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Don Gerddate
what does coughing blood means? my girl friend just called me she had coughed blood twice today?

AIDS . . . . . . . sweetie your g/f needs a doc. and treatment

She has a lung infection and needs antibiotics. No big worry, it will clear up but she needs a Doc's appt tomorrow.

She does need to go see a doctor immediately. I know that is seems scary, but don't panic too much because its often not that serious. I've seen it happen to friends, and in all those cases its turned out to be quite minor. It normally indicates something wrong with the lungs or the throat, which can potentially be quite serious. It really depends on how much blood she is coughing up too. Just tell her to stay calm - the doctors will quickly diagnose the exact reason.

I hope she'll be ok.

check this out -

coughing blood is well... coughing up blood like if u cough into a tissue or something theres blood on it. ur gf rly needs to c a doctor!!!!!!!!

just a liberal
Ironically, I'm studying on tuberculous and one of the main symptom is coughing up blood. It's caused by the blood vessels in your lungs, that are rupturing. You can die from tuberculous because there is no cure. Yes, tuberculous can spread. It spreads through the air.

See your doctor immediately. Don't stall and don't wait.

Could be any number of things.
Tell her to go see a Doctor ASAP.
Might be nothing but could be serious.
TB can cause coughing of blood ,as can an ulcer among other things.

Are there any obvious bleeding anywhere inside her mouth? If not, she could be bleeding from her throat or lung. (bleeding from some place for certain)

How much blood? If it is more than just a small spot or so, she will need to go to ER sooner than later. Things like this can go from bad to worse very quickly. If enough blood is coming out, go now.

It could be anything from just a cut in her mouth (she won't always feel this) or something major. There's just no way to tell on forum like this.

It means you ring 999 fast

Dr Frank
In a young healthy person haemoptysis may simply be due to bursting a small blood vessel due to coughing itself. However there are other cause including infection, telengectasia and tumours, so all episodes like this need full medical investigation.

I Am Me
It could be many things, but whatever it is she needs to see a doctor.

Holly Bolly
it means that she NEEDS TO SEE A DOCTOR!

She needs to go see a doctor!

I'm sure it could mean other things, but that's how my (deceased) mother in law found out she hand lung cancer. Your girlfriend NEEDS to go the ER if she hasn't already.

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