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zach m
what does throwing up blood mean?
is this serious? and what does it mean?

the Oxygen is blocking the brain cells yes it is very very serious you'll see in the long run if ya live long enuff

that you need to go to the ER O.O

Isi G
U need a doctor

it means that you should probably brush your teeth

Not a good thing

It is very serious and you should see a doctor!

Snow Believer
It can mean a few things - some of which are serious. Regardless, you really should see a doctor to get it checked out.

Have you been coughing really hard lately? Sometimes you can rupture small blood vessels and this can cause bleeding, which, if you are unwell, can come up in your vomit.

You could have a bleeding stomach ulcer (which needs medical attention) or maybe you've had a bleeding nose, the blood has gone to your stomach and you have vomited it back up. I vomited blood recently during a nasty gastro virus, but I had vomited so much that I ruptured blood vessels and all there was left to come up was blood. And then there are more serious problems, cancers and the like, that are rare but possible...

You really need to see a doctor - chances are it's not too serious but they are the best people to help you find out what's wrong, especially if you have vomited a lot of blood or are doing it often.

a l k
Its probably serious. Call your family doctor asap.

it oculd be whooping cough go tot he hospital

kell <3
its means a bad thing who ever is throwing up blood send them to the docter and if its you go to the docter

Father Juan
maybe tb check with your doctor

that you should go to the hospital!
it means that blood is coming from somewere in your body and out your mouth!

it means go to the hospital.
not good.

not good at all.

Quincey L
It means that your a sick vampire!

Surene C
either your'e on drugs or your'e eating too much or not enuff

May J
it means you are going to die...why not go to WEBMD to get info on it not yahoo.

either u are dying and had kidney stones because that's wat hap pend to a obese lady and they didn't do an thing at the mlk jr hoispital

dont drink anymore beer. : X

Over it..
you should go see a doctor asap

im sorry i dont really know what it means. But it can be pretty serious. And it is a bad sign, not healthy. You should contact a doctor immediatly

Jason G
Yeah it's serious. Get off the computer and go to the ER!

Peyton P
It means that it is time to check into the hospital. I've thrown up blood before. It isn't fun, the longer you wait the worse it gets.

Nothing good! Go to the doctor, ASAP!

~Lions Go Rawr~
It's extremely serious. It means that you have internal bleeding, and that is very dangerous. Call your doctor. Now.

It means you need to go to the ER and get off the ******* computer. NOW.

you are going to die, i suggest you make the best of your last fifteen seconds.

ummm go to the emergency room!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes stomach ulcer

Mrs. Edward Cullen
it's very serious and you need to get to a hospital now!

Rozee M
It means you need a doctor

You might have consumption, which can KILL you if you leave it untreated. Go see a doctor immediately.

Even if it isn't consumption, you might have a ruptured vessel in your lungs/windpipe/esophugus.

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