it... if your worried... go to hospital... it could be fatal... or it could be heartburn... but you need to tell you mom... if your hurting...

stop smoking...

Well, if you just went swimming, then it's okay, it's natural.
I would just say tell your mom, but if you don't want to, then tell another adult.
You have to take care of it though, because it could worsen.

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