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what is wrong with me? i feel worse than yesterday?
i have had a stuffy nose since sunday. every times i blow my snot is mostly yellow. every time i get a stuffy nose my snot is mostly yellow.
yesterday when i blew my nose it looked like there was a little bit of green in it. plus sometimes when i blow my nose a lot comes out and other times very little comes out. sometimes i feel the need to blow but nothing comes out. yesterday afternoon i developed a cough that's, mild to semi moderate. and now this morning i feel worse than yesterday. my cough went from mild and semi moderate to highly moderate. a couple of times this morning my cough made me want to spit up, but i didn't spit up.
what can i do to fix the problem, and do i need to see a doctor.


? ?

Yeah, you should take something for it from a doctor. Its getting worse because you aren't caring for it.

You're getting sick. You can go to the doctor to fix this problem or ask your parents. Seems like a cold to me. Also you really didn't have to go into greater detail about what color your snot was....

donna d
if your snots are green that is a sigh of infection you might have a sinus infection.you need to go to the doctors.

Yellow or greenish discharge from your nasal cavities denotes an infection. It could be a bacterial or viral infection. Rhino-viruses are of many types. They can cause a simple "cold" or progress into a sinus infection or the flu and produce a number of symptoms. If you wish to treat it at home try a Zinc supplement. If it is not better within a day or two at the most or gets much worse, see a doctor.

probably just a cold. The cold will take its course "a week if you treat it, or seven days if you don't" - you could go to a chemist (UK) and talk to a pharmacist.... who will help you or send you to see the doctor if need be.

At this point, no, I don't think you need to see a doctor. What you do need to do is to drink a lot of fluids and get rest to get over the virus that you have. A humidifier is a big help in unstuffing stuffy sinuses as well.

Sage [salvia officianalis, not the druggie kind] tea is very good for a cough and putting a bit of licorice [the plant, not the candy] is even better. Recent laboratory studies support the use of sage to guard against infection-it has demonstrated an ability to fight against several infection-causing bacteria and historically, licorice has been used for its expectorant and anti-tussive [anti-cough] effects.

If you do the things listed above, you should start feeling better within a few days.

What you have caught is the common sinus infection. You can tell by the mucus being a yellowish tint. The cough is a common symptom as well.

What you need to do is see a doctor. A sinus infection is different then a common cold because you need antibiotics to help your problems. In the mean time, take some Tylenol Cold and Sinus reliever to help against the runny nose. Please remember though that Tylenol will not cure you and you need to see a doctor in order to receive a prescription.

Hope that helps!

Dylan B
See your primary right away. I don't think it's AIDS, ? ?. And it is HIV, AIDS takes at least a decade to develop.

Sounds like you have an upper respiratory infection which will require antibiotics. Do not delay going to the Dr. as left untreated it can drop into the lungs and cause Bronchitis or worse yet, pneumonia!

Go see a doctor.

Hello, sweet thang, I think you got a cold that is getting worse. Not too worry, its going to get better in a week.

You could have the flu, a cold, a sinus infection, an upper- respiratory infection...You should see your doctor.

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