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what should i do if im coughing up blood?
the last couple of weeks i have been coughing up massive amounts of blood, it's happened every day since last sunday. it's really clotty, if that matters. i don't want to scare my mom so is there anything i can do by myself to stop it?

Trust me. It will work.


Enburro Lia
Many diseases that you are coughing up blood are deadly, so don't ask random strangers that stalk the internet. GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!

A Computer Angel
You need to tell your mom, or at least a trusted adult. Coughing up blood is not exactly common, and could even become worse if you don't tell anyone.

you need to tell someone this is a very serious thing tell your mom even if it will scare her b/c if something happens it would scare her more that you didn't tell her.

The girl next door
I would just continue asking and answering questions on this site. You can't stop it but then again, why worry about it and cause your body more damage by stressing out over it?

..:♥Julietz secretary♥:..
you cant do anything to stop it. dont just wait this seems like an emergency. blood isnt good to waist. something inside you is bleeding and is hurt you need to get that checked. im thinking your too young for this to be happening to you. deal with it now before you let the situation become worse.

See a doctor asap! This could be fatal. Coughing up blood isn't normal so you need to seek professional help. Something could be punsured

go to the ER now, can be fatal and is usually a sign of something bad

Admit yourself to the hospital that's a bad sign. Your scaring me just tell your mom

Well, maybe try to set an appointment with your doctor or if you're still in school (i really don't know if you are, but just in case) talk to your school nurse about it.

Jimmy Gibbs Jr.
No. Call 911, let your mom know, she should be scared, and you should too. Call them, like, right frickin' now!

You definitely need to go to the hospital.

Go to the hospital. There are too many options of what it could be to just take medicine and hope it goes away.

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